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BGS Nurse Consultants Constitution

Aims and Objectives

  1. To raise the profile of the contribution of nurse consultants and other nurses contributing to excellence in the care for older people both in primary and secondary care settings and in care homes
  2. To provide a forum through which innovations and developments in the care of older people can be shared on a national basis and across all disciplines working with older people
  3. To contribute to identifying both short and long term priorities for the care of older people both locally and nationally, in relation to policy/strategy, clinical practice and research and to champion the implementation of such priorities
  4. To foster and support approaches to practice that consider the “whole” person and the effects of illness on individuals’ and their carers’ lives, and those that are person/patient centred
  5. To provide high quality professional advice on a national level where appropriate (on the health and social care of older people)


  1. Membership shall be open to all members of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) upon application.
  2. Membership shall be open to non-members of the BGS who currently hold nurse consultant posts and those who do not have nurse consultant posts but who demonstrate innovation and / or excellence in the care of older people, on application to the committee.
  3. If an annual subscription is charged, the amount shall be approved at the Annual General Meeting and may be varied by simple majority.
  4. The number of BGS members shall comprise at least 51% of the total membership of the Group.
  5. Only BGS members of the SIG will be engaged in BGS policy and strategy development.
  6. A SIG database will hold members details of specialist practice based interests, research interests and membership of external groups/committees of interest to the SIG. This shall then be used to direct information, questions and queries from the membership.


  1. The Group shall appoint to the SIG Committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Officers shall be members of the BGS.
  2. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Group from members of the Group.
  3. Officers shall hold office for two years and can be re-elected for one further year. They shall then be ineligible to hold office for a year.
  4. The elections shall be ratified by the United Kingdom Management Committee (UKMC) of the BGS.
  5. The officers shall be accountable to the UKMC.
  6. The committee will be able to temporarily co-opt members of the group to the SIG committee as and when required to do so.

Annual meeting
The group shall hold a general meeting in every calendar year for the purpose of electing the officers and any other appointees, approving the annual accounts and passing any resolution governing the policy structure and mode of operation of the Group.

Any resolution passed at an annual general meeting shall, to be effective require the support of sufficient BGS members to form a majority of all members present at the meeting. Any resolution passed at the annual general meeting, or any resolution affecting the policy, structure and mode of operation of the Group passed at any other meeting of the Group may be subject to the veto of the UKMC if, in the opinion of the Council, the effect of the resolution would be detrimental to the BGS.

BGS Officers
In accordance with the Articles of Association, at least one officer of the BGS shall be entitled to receive notice of, and attend and vote at and be counted in the quorum of every meeting of the Group. In the absence of any alternative BGS directive, this Officer shall be the Hon Secretary of the BGS.

The president of the BGS shall be a member of the Group ex-officio.

Finance, Accounts and Reports

  1. The BGS office shall act for the Group in keeping proper books of account in accordance with the policy of the Society and shall arrange for the Group’s annual accounts to be incorporated into the Society’s statutory annual accounts.
  2. The BGS office shall provide statements of account and such other information as may be necessary for the Group’s Treasurer to oversee and control the Group’s income and expenditure.
  3. The Group’s officers shall render every assistance necessary to the BGS office in complying with Society and statutory requirements.
  4. The Group must be self-financing and will not receive financial support from the BGS unless, exceptionally authorised in advance by the BGS Council.
  5. The Group may, at its discretion, levy an annual subscription on its members to defray its expenses but the Group is encouraged to seek financial sponsorship in order, wherever possible to avoid the necessity of a subscription.
  6. The Group shall in each twelve-month period provide an annual report of its activities to the Hon. Secretary of the Society.

Neither the Group, nor any officer or member of the Group shall, without prior authority, issue any statement purporting to represent the views of the Society as a whole, nor enter into any legal or financial commitment on behalf of the Society other than is necessary for the business of the Group.

BGS Rules
The Group shall at all times be subject to the BGS Rules governing Special Interest Groups approved by the Council of the BGS 11 April 1996 and to any subsequent amendments thereto.

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