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2012 Dignity - Continence Care

Incontinence is a sign that something is wrong. If somebody is incontinent look for a cause and ask a nurse or doctor for advice.
We all want dignity, privacy, choice, care, hygiene, comfort and control over when we go to the toilet.

Find out about people's normal bowel and bladder routine.

Make sure toilets are clearly signposted, by pictures and words.

Remember that people who are restless, agitated and appear uncomfortable may need to go to the toilet; they many not be able to tell you.

Remember that even when people are immobile it is better for them to be assisted to use the toilet.

Encourage people to move around and ensure that walking aids are available and accessible.

Use fluid charts to check how much people are drinking during the day. Fluid intake should be encouraged.

Change pads and pants regularly.

The preservation of dignity and privacy for older people using the toilet is a marker of human rights.

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