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GIM numbers

After what seems a very long time the G(I)M SAC has agreed to alter the ARCP requirements for out patient numbers.  This has taken a fair about of constant pressure, so thanks to all those who participated in surveys etc, and also to Oliver Corrado our SAC chair.  Essentially:

1.      Currency is out patient clinic sessions – NOT patient numbers

2.      In total the SAC ask for 180 sessions over the training period (2x week for 30 weeks a year over 3 years)

3.      A G(I)M out patient session can be all geriatric clinics as well as community work, ward referrals and surgical liason.  A final list will be finalised at the next SAC.

4.      The requirement for acute take numbers still stands (but we feel this is easily attainable)

5.      You do not need to use Log-Books but the ‘Firth Calculator’ to record both your acute ptn numbers and out patient sessions.

I talked about this at the BGS trainees meeting in Liverpool as well.

I hope this alleviates all the anxiety around this issue.  The numbers of sessions now required should be easily attainable over 5 years and actually now the requirement is much clearer this should enable you all to ensure the sessions are happening.  If not, then your regional STC rep or myself needs to know.



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