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Elizabeth Brown Prize

This Award (currently £200) was established by the late Professor E Woodford Williams in memory of Elizabeth Brown, and is presented each year for the best paper read at the Spring Meeting by a member of the Society who is not a consultant.

1978 J A Dalziel
1979 N Sterling
1980 P J W Scott
1981 G A Campbell
1983 D Clinch & P W Goldstraw
1984 M Horan
1985 I Huggett & R K T Williams
1986 G Wright
1987 Kevin Somerville
1988 D O'Neill 
1989 E MacDonald 
1990 M J Connolly 
1991 K A McLean 
1992 G Parker 
1993 P Langhorne 
1994 P R Woodhouse
1995 P G O'Mahoney
1996 K M Debrah
1997 J Newton
1998 C N Lee 
1999 L Kyne
2000 R M Doyle 
2001 A M Qureshi
2002 V Tut
2003 R M Doyle
2004 M Mirkhur
2005 G Ellis
2006 J A McManus 
2007 L Daniels 
2008 I A Lang (a double prize for two presentations deemed of excellent quality)
2010 R Romero-Ortuno
2011 S Hope and F Werret
2013 G W Duncan
2014 Carmel Darcy
2015 J Whitney
2016 L Oates - Presentation title: Promoting oral fluid intake in hospital: the Northumbria Assessment of Hydration
2018 L Brown - The impact of pain in older people with frailty: results form the CARE 75+ cohort study






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