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Advancing care – research with care homes

Reported in Care Management Matters (10 July 2017): The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has published Advancing Care - research with care homes, an overview of recent NIHR research on improving the health and care of care home residents.

There are more than twice as many people living in care homes in England and Wales, than there are people staying in hospital. Yet far more is known about effective treatments in hospital and less about what works most effectively to improve care for older people in care homes. The NIHR says that research in care homes is a relatively new and emerging field.

Advancing Care provides a review of research funded by the NIHR on three main themes relating to the care of care home residents:

Living Well – maintaining good health and quality of life.
Ageing Well – managing long-term conditions associated with ageing.
Dying Well – ensuring a good quality end of life
It highlights current research taking place now and explores new approaches being developed in this important area.

The NIHR research related to Living Well includes studies that aim to improve nutrition, improve the quality of life of residents and to find better ways to reduce depression and pain and manage incontinence. It includes studies that aim to increase residents’ access to routine health checks and to support approaches to prevent health problems from occurring in the first place.


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