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NHS drive to recruit 21,000 mental health staff ‘not realistic’

Reported in The Times: 31 July 2017: The NHS will create 21,000 mental-health posts by 2021 in an effort to ensure that psychological conditions are treated as seriously as physical health problems. The drive will tackle a “historic imbalance” in workforce capacity, the government said. The new staff will include nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and support workers. Medical schools will be asked to treat psychology A levels as of equal merit to “pure” science subjects, in an attempt to boost recruitment of young people with an interest in mental health. Ministers have promised £1 billion of investment to provide round-the-clock care every day of the week, treating an extra million patients by 2020-21.

See also: NHS drive to recruit 21,000 mental health staff ‘not realistic’ (Telegraph); Mental health sector gives mixed response to £1.3bn plan for better services (Guardian)

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