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Election of representatives to the BGS Trainees Council

Deadline Friday 17th November 2017

The BGS Trainees Council needs new representatives. Prospective candidates who want to join the BGS Trainees Council are welcome to self-nominate and invited to submit expressions of interest to for one of the four available voting positions.

  • Chair
  • Education, training & development representative
  • Finance
  • Less than full time representative

Applicants must be ST3+ and a member of the BGS

If elected, posts are for 2 years in duration (2016-2018 session). The deadline for applications is 5pm on 17th November 2017.

Should there be more than one nomination per position, a ballot will be held. Online voting will open in the week preceding the BGS Autumn conference and close during the trainees' meeting (24th November) where the results will be announced.

If you are keen to know what the roles involve please check out the BGS Trainee Council page or contact the current representatives individually.

All expressions of interest must be emailed to the chair of the trainees council at . Expressions of interest should be no longer than 1-2 paragraphs and outlining why you wish to take on the role.

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Saving Money on LTFT Pay

GMC registration, JRCPTB, RCP, Medical protection……the list goes on. The arrival of August normally means the flurry of medically essential (and often fairly substantial) payments. On LTFT pay these make a very noticeable dent in your monthly take home pay. However there are some small savings to be made for the admin savvy – sorting them out is enough to fill an hour or two but can save you around £500-£1000.

General Medical Council
If you earn less than £32,000/year you are eligible for a discount on your yearly fee of approximately 50%. Its very straightforward to apply online via your GMC online portal and you can apply up to three months in advance of your registration renewal, in the subscription year itself or for three months after it has ended.

There are no reductions for working LTFT but both full and part time trainees will only pay a total of £845 over their speciality training e.g. if you currently pay £169 annually this will stop after 5 years of contributions as an LTFT irrespective of whether you have completed your speciality training. You can hold your fee whilst you are on maternity leave.

 There is no reduction in annual fees for the LTFT trainee and during a period of extended leave e.g. maternity leave your fee only reduces by 50% as opposed to being waived. The current fees are £140/yr.

British Geriatrics Society
Whilst the BGS offers no reduction in its yearly subscription rate for LTFT trainees you can hold your membership whilst you are on extended leave. It’s current rates for an ST3 are £101/year by direct debit or £122 as a one off card payment.

The BGS is currently working on reducing their fees for LTFT trainees so there may be savings to be had in the future.

It depends on your grade but they do offer a reduction in your membership of between 25-50% both as a LTFT and if you are not working for a minimum period if 28 days.

They do offer a reduction in rates by maintaining the ST3 LTFT price until you CCT/CESR rather than increasing it yearly which is what happens with a full time trainee . The current cost for a geriatric ST3 in an in-hospital setting is £149. You can also defer your membership whilst you are on maternity leave.

British Medical Association
A slightly more protracted process but again worth it. You need to apply for a salary link alongside your membership which will then reduce your membership fees. This is salary link A if you earn less that £11,110 OR are on maternity leave and salary link B if you earn less than £38,380. This will result in savings of £279 or £220 per year respectively.

So if you know you are about to start a period of leave you need to get on the phone or the computer to let these organisations know and save yourself a bit of cash.

By Nicola Lochrie, SW London LTFT Training Representative

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