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Ministers needs to provide answers on social care

Reported by Inside Housing (requires subscription) (19 July 2017): We’ve known for some time that sheltered housing is a precious resource. Now we know just how precious. Research by Demos, commissioned by Anchor, Hanover and Housing & Care 21, demonstrates the enormous social value of sheltered housing – which is worth £486m a year. According to Demos, supported housing saves the NHS, emergency services and social care services at least:

  • £300m per year from reduced length of in-patient hospital stays
  • £12.7m per year from preventing falls by residents of sheltered housing
  • £156.3m per year from prevention of falls which result in hip fractures
  • £17.8m per year from reduced loneliness

According to Demos, each year 600,000 older people attend A&E following a fall, and around a third of them are admitted to hospital. Every year 300,000 people aged over 65 are hospitalised for a hip fracture. In light of these statistics, Demos highlights how sheltered housing presents a very effective resource to tackle the primary drivers of health and care costs among older people – namely poorly insulated houses, falls and loneliness. Such findings should feature in government thinking as they consider the report of the joint select committee inquiry into funding reform for supported housing. 

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