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BGS Trainee Group Constitution


1.       Title


The name of the group shall be the Trainee Group (the Group) of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS)


2.       Membership


The Group is open to all members (*5) of the BGS who may be regarded as geriatricians in training in the United Kingdom. This includes members who occupy posts recognised for higher specialist training and those trainees employed as such.


3.       Objectives


i)         To encourage the effective training of geriatricians

ii)       To represent the ideas and opinions of trainees within the BGS

iii)      To encourage the involvement of all trainees in the work of the BGS

iv)      To provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to trainees

v)        To disseminate ideas and information to trainees

vi)      To promote and encourage high quality research by trainees in geriatric medicine


4.       Meetings


i)         General meetings of the Group will be held each year at both the Spring and Autumn Scientific Meetings of the BGS. Notice of these meetings will normally be included within the programme of the main BGS meeting and give at least 21 days notice. Any accidental omission of the notice to any member shall not invalidate decisions taken at that meeting.


ii)       The meetings shall be chaired by the Group chairman or in the chairman’s absence, by the vice chairman or one of the officers. In the even that none of the officers are available within 15 minutes of the appointed time for a properly convened meeting, the trainees present shall elect a chairman for that meeting.


iii)      No business, other than as provided for in (5C), may be enacted at a general meeting unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall be 20 members of the Group personally present.


iv)      Members of the Group present at general meetings shall each have one vote with regard to the passing of resolutions and the election of officers. No provision exists for voting by post or by proxy.


v)        A resolution put to the vote shall be decided by a show of hands. In the case of an equality of votes, the chairman shall have a second, casting vote. Where, in the opinion of the chairman, or at least three members present, there is a doubt as to the outcome of a vote, a poll shall be held to determine the will of the meeting.


vi)      A meeting of regional representatives and office holders may take place at the BGS scientific meetings or at other times as required.


5.       Officers and Elections


i)         There shall be eleven officers for the Group in the United Kingdom. The chairman, vice-chairman, and four other officers shall be elected at BGS national meetings to provide representation on the BGS management and craft committees and other organisations relevant to the Group. This must include, within the BGS, representation on the United Kingdom Management Committee (UKMC) and Training Committee, and should where possible include representation on the Finance and Policy Committees; external to the BGS, representation must be provided to the Joint BGS/Royal College of Physicians (London) Geriatrics Committee and the RCP London SAC in Geriatric Medicine and may be provided to committees in the BMS. In the case of the BMA, approval of the UKMC is needed to where representation is proposed. Subject to approval of the members at a general meeting the Officers shall determine the allocation of work and how they represent the Group on the BGS internal committees and external organisations. The Chairman shall notify the UKMC of the appointed representatives to both internal committees and external organisations.


The remaining five officers shall be elected locally from four nations (2 from England Council and one each from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) according to the terms and conditions under National Representatives (see clause 7 for terms and conditions of their appointment).


ii)       The Officers except the National Representatives shall be elected in an open ballot at the general meetings in the absence of the candidates. Nominations for the posts shall be given or sent to the serving chairman prior to the start of a general meeting. The chairman shall act as returning officer unless standing for re-election, when the vice-chairman or another serving officer shall do so.


iii)      In the absence of any candidates or an inquorate meeting, the serving or outgoing chairman, or the serving or outgoing vice chairman, or the other Officers acting in concert, shall appoint one or more of the regional representatives to take up any vacant office or offices.


iv)      Officers who remain as trainees at the end of their term of office may seek re-election. Officers who cease to be trainees, or who wish to resign for other reasons, will be expected to remain in office until the next general meeting, and to give at least two months notice before the meeting.


6.       Regional Representation


i)         The membership of the Group will be divided into geographic groups (*44) according to where members reside or work, these comprise the nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the BGS regions in England.


ii)       Members shall belong to one national group and one English region only, according to how they have elected and notified the BGS, or otherwise according to where they are registered as a Member of the BGS.


iii)      Northern Ireland, Wales and each English region shall appoint a Regional Representative to liaise, and where necessary meet, with the Officers of the Group to represent the views of members in their respective region. Scotland shall appoint tow Regional Representatives. Each Region shall notify the chairman of the appointment of its Regional Representative and of any subsequent change. Where a Regional Representative is elected as an Officer he may cease to serve as Regional Representative for hi region, in which case the region shall appoint an alternative Regional Representative.


7.       National Representatives


Representatives to the BGS national councils shall be appointed; two for England and  one each for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. These national representatives shall be elected by their respective peers.  The national representatives shall serve for two year at a time.  


The National representatives should be those who are resident or working in their respective Nations. They must be in an NHS training grade and will serve a two-year term and shall not be eligible for re-election or re-appointment during the year following completion of service.

8.       Finance


The Group shall not raise funds or operate any accounts without the prior approval of the UKMC (*48D)


9.       Dissolution of the Trainee Group and changes to its constitution


Any change in the constitution of the Group, and any proposal to dissolve the Group, other than on a directive of the UKMC (*48 B,C), must be approved by a two thirds majority of members present at a General Meeting.


The Group shall at all times be subject to the directives of the BGS UKMC and subject to the Society’s Articles of Association (*48 A,B,C,G J).


*Refer to those clauses of the BGS Articles of Association which apply specifically.





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