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BGS Spring Meeting 2013 - Powerpoint Presentations

The following list links to secured pdf documents of the powerpoint presentations which were presented at the BGS Spring 2013 meeting in Belfast. We only publish those files where the presenters have authorised publication. They will remain on the BGS website for two years. 


Mary Frances McMullin - Blood Dyscrasias in the Older Patient 


Oliver Corrado - The Transition from Student to Doctor 

Pascal McKeown - In my day as a medical student...

Rick Plumb - The Changing Medical Curriculum

Falls, Bones and Joints

Gary Heyburn - Effective Orthogeriatric Input

Manju Krishnan - Predicting Outcome After Hip Fracture - Using Frailty Index to Integrate Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Results

Health Service Research

Simon Conroy (on behalf of Prof JRF Gladman et. al) - RCT of Specialist Geriatric Medical Assessment for High Risk Patients Discharged from Hospital Acute Medical Units

Hugh McCaughey - Health Service Delivery - Your service and measuring outcomes (Success in a Post Francis NHS)

Brian Mullan - Getting the older patient in and out of Intensive Care

Richard Orr - Transforming Nursing and Residential Care

Pat Schofield - New Agents and Approaches

David Sinclair - Why should we worry? And why not


T Esmonde - Neurological Emergencies


Duncan Forsyth - The Role of the Geriatrician in the Management of Cognitive Disorders in the General Hospital: My Clinical Practice

Clive Holmes - Dementia Pharmacology

Aideen Maguire - Psychotropic drug uptake and the transition into care: a national data linkage study

Carole Parsons - Physician decision-making regarding medication use in patients with dementia at the end of life

Carol Povey - Autism in Maturity - supporting adults with autism as they age the UK situation

Maura Young - The best use of liaison psychiatry


Damian Fogarty - Older People and End Stage Renal Disease


Steve Allen - Adjunctive treatments for respiratory disease in old age

Social Gerontology

Des O'Neill: Older Drivers (powerpoint slide show)

Stroke and Vascular Disease

Joe Harbison - Common Complications of Stroke

David J Stott - Consensus conference on atrial fibrillation

Jayne Woodside - Mediterranean diet and vascular disease


Rupert Pearse - Risk assessment in the older surgical patient

Carol Peden - Emergency Laparotomy in the Elderly: where are we now?






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