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Dementia village is the real deal

Reported in The Times (2 Feb 2017): An innovative Dutch nursing home creates a world near to normality for residents. Comparisons to The Truman Show do not go down well in the Netherlands’s most innovative nursing home. “I understand why people say that,” Eloy van Hal says. “But they forget this is real — everything here is real.” Indeed it is real. The barman in our trendy restaurant is real, even if he is trained both in making cocktails and in dealing with severe dementia. The middle-aged woman whose order he is taking is really here for lunch, even if she is also a doctor. The elderly woman with dementia taking her family out for dinner at the next table will, after she has finished, walk down a real street to a real house — that has all the nursing equipment hidden in the living room cupboard.

See also: Poor service will get worse, warns Alzheimer’s charity (Times)


SCE Mock Exams

For Specialist Trainees sitting the SCE examination, we make available the mock exams and answer sets from the BGS Trainees' weekends. The 2017 mock exam questions and answers are not available. 

2017 Exam (Trainees' Weekend, Cardiff

Question paper

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Times Investigation:  ‘Dementia changes everything . . . we either adapt or face ruin’

In a four day feature on Dementia, the Times reports : This year 225,000 people, equivalent to the population of Milton Keynes, will be diagnosed with dementia. Some 60,000 people, the population of Maidenhead, will die directly from the disease. By 2025 the total number of people in the UK living with dementia will have exceeded a million for the first time — two for every doctor and nurse employed in the NHS. Dementia is now the leading cause of death in Britain, and it is also untreatable. More than that, the most promising recent drugs, developed using theories about the disease on which the research community has pinned two decades of hope, have failed. Now scientists and charities have said that it is time to adjust to a new future, in which dementia is a part of all our lives — as carers, patients, or just members of a society in which, for economic reasons if nothing else, those suffering from the disease will have to integrate into our communities rather than live on the fringes. The age of dementia is upon us, and over the next four days in a series of articles The Times will be exploring what that means. For Chris Whitty, chief scientific adviser for the Department of Health, it is “one of the biggest challenges to our society and the NHS”. Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, goes further, calling it a “ticking time bomb”.

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Parkinson's Academy: Moving on - 2016 Round up

As 2016 ends it is time to reflect on events from across the year – no not those events (although mentions below). I am thinking about the Parkinson’s MasterClasses we have hosted this year. Quite obviously we strive to improve year on year and evaluations of what has gone before plus needs analyses hopefully keep us fresh and relevant.

Topics: Parkinson's Masterclasses

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)

New Drugs

4TH World Parkinson Congress (WPC)

Stem cells

PwP doing it for themselves


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The BGS Trainees Council needs new representatives

Prospective candidates who want to join the BGS Trainees Council are welcome to self-nominate and invited to submit expressions of interests to for one of the five available voting positions.

Deadline: Friday, 21 April 2017

These positions are:

- Chair of trainees council (Applicant must be ST3+ and member of the BGS)

- Research & Academic development representative (Applicant must be ST3+ and member of the BGS)

- Educational events representative (Applicant must be ST3+ and member of the BGS)

- Clinical Quality representative (Applicant must be ST3+ and member of the BGS)

- Junior member representative (Applicant must be a Foundation year or core medical trainee and member of the BGS)

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