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BGS Regional Officers - England

The BGS has national councils in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Within England, there are also 14 BGS regions, listed below.

Each Nation and Region runs their own regional meetings and engages with governmental authorities at their own level.

Should you require more information about your region, please contact the Mark Stewart, the Membership Officer. For events planned around the regions, or to promote a regional event, please contact Geraint Collingridge, Events Manager or consult the BGS Events menu above.

The BGS has prepared guidance for incoming Regional Officers. This may be downloaded here (MSWord format)

East Anglia

Chair: Deyo Okubadejo 
Sec: Aliya Hameed

Education and Research Officer: Katie Honney

(Updated 6 Oct 2017)


Chair: Adam Darowski
Sec: Alexandra Montagu

(Updated May 2015)


Chair: Vinod Gowda ()
Sec: Asangaedem Akpan ()

BGS Mersey updates here

(Updated 13 Jan 2017)

North Western

Chair: David Bourne
Sec: Rajkumar Parikh
Treasurer : Marie Hanley 

(Updated 9 June 2015)

West Midlands

Chair: Zoe Wyrko
Sec: Huma Naqvi
Treasurer: David Gull
England Council: Helen Chamberlain
Trainees Representative: Emma Bailey

BGS West Midlands posts regional updates here.

(Updated 17 June 2016)

North East Thames

Chair: Shilpa Raje
Sec: Anna Steel (email: )

(Updated 8 May 2017)

North West Thames

Chair: David Bourne
Sec: Avinash Sharma

(Updated 7 December 2015)

South East Thames

Chair: Subir Mukherjee ()
Sec: Yvonne Morrissey
Secretariat: Stella Barnes

(Updated 17 June 2016)

South Western

Chair: Tarun Solanki
Sec: Vacant

(Updated 17 June 2016)

South West Thames

Chair: Natalie Broomhead
Sec: Chooi Lee

(updated 11 Nov 2014)


Chair: Stuart Parker
Sec and Treasurer: Simon Kerr
England Council: Akif Gani
England Council: Vicky Marrison

(Updated June 2016)


Chair: Dr Michael Azad ()
Sec: Dr Terence Ong ()
Treasurer: Vacant
Trainees' Representative: Dr Ruwani Abeyratne 
RCP Advisor for Trent South: N Lo

(Updated 27 June 2017)


Chair: Esther Clift ()
Sec – Sally Mitchel 

(Updated 14 December 2017)


Chair: Abhay Das
Sec: Rebecca Leigh ()
ETC rep: Tun Aung

(Updated 16 June 2017)




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