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BGS Strategic Plan 2014/15 - 2016/17

At a strategic planning workshop in September 2013, the Society’s trustees, other office holders and staff agreed to prioritise three broad areas for development over the coming years: increasing the effectiveness of BGS’ governance; increasing our influence, and improving support to members of the Society. This paper (in pdf format), which was considered by the March 2014 Trustees Board, aimed to put some flesh on these bones, setting intended outcomes and where appropriate success measures. At the meeting, the Board adopted it so that it may now guide the Society’s development for the three-year period beginning April 2014.

Strategic planning and review are crucial in providing opportunities for critical self-reflection, to build on successes and keep pace with changing needs. Successful, mature organisations in all sectors tend to embed strategic planning by adopting a fixed timetable, generally of 3 – 5 years. This plan will cover the period 2014/15 - 2016/17.

Download the full plan here (pdf)


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