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Amulree Essay Prize Winners

This prize (currently £450) commemorates the name of the Rt Hon Lord Amulree, a founder member and the President of the British Geriatrics Society from 1948-1973. It is awarded to medical students for an essay on a subject pertinent to ageing or old age written from a medical, biological or sociological point of view.

2017 First Prize: Keiron Jankowski, University of Sheffield - What factors affect survival in critically ill older people?
Second Prize: Avinash Harinarayanan, Manchester University - Vascular Parkinsonism and the ageing brain
Third Prize: Joint winners Sarah Alexis Gritis, University of St Andrews Medical School - The pain of Parkinson's Disease
and Natasha Povey, Lancaster Medical School - Immunosenescence - can it be reversed?

2016 First Prize:  G Di Paolo, Keele University School of Medicine - Researching the health of our ageing population
Joint Second Prize Winners: Tom Fitzgerald, University of Southampton - The Usual Medical Care of Older People in Primary Care
and Joseph O'Keeffe, University of Leicester - Towards a Geriatric General Practice

2015 First Prize: Charlotte Boreham - Dietary restriction and its impact on the neuropathology of Alzheimer's Disease
Second Prize: Adam Dyer - Cognitive impairment and dementia in older adults with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Third Prize: Mary-Elizabeth Conn - Could incorporating geriatric assessment methods into secondary care specialities eradicate age discrimination in the NHS?

2014 First Prize: Clare Langan, Edinburgh University - Does Immunotherapy hold the cure for Alzheimer's Disease?
Second Prize: Rachel McNulty, St George's University of London - Safeguarding older adults and the role of doctors
Third Prize: Daniel J. Fitzgerald, Magdalen College, University of Oxford Medical School - The impact of chronic illness: observations of a patient-caregiver relationship in PD

2013 First Prize: Annie Ritson (download essay)
Second Prize: Kathryn Price (download essay)
Third Prize: Vanda Ho (download essay)

2012 First Prize: R Visagan (download essay)
Second Prize: Charles D Timms (download essay)
Third Prize: Alpa Kanji (download essay)

2011 First Prize: Nathan Gauge;
Second Prize: Brinta Rabindra;
Third Prize (Joint Winners): Rachel Varughese; and Bernard Maybury

2010 First prize: Mary Ní Lochlainn (download essay)
Second prize: Biren Patel (download essay)
Third prize: Christopher Jones (download essay)

2008 K Belfield (download essay) and M Khan (download essay)

2007 S S Gill (download essay)

2006 A Moolla (download essay)

2005 L Quinn (download essay

2001 J Tan & A Liew

2000 P Acharya

1999 L Landon

1998 E Dale 

1997 C Geppert

1996 G A Paul 

1995 M Edwards

1994 S Dias & H Houlden

1993 P Han Ng, W W M Saweirs

1992 J Potter

1991 A Hayter, J in der Schmitten and I tomlinson

1990 D M I C Wawman

1989 R M Chalmers & S Chopra

1988 S M Wilde

1987 S Lowrey

1986 S J Dove

1985 L Hughes-Davies

1984 A Nemeth

1976 H Peach

1983 M A Carling

1982 H S Smith & D McCormack 

1981 J Rees 

1979 P J M Davis

1978 J S Kroll & I Tomlinson 

1977 S Maybin & W B Taylor 

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