BGS Autumn Meeting 2020: Results of Abstract Adjudication

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Abstract ID Title Author Name Category Result
93 Assessment and prevention of venous thromboembolism in Orthogeriatrics inpatients Dr Benjamin Blackburn CQ - Patient Safety Poster
100 The minimal clinically important difference of six-minute walk in Asian older adults Kwok B, Pua YH, Wong WP, Mamun K SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Poster
101 Improving documentation of DNAR decisions on the Acute Medical Take Dr A Sweeney, Dr H Bellenberg, Dr H Butt, Dr S Badhat, Dr D Epstein CQ - Patient Safety Poster
103 Integrating a Front Door Frailty Service in the Emergency Department: Results of a Pilot Study L Dunnell, A Shrestha, E Li, Z Khan, N Hashemi CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
104 A qualitative study evaluating the uses, benefits and problems of teleconsultations in the pre-operative pathway for elective or Iqraa Haq, Rami Abbass, Hanad Ahmad, Shad Asinger, Ammar Rahman, Faraz Sharif, Emma Tonner CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
108 Person-centred emergency care outcome measurement for older people living with frailty James van Oppen SP - Big Data Poster
114 Frailty Admission Avoidance in Primary Care Dr Abigail Barkham, Dr Sarah Mercer, Alexander Clements CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
115 Non pharmacological interventions in Heart Failure Inderjeet Bharaj, Jaskaran Sethi, Harmandeep Singh CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
118 The Elderly LBGTQ* Population Dr Roisin Suzanne McCormack SP - Education / Training Poster
119 A Descriptive Epidemiological Study of Clinical Trials, Comparing Trials Targeted at Older People to Adults of All Ages Dr Joanne P. Renton , Dr David McAllister SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
120 Improving delirium recognition and management through in-situ simulation Dr Hannah Cheston, Dr Ella Miller, Dr Sana Mufti CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
121 Review of DNACPR decisions and treatment escalation plans at University Hospital Lewisham (UHL) Dr Kathryn Price1, Dr Karthika Thananayagam1, Dr Jas Virdee2, Dr Shweta Awatramani1, Dr Shona Littlewood1, Dr Anmol Patel1,Dr Heather Macphearson1 , Dr Allifia Abbas 4, Dr Bernd Oliver Rose3 , Dr Elizabeth Aitken1 & Dr Jacqueline Simms1 CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
122 Audit on management of severe Hyponatremia in older patients admitted to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH) H Mon, M Farrant , L Ajay, R Oldfield, S Kar CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
124 Improving Rates of Medication Prescription on Admission by the Clerking Doctor in Patients with Neck of Femur Fractures Dr Rui Jie Ang (FY2, Presenting), Dr Bradley Hayes (FY2, Presenting), Dr Sara Noden (FY1, Presenting), Dr Ban-Younis Al-Saffar (Consultant, Supervisor) CQ - Patient Safety Poster
125 Reducing inappropriate readmissions from a community hospital - a quality improvement project. Dr Danielle Ronan, Dr Lucy Meadows, Dr Nick Latcham, Dr Rachel Melrose CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
126 Continence Assessment in all patients admitted with fall in a Community Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr.S.Gupta, Dr.KM. Thu SP - Incont (Incontinence) Rejected
127 Mediating factors between caregiver burden and quality of life in caregivers of older patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer Song Zhu1, Chen Yang2, Jina Li1, Wei Mei1 SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
128 A medication self-management intervention to improve medication adherence for older people with multimorbidity: a pilot trial Chen Yang1, Zhaozhao Hui1, Song Zhu2, Xiuhua Wang3, Guanxiu Tang4, Diana Tze Fan Lee1 SP - Pharm (Pharmacology) Poster
129 Quality Improvement Project on completion of ReSPECT FORM in the community at JEAN BISHOP INTEGRATED CARE CENTRE (ICC): an impro S kar; L Bridge CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
130 Checklist for diagnosing post-operative delirium in vascular surgical patients S.Gupta, TYOng, P.Somasundaram, M.Naem, K.Bhat Poulose CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
132 Reducing risk of falls and fractures in old age psychiatry patients: Are we checking vitamin D? Dr Renate Fromson; Dr Ashling Ramdin SP - Psych (Psychiatry & Mental Health) Rejected
134 Post hemiarthroplasty radiograph check Zakariya Abdulazeez, Amit Tolat CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
135 Frailty and The Rate of Fractures in Patients Initiated on Antihypertensive Medication Marc F Österdahl (1) (2); Angel Wong (1); Ian Douglas (1); Sarah-Jo Sinnott (1); Liam Smeeth (1); Elizabeth Williamson (1); Laurie Tomlinson (1); SP - Falls (Falls, fracture & trauma) Platform Presentation
136 Audit on management of severe hyponatremia in older people admitted to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH) H.Mon, M.Farrant, R.Jefferys, L.Ajayi, S.Kar CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
138 Perceived quality of end-of-life communication provided by healthcare professionals among frail older Chinese patients Doris YP Leung; Zoe Wan; Helen YL Chan; Patrick KC Chiu; Raymond SK Lo; Fiona WK Tang SP - Education / Training Poster
139 Caregiving burden and unmet support needs in Chinese caregivers and cancer patients Doris YP Leung SP - Other (Other medical condition) Platform Presentation
141 Does a dedicated Older Person?s Unit deliver on ?alive and at home at 6 months? compared to usual care? Uruakanwa Ekwegh; Maevis Tan; Sameira Sohail CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
143 Improving clinical effectiveness at identifying patients requiring Advanced Care Plans PNemchand1, DHassan1, ASteel2 CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
144 A case of mistaken identity: An obsolete anti-reflux device in an older patient with variable gastrointestinal symptoms Ross Porter, Benjamin Ward SP - Gastro (Gastroenterology) Poster
145 A student pilot for a feasibility study of the theoretical 3S Trial (SPFT3S): GP and Ethics Committee Members questionnaire Lauren Brown; Ruth Foster; Molly Dodd; Terry McCormack SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
146 A student pilot for a feasibility study of the theoretical 3S Trial (SPFT3S): patient questionnaire and demographics R Foster1 (hyrf6 [at] hyms [dot] ac [dot] uk, 07561511227); M Dodd1; L Brown1; K Awonaya1; T McCormack2 SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
148 Prevalence of Older People Presenting Acutely to a Regional Spine Unit Ahmad M. Tarawneh, Nigil Sadanandan, Khalid MI Salem, Opinder Sahota SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Poster
149 COVID 19, A COMMUNITY HOSPITAL PERSPECTIVE Dr Shahzad Dildar and Dr Ihmoda Ihmoda CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
150 HOSPITAL AT HOME: AN EIGHT YEAR SERVICE IMPACT OF THE GWENT FRAILTY PROGRAMME A Kumar1; S Norris1; A Jones2; O Sweeting2; G Belludi1; J Kitson1 CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
R Arnott; A Lewis; D Berbecila; J Deery; L Wells; MH Poon CQ - Improved Access to Service Poster
152 Physical activity, muscle strength and quantity: preliminary findings from the MASS_Lifecourse cohort Bowden-Brown, KJ; Murray, JC; Hurst, C; Granic, A; Sayer, AA; Dodds, RM SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Presidents Round
154 Improving Documentation of
Bowel Movement on
Geriatric wards
Alexander Noar; Jess Parkin; Rachel Hallam; Tharindri Wijekoon; Clare Walker; Hamza Khan; Jennifer Tsui; Kokwai Chin; Monisha Chakravorty; Rusyai Zalynda CQ - Patient Safety Poster
155 Developing An Integrated Comprehensive Geriatric Unit Rachel Emery; Christopher Sin Chan; Malin Farnsworth CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
156 Quantifying the prevalence of frailty in drug trials and the relationship with serious adverse events Peter Hanlon; Elaine Butterly; Jim Lewsey; Stefan Siebert; Frances S Mair; David A McAllister SP - Epid (epidemiology) Presidents Round
157 A Systematic Review of the Prevalence and Implications of Frailty in Diabetes Mellitus Peter Hanlon; Isabella Faure; Neave Corcoran; Elaine Butterly; Jim Lewsey; David A McAllister; Frances S Mair SP - Diab (Diabetes) Platform Presentation
158 DISCHARGE AFTER HIP FRACTURE SURGERY BY MOBILISATION TIMING: SECONDARY ANALYSIS OF THE UK NATIONAL HIP FRACTURE DATABASE Aicha Goubar 1; Orouba Almilaji 1; Finbarr C. Martin 1,2; Chris Potter 2; Gareth D. Jones 2; Catherine Sackley 1; Salma Ayis 1; Katie J. Sheehan 1 SP - Other (Other medical condition) Presidents Round
159 Comprehensive Geriatric Discharge Summaries from a COVID-19 Field Hospital Dafydd Brooks CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
162 Physical function comparison of acutely unwell COVID-negative Older Adults pre-pandemic and through-pandemic; COVID-protected? Sarah Ritchie, Connor Snape , Niki Triteos, Ruth Vamadevan, Liina Olesk, Carrie-Ann Wood, Gareth D Jones and Jacky Jones CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
163 Incidence of imaging confirmed stroke and thrombotic events in older adults with severe COVID-19 infection. Laura Hickmott; Ceyon Jeyarajah; Santhya Logarajah; Adam Webber; Daniel Epstein; Sammie Qureshi; Justin Penge SP - Stroke (Stroke) Poster
164 A Quality Improvement Project  Physiotherapy caseload management on the Older Person's Unit Niki Triteos; Carrie-Ann Wood; Glenn Robert; Jacky Jones CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Poster
165 Anticoagulation in older people: Audit on prescribing, communication and documentation Verity Bushell; Kathryn Price; Shweta Awatramani; Jessica Gossage CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
167 The presenting features of COVID-19 in elderly patients Mark Vettasseri; Jennifer Smith; Sylvia Pytraczyk; Jonathan Sheldrake; Mohammed Ahmed; Bushra Muzammil; Vivek Ramburuth SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
168 A Quality Improvement Project Aimed To Reduce The Number Of Patients On Bournville Ward Suffering With Constipation A Vasudev; I Mohamed; H Jacques; P Nicolson CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
170 Readmissions to hospital following a decision to eat and drink with acknowledged risk with support from the FORWARD care bundle Naomi Soar; Jonathan Birns; Peter Sommerville; Alex Lang; Adam Fitzgerald; Sally Archer SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
171 Specialist Medication Review as part of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in the Day Hospital Setting Linda Brewer; Joanna Carroll; Shelina Seebah CQ - Patient Safety Poster
172 Departmental review of clinical characteristics of Covid19 presentation in an older hospitalized cohort. Shelina Seebah; StJohn Kelliher; Ruth Daunt; Alice O'Donoghue; Colm Byrne; Linda Brewer SP - Other (Other medical condition) Rejected
173 Denosumab induced severe hypocalcemia in chronic kidney disease (case report) H Mon, D Bensal, S Kar, T Aung SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Rejected
174 Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) as an important differential diagnosis for peri-ictal MRI abnormalities Hannah Podger ; Khalid Rashed SP - N & N (Neurology & Neuroscience) Rejected
176 Advantages of The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment on Patient Discharge Summaries David Platts; Munira Noor; Corrinne Quah CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
177 We tried this at home - Safety Analysis and Outcome of Community Resource Services S Norris1; A Kumar1; K Carney1; A Jones2; O Sweeting2; J Kitson1 CQ - Patient Safety Poster
178 The potential therapeutic use of N-acetylcysteine and curcumin in primary care; a review of current evidence. Paul McNamara, Holly Egan. SP - Psych (Psychiatry & Mental Health) Rejected
179 Effectiveness of telephone consultation in stroke outpatient clinics Bethan Davies; Roshnee Patel; Alex Hunter; Ingrid Kane CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
180 Carbon footprint reduction through use of telephone consultations for stroke outpatients Bethan Davies; Alex Hunter; Roshnee Patel; Ingrid Kane CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Rejected
181 What are the barriers and facilitators to effective advance care planning (ACP) in residential care settings for older people? Karen Chumbley CQ - Improved Access to Service Poster
182 Lessons from the front line: Communication is key. Pyrke, B; Abdalla, B; Cartwright, G; Figg, K; Murphy, E; Tuck, A; White, H CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
183 'Face time' for the first time: patients, families and junior doctors. White, H; Tuck, A; Pyrke, B; Murphy, E; Figg, K; Cartwright, G; Abdalla, B CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
184 What influences loss of appetite in older people? A Qualitative Study. Natalie J Cox; Kinda Ibrahim; Leanne Morrison; Sian M Robinson; Helen C Roberts SP - Other (Other medical condition) Platform Presentation
186 Impact of Covid-19 on patients with femoral fractures Llinos Williams, Richard Davies, Vedamurthy Adhiyaman CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
187 What is the risk of nosocomial Covid-19 on a green ward? Win Soe, Ashwathi Balakrishnan, Janet Lyoyd-Jones, Vedamurthy Adhiyaman CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
188 Documentation of resuscitation status in patients admitted to the Acute Care Unit C in Cheltenham General Hospital Joanna Lindsay, Louise Liyadi CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
189 Influence of the COVID19 pandemic on Treatment Escalation Plan documentation at Ealing Hospital Swina Santhirakumaran; Krishn Shah CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
190 Improving Patient Discharge Summaries - A Quality Improvement Project in a Local District General Hospital Wan Wei Ang; Lara Beaumont; Tessa Fautz; Samit Patel; Rebecca Radmore; Isabel Utting and Penny Vourou CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
191 Pharmacological Interventions for Sialorrhoea in Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review Reid A; Smyth C; Reid J; Bailey M SP - PD (Parkinson's Disease) Platform Presentation
194 Improving functional outcomes during COVID-19 for both COVID-19 and non COVID-19 positive older adults through the introduction Francesca Roberts; Kirsty Birmingham; Leah Darlison, Kathryn Hertzberg; Kate Chapman; Jakob Krampikowski; Danielle Bunden; Lauren King; Elin Tebbutt, Emily Potter CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
195 Barriers and facilitators of General Practice in the Care Home setting- a qualitative study to inform training of GPs. Sarah Ruaux; Neil Chadborn SP - Education / Training Poster
196 Assessment of bone health in the frail population presenting to hospital with falls Dr R.Athey; Dr D.Perera; Dr H.Atkins CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
197 Social Contact Mode and 15-Year Episodic Memory Trajectories in Older Adults With and Without Hearing Loss: The ELSA Study Snorri Rafnsson; Asri Maharani; Gindo Tampubolon SP - Epid (epidemiology) Presidents Round
201 Delirium is a presenting symptom of COVID-19 in frail, older adults: a study of hospitalised and community-based cohorts Rose S. Penfold1; Maria Beatrice Zazzara1; Amy L. Roberts1; Karla A. Lee1; Hannah Dooley1; Carole H. Sudre2; Carly Welch3; Ruth C. E. Bowyer1; Alessia Visconti1; Massimo Mangino1; Maxim B. Freidin1; Julia S. El-Sayed Moustafa1; Kerrin Small1; Benjamin Murray2; Marc Modat2; Jonathan Wolf4; Sebastien Ourselin2; Finbarr C. Martin1; Claire J. Steves1; Mary Ni Lochlainn1 SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
202 Improvement of Bowel monitoring in the Acute Stroke Unit. SY Yip CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
203 Improving Outcomes in Aspiration Pneumonia: a Collaborative Approach Sebastian Richards-Taylor, Ruth Kitchener, Martina Whiffen, Divya Tiwari CQ - Patient Safety Poster
205 Improving Urine Specimen Collection in Elderly Medical Inpatients - A Quality Improvement Project Sarishka Singh; Zaira Abbas; Quratulain Yousuf CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
206 Lipid targeting post-stroke - Targeting who? Katharine Bingham; Jonathan Mark Barber SP - Stroke (Stroke) Poster
208 Non-pharmacological Treatment of Bone Health in Fallers
Emma Moran SP - Falls (Falls, fracture & trauma) Poster
209 Escalation Decisions during the COVID-19 Pandemic amongst older adults Dr Lucie Bishop; Dr Divya Tiwari CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
210 Conversations on living and dying: facilitating advance care planning for older people living with frailty. A qualitative study. Sarah Combes1 Professor Caroline Nicholson; Dr Karen Gillett; Professor Christine Norton SP - Education / Training Platform Presentation
211 Direct acting anticoagulants and fragility hip fractures Mehdi Khan (presenting author); Imani Looby (presenting author); Mr Muhammad Ali Fazal CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
212 COVID 19 mortality in elderly- What do we know? Dr G Jacob; Dr L.Baker; L.Cross SP - Other (Other medical condition) Rejected
214 Recognition of delirium at the front door - An observational study Hina Iftikhar; George Bardsley; Muhammad Zafran; Sarah White CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
217 Sarcopenia detection using a handheld Dynamometer in fracture Neck of Femur patients presenting to a District General Hospital Dr Faisal Jamil, Dr William Ogburn, Dr Sanjay Suman CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
219 The association between increasing frailty and greater co-morbidity and surviving cardio pulmonary resuscitation Dr Elin Thomas; Dr Aled Lloyd; Dr Nicky Leopold SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
221 Prevalence and socio-demographic factors of SARS-COV-2 antibody in multi-ethnic healthcare workers Mehool Patel; Meera Nair; Eric Pirozzoli; Marta Cidon Cienfuegos; Elizabeth Aitken SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Platform Presentation
223 Reducing risk from Warfarin- a completed audit cycle on NICE compliance with Warfarin for NVAF in older people L Lee-Johnson1, E Little1, R Dwivedi2 CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
224 Optimising bone health on Sheffield frailty unit through quality improvement. C M Orton; N E Sinson; R Blythe; N A Vethanayagam. CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
225 The relationship between 25(OH) Vitamin D and Bone mineral density (BMD) in patients 65 years and older with prior fragility fra Nonyelum Obiechina 1, Atef Michael 2, Angela Nandi 1, Ihab Jameel 1, Furqan Javed 1 SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Poster
226 Integrated falls prevention pathways; the benefits of organisational collaboration Ed Tanks, Atef Michael CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Platform Presentation
227 Age and the extent of chest radiographic findings in hospitalized patients with COVID 19 Ancy Fernandez 1, Atef Michael 2, Nonyelum Obiechina 1, Angela Nandi 1, Justin Koh 1 SP - Resp (Respiratory) Poster
228 Comparison of six frailty screening tools in patients aged 65+ with an arm fragility fracture Kinda Ibrahim¹ ² , Tania Lim ¹, Mark A Mullee ¹, Guiqing Lily Yao ³, Shihua Zhu ¹, Mark Baxter ?, Simon Tilley ?, Cynthia Russel ², Helen C Roberts ¹²? SP - Falls (Falls, fracture & trauma) Platform Presentation
229 The feasibility of assessing sarcopenia among older people with arm fracture using different criteria Kinda Ibrahim¹ ² , Mark A Mullee ¹, Guiqing Lily Yao ³, Shihua Zhu ¹, Mark Baxter ?, Simon Tilley ?, Cynthia Russel ², Helen C Roberts ¹²? SP - Falls (Falls, fracture & trauma) Poster
230 Feasibility of resistance exercise to failure at different loads in frail and healthy older adults? Rebecca Marshall-McKenna (1); Evan Campbell (1) ; Frederick Ho (2); Matthew Banger (3); Philip Rowe (3); Christine McAlpine (4); Kate McArthur (4); Terrence J Quinn (1,4); Stuart R Gray (1). SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Presidents Round
231 Establishing a Community Frailty Unit During the Covid19 Pandemic Helen Wilson CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
232 Qualitative study of healthcare professionals knowledge surrounding delirium on Delirium Day 2020 Jessy JoyVarughese, Mubarok Husein, Mawadda Hassanein, Rebecca Chubb, Marilyn Browne SP - Education / Training Rejected
234 The provision of exercise groups post hip fracture and the willingness of patients to pay for additional resources Dr Tara Fleming, Dr Alexandria Waldron, Dr Ana Maria Irimia CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Rejected
235 A DANGEROUS CONSTIPATION Anupama Vijay ; Sharan Gopala Sunil ;Sarah Stoneley SP - Other (Other medical condition) Rejected
238 Potentially inappropriate cardiovascular medications in Czech older adults in acute care: InoMed and EUROAGEISM H2020 project Ingrid Kummer, PharmD.1; Anna Luka?i?inová, PharmD., PhD.1; Petra Gajdo?ová, MSc.1; Akshaya Srikanth Bhagavathula, PharmD.1; Jovana Brkic, MSc.1; Daniela Fialová, PharmD., PhD., Assoc.Prof.1,2 SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
239 Anticipatory Care Planning during the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Mhairi Farquhar; Dr. Edward Andrade; Dr. Sorina Melentiev; Dr. Sarah Keir CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
240 Prevalence and patterns of drug-disease interactions in long-term residents in nursing home facilities in the Czech Republic Anna Luka?i?inová, PharmD., PhD.1; Ingrid Kummer, PharmD.1; Veronika P?íhodová, PharmD.1; Deepak Kumar Bandari, PharmD.1; Jovana Brkic, MSc.1; Daniela Fialová, PharmD., PhD., Assoc.Prof.1,2 SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
241 Factors influencing mealtime care for people with dementia living in care homes: An ethnographic study James Faraday; Clare Abley; Catherine Exley; Joanne Patterson SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Presidents Round
242 Management of Atrial Fibrillation in patients with Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Multidisciplinary Neuro-cardiology approach Madiha Arslan Hashmi ; Ambreen Ali Sheikh SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
243 Dementia, ApoE and COVID-19 severity Jane Masoli; Chia-Ling Kuo; Janice Atkins; Luke Pilling; Joao Delgado; George Kuchel; David Melzer SP - Big Data Presidents Round
244 Realist Review of General Practitioners? Role in Advancing Practice in Care Homes (GRAPE study) Neil H Chadborn1; Adam L Gordon1; Reena Devi2; Chris Williams3; Claire Goodman4; Kathleen Sartain5 SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Platform Presentation
245 Antibiotic Omissions: A missed dose means a missed chance to save a life! Is E-Prescribing the answer? Mushbiq Manzoor;Arif Atique; Rasim Chowdhury;Nandkishor Athavale CQ - Patient Safety Poster
246 Selectedaspectof the racionality of use ofdiuretics in ambulatory care seniors: outputsofthe INOMED and EUROAGEISM H2020 project Gabriela Vaculová, PharmD;1 Eli?ka Dvo?á?ková, PharmD, Ph.D.1; Natálie Gruberová, MSc.1; BhagyaSriAreman, PharmD1 ;Jovana Brki?, MSc.1; and Daniela Fialová, PharmD, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.1,2 CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
247 Implementing Frailty Assessment at a District General Hospital Omolade Okuwoga; Eleanor Rowley-Abel; Sana Mufti SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Rejected
249 Developing an Onco-Geriatric Service for South West Wales Cancer Centre Anita Parbhoo; Ennan Mwendwa; Rachel Jones SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Rejected
252 Communication between doctors and relatives during COVID-19 and beyond Dr Anna Jones; Dr Jomana Fikree, Dr S Long Dr Benjamin Cooper-Drake CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
253 Get it right first time: Should older frail patients been admitted directly to a Care of Elderly ward rather than via an Acute m Dr Laura Hopkins, Dr Bhavini Shah and Dr Alison Wood CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
255 The Effect of Frailty and COVID-19 Infection on Clinical Outcomes in Older Adults ? A Single Centre Retrospective Study Omolade Okuwoga; Sana Mufti SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
256 The experiences of treatment burden among people with Parkinson's disease and their caregivers: A systematic review QY Tan; K Ibrahim; NJ Cox; SE Lim; L Coutts; S Fraser; HC Roberts SP - PD (Parkinson's Disease) Presidents Round
257 The Role of Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners in Falls Clinic A.Morrow; S. Markevics; S.Harris CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
259 Does the weather contribute to admissions of neck of femur fractures? Louis J Koizia (1); Melanie Dani (1); Hannah Brown (2); Malcolm Lee (2); Michael B Fertleman (1) SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Poster
261 Diagnostic Test Accuracy of the 4AT for Delirium Detection: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Tieges Z, MacLullich AMJ, Anand A, Cassaroni M, O'Connor M, Ryan D, Saller T, Arora R, Chang Y, Agarwal K, Taffet G, Quinn T, Shenkin S, Galvin R SP - Psych (Psychiatry & Mental Health) Presidents Round
262 A case report for Primary Hyperparathyroidism in the elderly patient with complex issues H Mon, U tazeen SP - Other (Other medical condition) Rejected
263 The effect of implementing a Proactive care of Older People undergoing Surgery (?POPS?) team on patient outcomes John M Bayram; Deepa Japp; Julie Dikiciyan; Irene Smith CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
264 Improving Pain Assessment and Management for Patients with Cognitive Impairment on the Care of the Older Person (COOP) Wards. Katherine Ryan; J?e?n?n?i?f?e?r? ?W?h?i?t?e?h?e?a?d?; Nitzan Lindenberg; Ku Shah CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
265 Socio-demographic and medical factors in a multi-ethnic cohort of COVID deaths Mehool Patel, Udayaraj Umasankar, Belinda McCall SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
266 Managing Heart Failure in Older Adults: Process Evaluation Karen Ackroyd; Divya Tiwari CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
267 Nutritional Screening MUST be a Multidisciplinary Assessment Claudette Hewitt; Jomana Fikree CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
268 Evaluating the use of visual aids on a care of the older adult ward Dr Esha Prakash; Dr Sarah Stoneley CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
269 MRS BAD BONES: Impact of COVID-19 on Secondary Prevention of Fragility Fractures Alastair Stephens; Hannah Rudd; Emilia Stephens; Jayne Ward SP - BMR (Bone, Muscle, Rheumatology) Poster
270 Impact of multifactorial delirium on management and discharge planning in a patient with intracerebral haemorrhage Ali Sheikh, Ambreen ; Murton,Emma ; Hashmi, Madiha ; Wilson, Phillipa SP - Stroke (Stroke) Rejected
271 Age and frailty predict mortality in elderly patients with COVID-19 HESHAM ELHEGNI; Syed Rahman; Palaniswamy Krishnan; Jadeep Kitson CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
272 Clinical frailty scoring is crucial for the COVID-19 era and beyond Laura White; Alex Tyler; Alim Samji CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
273 Does BMI weight and height correlate with a 10 year absolute probability of sustaining a Hip fracture ? Nonyelum Obiechina ;Angela Nandi ;Alexandra Timperley;Faisal Al-khalidi CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
274 A quality improvement project on oxygen administration within the geriatrics COVID-19 cohort ward Leah Hickson; Alan King Lun Liu; Georgia Bailey; Susanna Bruce; Khaled Kawafi; Dearbhail Reid; Vinod Gowda CQ - Patient Safety Poster
275 Does spinal bone mineral density predict an absolute 10 year probability of sustaining a major osteoporotic frac Dr. Angela Nandi,Dr. Nonyelum Obiechina,Dr. Alexandra Timperley,Dr. Faisla Al-Khalidi CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
277 The Comprehensive Frailty Assessment at Forth Valley Royal Hospital (FVRH) DIGITALISED: for COVID-19 and beyond! Mark J Rodgerson, Lisa McNeil, Louise McKay, Carla Tait. CQ - Improved Access to Service Poster
278 Lack of Evidence for Reduced Efficacy of Medical Therapy for Heart Failure in Older Adults Dr Alexandra Cox-Smith; Tom Cooper; Dr Punam Punjabi; Carys Barton; Dr Shuli Levy, Dr Carla Plymen, Dr Graham Cole SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
280 A retrospective case-note analysis investigating the management of diagnosed delirium in Medicine of the Elderly patients Sarah Train, Alexandra Peterson, Emma Marshall, Susan Shenkin, Prof Alasdair MacLullich CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
281 Informant-reported decline associates with silent acute stroke lesions and worse small vessel disease in mild stroke patients Una Clancy, Daniela Jaime Garcia, Will Hewins, Michael Stringer, Michael Thrippleton, Francesca M. Chappell, Rosalind Brown, Gordon Blair, Carmen Arteaga, Maria Valdes-Hernadez, Stewart Wiseman, Iona Hamilton, Dominic Job, Fergus N Doubal, Joanna M Wardlaw SP - Stroke (Stroke) Presidents Round
282 Evaluation of a new pharmacy service in intermediate care: improving patient safety Amanda Powel; Danielle Eckley; Asit Kumar; Jaideep Kitson CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
283 A novel experimental study of using ultrasound to assess bone fragility Seewoonarain S; Stavri R; Behforootan; Abel R. SP - Falls (Falls, fracture & trauma) Poster
284 The influence of COVID-19 on ceiling of care discussions in hospitalised older adults Rachel Kirby; Nicole Burden; Jamie Phillips; Michael Iveson; Arturo Vilches-Moraga; Angeline Price CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
285 Impact of Covid19 Restrictions on Older Patients Attending an Outpatient Service Ruth Daunt, Alanna Keena, StJohn Kelliher, Linda Brewer CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
286 Quantifying the Burden of Coexisting Acute Medical Problems in Patients with a Hip Fracture in the Emergency Department Ruth Daunt, Michael Willoughby, Mina Al Emam, StJohn Kelliher, Michael Quirke , Neil Burke, Linda Brewer CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
287 Standardising peri-operative pain management for hip fracture patients over the age of 65 years Elizabeth Gaunt; Monica Bawor; Madeleine Daly; Aaliya Mohammed; Helen Wear; Thusari de Silva CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
288 Improving Documentation of Direct Oral Anticoagulant Prescribing in Stroke Patients Ruth Daunt, Owen Feely, David Williams, Karl Boyle, Barry Moynihan SP - Pharm (Pharmacology) Rejected
290 Capacity Assessment - A Crisis of Confidence? A Survey of Junior Doctors Caoimhe McManus; Alanna Keena; Lisa Muprhy; Kevin Bates; Shane Kelly; Carmel Curran CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
291 Prescribing of hypnosedatives in seniors in ambulatory care in the Czech Republic: INOMED and EUROAGEISM project findings : Olena Antonenko, MSc., M.D. 1, Karolína Puldová, MSc. 1; Milada Hala?ová, PharmD, Ph.D. 1; Silvia Gre?áková, MSc. 1;Jovana Brkic, MSc1;and Daniela Fialová, PharmD, Ph.D, Assoc. Prof. 1,2 SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
292 Rationality of hypnosedative use in seniors in acute care: outputs of the INOMED and EUROAGEISM projects Olena Antonenko, MSc, M.D. 1, Andrea Zelinková, MSc. 1; Milada Hala?ová, PharmD, Ph.D. 1; Silvia Gre?áková, MSc. 1;Jovana Brkic, MSc1;and Daniela Fialová, PharmD, Ph.D, Assoc. Prof. 1,2 SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
293 Heritability of Temperature and the Effects of Ageing on Temperature Regulation:

An Observational Multi-Cohort Study

Rose S Penfold1; Maria Beatrice Zazzara1; Marc F Österdahl2; Tonny Veenith3; Janet M Lord3,4; Claire J Steves1 SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
294 Implementation of the 4AT Delirium Detection Tool in Clinical Practice: Data from 69,462 Acute Medical Admissions in Two Hospita Atul Anand, Zoë Tieges, Susan D Shenkin, Miriam Veenhuizen, April Covington, Alasdair MJ MacLullich CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
295 Frailty Hot Clinics: Rapid CGA and speciality diagnostics reduces rates of hospitalisation and re-attendance Hui Jayne Lim; Richard Robson; Nicki Alexander; Ross Cunningham; Debbie Encisa; Reetee Jhurry; Doris Owusu; Annalyn Remolan CQ - Improved Access to Service Poster
296 Avoiding burnout of the care home workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: sharing national learning and local initiat Johnston L; Malcolm C; Rambabu L; Hockley J; Shenkin SD SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
297 Online Supportive Conversations and Reflective Sessions(OSCaRS) in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hockley J; Johnston L; Watson J; Shenkin SD SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
298 Periodontal Health and Sarcopenia: cross-sectional evidence from a cohort of 2040 twin volunteers
Maria Beatrice Zazzara1,2; Philippa M Wells1; Ruth C E Bowyer1; Mary Ni Lochlainn1; Ellen Jo Thompson1; Rose S Penfold1; Claire J Steves1 SP - EET (Eyes, Ear, Teeth) Poster
299 Assessing for Delirium in a District General Emergency Department - Why Are We Failing and How Can We Improve? James Pickard; Rachael Morris; India Crawford; Rachel Mansi CQ - Patient Safety Poster
300 Quality Improvement Project (QIP): A teamwork approach to optimise fluid intake in older inpatients


Nicole Vourliotis RD, MSc, PGcert in Advance Practice, Clinical Lead Dietitian in Ageing and Complex Medicine (ACM) at Salford Royal Foundation Trust (SRFT). Contact: Nicole [dot] Vourliotis [at] srft [dot] nhs [dot] uk, 0161 2064497 or mobile: 07921100271, Twitter: @DietitianNV CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Poster
301 Being non-frail and free from cardiovascular disease reduces COVID-19 risk in 269,164 older UK Biobank participants Jane Masoli; Janice Atkins; Joao Delgado; Luke Pilling; David Melzer SP - Big Data Platform Presentation
302 Quality Improvement Project (QIP): A teamwork approach to optimise fluid intake in older inpatients


Nicole Vourliotis RD, MSc, PGcert in Advance Practice, Clinical Lead Dietitian in Ageing and Complex Medicine (ACM) at Salford Royal Foundation Trust (SRFT). CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Platform Presentation
306 Collateral history taking in older patients during the COVID pandemic:

A questionnaire survey of junior doctors

Muhammad Adeel Rizwan Hashmi*, Maryam Saleem**, Abdul Rahman El-Hilly**, Subramaniam Nagasayi***, Angela Puffet*** SP - Education / Training Rejected
307 Ambulatory management of severe anaemia in older adults ? a retrospective service evaluation. James Garrard ; Mridula Rajwani; Jordan Bowen CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
309 Beyond the bleep: exploring alternate methods of communication in the multidisciplinary team to facilitate efficient discharge Harcourt, Henry; Hewertson, Edward CQ - Efficiency and Value for Money Poster
310 Experience of Managing Parkinson's disease patients through Video consultation during COVID19 pandemic Dr Anil Kumar CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
311 A Survey of Non ? Consultant Hospital Doctors compliance, assessment and documentation of delirium in Ireland. Caoimhe McManus; Colm Byrne; Lorraine Kyne CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
314 A tale of three syncope risk scores ? who predicts outcomes best? Catherine-Mary McErlean (1); Gemma McGrory (2); Lara Mitchell (1) SP - Cardio (Cardiovascular) Poster
315 A Whole Hospital Delirium Audit with 20 Week Follow-up Ethan Khambay; Charles Katz-Summercorn; James Speed; Raj Amarnani; Amy Enfield-Bance; Shama Mani; Martin Glasser SP - Psych (Psychiatry & Mental Health) Poster
316 Improving frailty screening and accuracy in the Emergency Department (ED) of a busy District General Hospital Dr Hannah Dowell; Dr Rebecca Mallinson; RN Debbie Cartmell; Dr Karen Mellstrom; RN Gemma Pettigrew; Dr Claire Spice CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
317 A multidisciplinary team initiative to end PJ paralysis was successful in achieving cultural change on an acute geriatric ward Juliet Butler; Thomas Welford CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
319 Improving escalation and treatment plans in the Borders General Hospital (BGH) during COVID-19 Katherine Ralston; Amy Campbell; Gemma Alcorn CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
320 Assessing documentation of Goals of Care - a retrospective audit of DNACPR forms in an acute medical hospital. Dr Emily Killeen; Dr Helen O'Brien CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
321 A single centre study on the thirty-day hospital reattendance and readmission of older patients during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Mooney CJ, Hone L, Majid M, Cai J, Mieiro L, Fink D L CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Poster
325 Covid-19: learning from a communication crisis Robert Smith-Baker; Jessica Webster; Sadia Saber; Cianan O'Sullivan CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
326 TRIPPER: Trying to Reduce Inappropriate Prescribing in Patients who are Elderly and at Risk of falls Aedin O?Kane; Niamh McGarry; Jonny Baillie; Rick Plumb CQ - Patient Safety Poster
328 Clinical course and characteristics of Nursing home residents admitted via COVID-19 assessment unit
Laura Bailey; Alice O'Donoghue; Alan Martin CQ - Patient Safety Rejected
332 Outcomes and Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 Infection in the Elderly Population of Tayside. Dr Alison McCulloch, Dr Rachel Shedden, Dr Simon Laidlaw, Dr Sarah Love, Dr Judith Taylor, Dr Carolyn Tipton, Dr Rachel Pennington, Dr Sarah McLuckie, Dr William Jones SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
334 Clinical Presentation of COVID-19 in Older People Jennifer S Pigott1; Catherine Jackman1; Nitzan Lindenberg1; Lara Beaumont1; Samit Patel1; Kristi Sun1; Nicholas Bentley1; Bethan England1; Ruth Law1; Kunal Shah1 SP - Other (Other medical condition) Poster
335 Admissions to Hospital from Local Nursing Homes During COVID-19 Pandemic Jennifer S Pigott1, Celia Bielawski1 CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
336 Improving intravenous fluid therapy to reduce the incidence of acute kidney injury in elderly hip fracture patients Andrew Hall; Jun Min Leow; Amy Harris; Nauman Hafiz; Katie Myers; Anish Amin; Alasdair MacLullich CQ - Patient Safety Poster
338 Tackling noise pollution in hospitals:
A pre-feasibility study
Dr. Andreas Xyrichis SP - HSR (Health Service Research) Poster
339 Multi-disciplinary simulation training on delirium Surabhi Varma, Duncan Alston, Bhavini Shah, Susannah Long CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
340 A QIP, conducted during Covid-19, aimed at improving communication with patients' families and carers. Tomoaki Hayakawa; Kate O?Kelly; Sarah Stoneley; Minal D Patel; Sara Tomassini; Anupama Vijay; Esha Prakash; Fatima Z Ali; Songo Jane Lolomari; Faiza Tufail; Sharon Ngu; Asad Ullah Khan CQ - Clinical Effectiveness Rejected
341 Acute Kidney Injury in Older Patients with COVID-19 Neethu Billy Graham Mariam; Robert Gillott; Lauren Wentworth CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
342 Atypical Presentations Of COVID-19 In a Frail Population Neethu Billy Graham Mariam; Victoria Dunnett-Kane; Jessica Newton; Elizabeth Drysdale; Tim Seers; Rosalind Kelly; Lauren Wentworth CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
343 Lymphopaenia In An Elderly Cohort Of Patients With COVID-19 Victoria Dunnett-Kane; Neethu Billy Graham Mariam; Muhammad Haris; Jolijn Arits; Corina Fankhauser; Matthew Dawson; Robert Gillot; Lauren Wentworth SP - Resp (Respiratory) Poster
344 Outcomes in a Frail Population with COVID-19 in a Secondary Care Setting Neethu Billy Graham Mariam; Victoria Dunnett-Kane; Ankita Prasad; Amal Samsudeen; Alaa Al-Salihi; Natalie Woodhouse; Lauren Wentworth SP - Resp (Respiratory) Poster
345 Parenteral Treatments in our Acute Care at Home Team and how we responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic Elaine Nelson; Desmond Gourley; Yvonne Murphy CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
346 The Impact of Lost Dentures Mohammed Jaffer Ismail1, Deborah Manger2, Jason Wong3 CQ - Patient Centredness Rejected
347 Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on hospital care for people with dementia ? feedback from hospital leads and carers Chloe Hood; Aimee Morris; Oliver Corrado; Elizabeth Swanson; Lori Bourke; Mike Crawford, Alan Quirk; Hilary Doxford CQ - Patient Centredness Poster
348 Evolution of a Care Home Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Adrian Blundell CQ - Improved Access to Service Rejected
349 Hospital @Home and the AMBER care bundle: introducing the concept of uncertainty of survival to improve advance care planning Audrey MacDougall, Sabrina Costa, Elaine Seymour, Rosy Yielding, Rebekah Schiff CQ - Improved Access to Service Poster
377 COVID-19 and associations with frailty and multimorbidity: a prospective analysis of UK Biobank participants S J Woolford* (a); S D?Angelo* (a); E M Curtis (a); C M Parsons (a); K A Ward (a); E M Dennison (a); H P Patel (a, b, c, d); C Cooper+ (a, d, e); N C Harvey+ (a, d). * SJW and SD are joint first author; + CC and NCH are joint senior author SP - Epid (epidemiology) Poster
406 Improving the Delivery of Written Communication to Patients Presenting to the Frailty Assessment Service Following a Fall Gokulan Suthermaraj CQ - Patient Centredness Poster