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Dignity - Behind Closed - Doors - Environmental Audit

The Lay Person's Tool to Perform an Environmental Audit of the Toilets in a Care Setting


1. Where is the toilet located?
2. Are there steps? Yes No
3. Is this toilet designated for? Male Female Unisex
4. Is this toilet a shower toilet? Yes No
5. Is the doorway wide enough for a wheeled chair / a hoist? Yes No
6. Can the door be opened and shut easily? Yes No
7. Can the door be locked? Yes No
8. Is the toilet paper within easy reach? Yes No
9. Is the flush system easy to activate? Yes No
10. Is the wash basin in the same room? Yes No
11. Is the soap dispenser within easy reach? Yes No
12. Is the hand dryer or towels within easy reach? Yes No
13. Are there any hazards? (List below) Yes No
14. Does the cleanliness meet acceptable standards Yes No
15. Is assistive equipment available e.g. rails? Yes No
16. Is the height of toilet suitable? Yes No
17. Are there unpleasant odours? Yes No
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