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About the BGS

The British Geriatrics Society is the professional body of specialist doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals concerned with the health care of older people in the United Kingdom.

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BGS Autumn Meeting

Register for the BGS Autumn Meeting to be held in London, 22 - 24 November.

Abstract adjudication results:
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Age & Ageing Journal

Age and Ageing  is the British Geriatrics Society’s international scientific journal. It publishes refereed original articles and commissioned reviews on geriatric medicine and gerontology.

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Vacancy: Joint Stroke Medicine Committee

Expressions of interest are invited for a BGS representative on the Joint Stroke Medicine Committee which was established jointly by RCP London, BASP, the BGS, the ABN and the British Society of Rehab Medicine.

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Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Regional Representative


The Royal College of Physicians SAS regional representative network has been created to ensure that SAS doctors’ needs, views and interests are represented within the regional teams and to increase their active involvement with the RCP.

There will be one SAS representative in each of the following 19 RCP regions:

1. Cymru (Wales)
2. East Midlands North
3. East Midlands South
4. Eastern
5. Kent, Surrey and Sussex
6. London Central and North East
7. London Central and North West
8. London South
9. Mersey
10. North Western
11. Norther Ireland
12. Northern
13. Oxford and Thames Valley
14. Peninsula
15. Severn
16. South Yorkshire
17. Wessex
18. West Midlands
19. Yorkshire


Staff and associate specialist (SAS) regional representative.


Applicant should be a SAS doctor, be a RCP London subscribing member and in good standing.


SAS regional representative will initially serve for a 3-year term. The SAS representative must stand down once he/she ceases to be a SAS doctor or a RCP London subscribing member.


1. RCP Regional Manager
2. SAS lead


The SAS representative will be required to:

1. Report to Lead SAS Doctor and through him/her to the Registrar of the RCP on issues that affect SAS doctors such as development, recognition, autonomy, implementation of SAS charter and the GMC regulations for CESR.

2. Maintain regular contact with the SAS colleagues in their region so that views can be shared and reported.

3. Maintain regular contact with the RCP Regional Manager and RCP Regional Advisors.

4. Attend the relevant RCP regional meetings.

5. Contribute as appropriate to SAS doctors’ projects of interest to the RCP. These may include areas related to

  • CPD activities for SAS doctors
  • SAS doctors job plans
  • SAS doctors appraisal and revalidation
  • SAS doctors survey

6. Improve SAS doctors’ engagement with the RCP.

7. Play an active role in recruiting new RCP members.


The SAS regional representative post is not remunerated. Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the College policy.


The SAS representative in each region will be appointed by open application. Applications will be in form of a current CV and a short written statement (maximum one page of A4) mentioning the region applied for and what will make the candidate good representative. Applications will be submitted by email to and assessed by the RCP Nominations Committee.

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