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Geriatrics Trainees

The attractions of Geriatric Medicine as a medical specialty

"Geriatric medicine is a “whole person” specialty. Based on a solid infrastructure of general medicine, it involves consideration of psychological, social and spiritual dimensions, together with functional and environmental assessments. A geriatrician needs to be aware of legal aspects - capacity and consent, human rights, guardianship; and ethical conundrums, such as when to investigate or treat." [Professor Graham Mulley, Emeritus Professor in Geriatric Medicine, University of Leeds]

  • Geriatrics provides variety and challenge whilst being fun and rewarding
  • Geriatric medicine is a combination of general and specialist practice
  • It is practised in varied work settings, in hospital and the community, and has substantial scope for sub-specialisation
  • There are many opportunities for research and teaching
  • It incorporates collaboration with other specialties
  • It involves teamwork with other healthcare professionals
  • It requires collaboration with social services and private and voluntary sectors
  • It has good career prospects, and geriatricians work in every acute trust in the UK. There is likely to be a job for you, wherever you want it
  • There are opportunities for less than full time work
  • It provides real rewards of making a difference to the patient and their family where others may have given up

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Community Geriatrics

Psychiatry for Geriatricians


Clarification of training requirements for higher specialist trainees in Geriatric Medicine in Community Practice including Continuing, Respite and Intermediate Care

Curriculum for Community Practice (pdf)

As a consequence of the ageing population in the UK and increasing pressures on acute hospitals there is a renewed emphasis on shifting the balance of care to the community and providing care closer to home in a more patient-centred way. This has led to closer joint working across primary and secondary care, with social care and the third sector. Many initiatives have evolved into novel services involving Geriatricians in new roles in the community. This has created a breadth of new community training opportunities.

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