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Hospital Wide Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (HoW CGA)

Welcome to this website and we hope you enjoy looking around. The aim of this project is to inform NHS managers, clinicians, patients and the public about how best to organise hospital services for frail older people. The links on this page will enable you to read more about the study, what we are doing in each work stream and how input from patients and the public as well as research partners are helping us in the study.

If you have any further questions or wish to contact us please do so using the email address

Progress to date (October 2017)

Over 30 lay people involved in the HoW-CGA research project as PPI volunteers have engaged in meetings in Leicester, London, Newcastle and Sheffield relating to the management and delivery of the project, and or undertaken a range of research tasks at home. The current process of PPI engagement may obviate the need for a specific PPI event.

Comments on and suggestions for the patient-carer ‘level’ of the CGA toolkit being developed by the workstream 4 research and implementation professionals were discussed by seven members of the Leicester CRN Ageing Research PPI Group in June, by five volunteers from a range of locations at a meeting at the University of Sheffield in July and by 12 nursing home residents in Sheffield at their July residents meeting.

Responses from PPI evaluation remain predominantly positive, although some lay respondents have indicated they would prefer more face to face PPI discussion meetings rather than individual home-based tasks and a few remain concerned about the complexity of the research topic. A few have stated that they wish there were more opportunities for involvement in the project. Nonetheless, the majority of volunteers are keen to stay involved, with several stating how they see the project as about an important topic and hope its findings are taken up, find the work both interesting and thought-provoking, and how they enjoy learning new skills.

Research Partners

It is important for research studies to have key research partners to enable the findings to be translated into clinical practice. The project board consists of members of the NIHR CRN Ageing Speciality Group and representatives from both the British Geriatrics Society and Age UK who also support project meetings and project website. The co-applicants are employed by the Universities of Leicester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Southampton and the Nuffield Trust. The study is funded by the NIHR HSDR research programme.  

Impact and outputs to date (October 2017)

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October 2016 EUGMS symposium Different multi-disciplinary care models for frail hospitalized older adults from an international perspective.

01/06/2016 Royal College of Physicians of London Acute Care conference organiser and speaker

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24/10/2016 RCP Birmingham Acute care for older people

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Keynote speaker: Eastern AHSN Patient Safety Collaborative - Action on Frailty Learning Event, Newmarket, May 2017

Opening Keynote: Innovative Approaches to Frailty, Canadian Frailty Network, Toronto, April 2017

Challenges of providing acute care for an ageing population, RCP London Northern Ireland Regional Update in Medicine, October 2016

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