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Microsoft Office NHS Discount only £18 for full Office

Adept Scientific discounted referencing software, esp with 'education' login


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Research Bodies & Resources


REACH registry National Institute for Health Research

Southampton Research Pack

National Research Ethics Service

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Research Units


Bradford Dementia Group

Brighton & Sussex Medical School Elderly Care and Community Medicine
Bristol University Dementia Research Group

Cambridge University - Clinical Gerontology Cardiff University - Geriatric Medicine

Dundee University Section of Ageing & Health

East Anglia University Ageing & Development

Edinburgh University - Geriatric Medicine

Glasgow University Department of Geriatric Medicine
Glasgow Western Infirmary Stroke Service

Imperial College London Care of the Elderly

Keele Geriatric Medicine Group
Kent University Centre for Health Services Studies

King's College London Institute of Gerontology

King's College London Stroke Research Team
Leeds Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation

Leicester Ageing and Stroke Medicine Section

Manchester University Aging, Cognition and Neurodegenerative Disease

Newcastle Biomedicine Stroke Group
Newcastle Institute for Ageing and Health

Nottingham University Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing

Oxford Department of Geratology

Reading University Institute of Health Science

Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing (Sheffield) New Dynamics of Ageing
Southampton University Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Division (DOHaD)

St George's London Geriatric Medicine
UCL Division of Medicine Research

(UCL) London Centre for Dementia Care

Conferences and Meetings

Visit our Meetings Section for meetings on a large range of sub-specialist topics both here and in the UK. If you want to publicise a meeting, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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