BGS Autumn Meeting 2021: Results of Abstract Adjudication

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Table of results

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Abstract ID Title Author Name Outcome Session date and time
709 Impact on healthcare utilisation of a general practitioner-led model of care for patients with frailty HE Jones (1); I Morrison (2); S Hurding (2); S Wild (3); A Anand (4); SD Shenkin (3) Platform presentation PP Session Friday 26th November 10.00-10.15 am
678 The Mental Health Nurse Experience of Providing Care for People with Delirium Superimposed on Dementia Claire Pryor Platform presentation PP session on Friday 26th November 9.45-10.00am
666 Effect of perindopril on physical performance, muscle mass and quality of life in older people with sarcopenia: results from the Miles D Witham1,2; Simon Adamson3; Alison Avenell4; Margaret M Band3; Peter T Donnan3; Jacob George2; Adrian Hapca3; Cheryl Hume3; Paul Kemp5; Emma McKenzie3; Kristina Pilvinyte3; Karen Smith3; Allan D Struthers2; Deepa Sumukadas6 for the LACE study group Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
667 Effect of leucine supplementation on physical performance, muscle mass and quality of life in older people with sarcopenia: resu Miles D Witham1,2; Simon Adamson3; Alison Avenell4; Margaret M Band3; Peter T Donnan3; Jacob George2; Adrian Hapca3; Cheryl Hume3; Paul Kemp5; Emma McKenzie3; Kristina Pilvinyte3; Karen Smith3; Allan D Struthers2; Deepa Sumukadas6 for the LACE study group Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
684 Long-term conditions, multimorbidity, lifestyle factors and grip strength change over 9 years in 44,315 UK Biobank participants C Hurst1,2; JC Murray1,2; A Granic1,2; SJ Hillman1,2; R Cooper3; AA Sayer1,2; SM Robinson1,2; RM Dodds1,2 Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
799 Frailty Matters Project FJ RAYMOND DUFFY1; CONSTANTINA PAPADOPOLOU2; JANETTE BARRIE3; ANNE HENDRY4; MANDY ANDREW5; JANA MARTIN6 Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
658 The risk of anticoagulation in elderly fallers with atrial fibrillation: a systematic review and meta-analysis Partha Sarathy P; Cruces F Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
663 Behaviour change interventions to increase physical activity in hospitalised patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis Victoria A Goodwin; Katherine E Harding; Amy M Dennett; Samantha Febrey; Krystal Warmoth; Abi J Hall; Luke A Prendergast; Nicholas F Taylor Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
676 Optimising engagement of older adults in an online physical activity programme to improve cognition: A qualitative study Sarah Ritchie1.;Vanessa Lawrence2.; Jacky Jones1.; Anne Corbett3 Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
682 Impact of discharge interventions for older patients leaving hospital: a systematic review of reviews Elaine O?Connell Francischetto; Janet Jones; Sarah Davies; Kerry Allen; Gill Combes; Sarah Damery Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
707 Research Priorities for Prehospital Care of Older Patients with Injuries: Scoping Review 1. Mr Naif Harthi (Email: nharthi1 [at] sheffield [dot] uk [dot] ac phone: 079395622042). Prof Steve Goodacre. 3.Dr Fiona Sampson. 4.Mr Rayan Alharbi Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
768 Predictors of independence in community-dwelling older people E Taylor1; V Goodwin1, A Clegg 2, J Frost1, S Ball1 Presidents Round Friday 26th November Studio 2 from 2.15pm
825 Development of the Anticholinergic Medication Index (ACMI) K Best1; S Alderson1,2; D Alldred1; L Bonnet3; I Buchan3; O Butters3; A Farrin1; R Foy1; O Johnson1; C McInerney1; D Mehdizadeh5; T Lawton6; R Lawton1; S Rodgers3; E Teale1,6; L Walker3; R West1; B Young3; M Pirmohamed3; A Clegg1,6. Platform presentation Big Data Session Wednesday 24th Novmeber 14.30-14.45
743 The third national survey of undergraduate teaching in ageing and geriatric medicine and its impact on students? attitudes. GME Pearson1,2; AG Blundell3,4; AL Gordon4; T Masud4; Y Ben-Shlomo1; EJ Henderson1,2 Platform presentation Trainees Session Friday 26th November 12.00-12.15pm
659 Patient perspectives of recovery after hip fracture: a systematic review and qualitative synthesis Natasha Beer, Aleena Riffat, Brittannia Volkmer, David Wyatt, Kate Lambe Platform presentation Session F Thursday 25th November 16.30-16.45
661 PROGNOSTIC FACTORS OF DEPRESSION AFTER HIP FRACTURE SURGERY: SYSTEMATIC REVIEW R Milton-Cole1; S Ayis1; K Lambe1; MDL O?Connell1; B Stubbs2; C Sackley1; KJ Sheehan1 Platform presentation Session F Thursday 25th November 16.45-17.00
734 Acute Care Pathways for Older Major Trauma patients: A survey of UK practice Heather Jarman; Elaine Cole; Robert Crouch; Mary Halter; George Peck Platform presentation Session F Thursday 25th November 17.00-17.15
736 Real-time mobility data from wearable devices predicting falls risk in older adults. Kalon Hewage; Susie Lee; Sam Fosker; Thomas Hardcastle; Khalid Ali Platform presentation Session F Thursday 25th November 17.15-17.30
683 Understanding how discharge services for older patients can bridge the gap between hospital, community and social care Elaine O?Connell Francischetto; Janet Jones; Kerry Allen; Gill Combes; Sarah Damery Platform presentation Studio 1 Wednesday 24th Novenber 14.15-14.30
705 Characterising older adults? risk of harm from blood-pressure lowering medications: a sub-analysis from the PRIME study AS Hussain 1; K Ali 1&2; N Parekh 1&2; JM Stevenson 3&4; JG Davies 3&5; S Bremner 6; C Rajkumar 1&2 Platform presentation PP Session Friday 26th November 10.15-10.30am
765 Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: A Mixed Methods Systematic Review Becky Siu Yin Li 1,2; Carmen Wing Han Chan 1; Irene Kit Yee Wong 1; Yvonne Hoi Un Yu 1,2; Minjie LI 1 Platform presentation PP Session Friday 26th November 9.30-9.45am
809 Use of New Mobility Score and a Trans-Disciplinary Approach to Reduce Hospital LOS, Return to Original Residence, and Mortality D Leong1; P Ng1; A Brien1; K Law1; C Potter1; S Sampson1; S De Silva1 Platform presentation Friday 26th November 9.30-9.45 am
775 Improving Advance Care Planning discussions and communication with primary care in geriatric medicine in a district general M Twigg1; D Robins-Piotrowski1; R Jenkin1 Platform presentation Friday 26th November 9.45-10.00am
776 Introducing Treatment Escalation Plans (TEP) for older persons: Response to the COVID-19 pandemic SJ Woolford 1 ; HP Patel 2,3,4 Platform presentation Friday 26th November 10.00-10.15am
805 Upper limb fracture pathway in frailty enables earlier return to function with associated reduced length of hospital stay. L SHAW 1; T MAGGS 2; P BRAUDE 3; D SHIPWAY 3; S SRIVASTAVA; M KELLY 4 Platform presentation Friday 26th November 10.15-10.30am
665 Neck of femur fracture: Post operative delirium screening Felix Hammett; Samir Asmar; Tom Taggart Poster  
672 Assessment of Therapeutic Response to Melatonin in Parkinson?s Disease Patients with Sleep Disorders, A QI Project Melrose R; Kershaw C; Jones E Poster  
687 Fluid management of patient admitted in acute elderly care medicine ward: a re ? audit and comparison to standard recommendation T Farhana 1, J Noble 1 Poster  
695 Quality improvement project on transfer times of acute hip fracture patients from ED to inpatient bed post simulation training C. Clancy 1; R. Mahony 1; M. Donegan 1; V. Meighan 1. Poster  
712 Evaluating an ?Acute Frailty Team? Model of care in improving outcomes for patients with frailty acutely admitted to hospital Thompson J, Gusev V, Dervin P, Tevendale E Poster  
737 Stools for Stools ? combining medical and conservative treatments to reduce constipation in the elderly inpatient population N Roth 1; N Khalil 2; C Moore-Gillon 2; D James 3; L Gilby 4; C Morgan 5 Poster  
740 Assessing the impact of a dedicated frailty MDT to deliver a proactive virtual CGA to the local community Katy Conlon; Emily Harris; Elise Spiers; Hannah Coleman; Rachel Gallifent; Malin Farnsworth; Christopher Sin Chan Poster  
745 Proactive input from geriatrician led Surgical Liaison Service for older surgical patients at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading Dr Elizabeth Castaneda-Caicedo;Dr Maha Khwaja;Sadek Alam;Sam Warrior Poster  
756 Orthopaedic Surgeons can prescribe laxatives & analgesics too ? a Quality Improvement Project spanning 7 years "Kevin" Kee Bum Kim; Peter Gibson Poster  
757 Assessing the readmission rates of the Older Person?s Assessment and Liaison acute frailty team at Good Hope Hospital Henry GT Brice; Sana Sheikh; Teresa Quigley Poster  
760 Improving the management and duration of resolution of Acute Kidney Injury in the elderly Yasmin Ghaddar, Alys Stevens, Melanie Pearl, Thayapary Sivagnanam, Shaha Pennadam Sheriff Poster  
773 Barriers to recognising pain in patients with dementia and delirium on a healthcare of the elderly inpatient ward. R Stokes; R Philpott Poster  
780 Improving Nutritional Support For Post-surgical Femur Fracture Patients At St Mary?s Hospital, London. L Donnelly (1); S Sharpe (1); I Heber (2); C Morgan (3) Poster  
783 Advance Care Planning in a Large Teaching Hospital emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic: A Quality Improvement Project E Holdsworth; R Ryall; E Greenwood Poster  
794 Standardised social history documentation in medical clerking improves identification of Frailty Amy McGinlay, Latana Munang Poster  
796 The importance of Chest X Rays as an initial investigation in routine acute elderly care admissions M Tantoush 1; V Menon 2; N Ahmed 3 Poster  
797 Improving geriatric care in the Emergency department; TREATT project: The Rapid Early Assessment Therapy Team. H Foxley1; C Colby1; J Swinn1; R Leyland1 Poster  
798 Spot Delirium - Improving Delirium Awareness and Assessment using Electronic 4AT Shreeya Kotecha1; Lydia M Dennis2. Poster  
812 Geriatric Perioperative Care Is Associated With Reduced Length Of Stay In Urology patients Frances Parry1, Alexander Rideway 2, Sarah Ibitoye3, Ramya Nitharsan4, Robert Grange1, Philip Braude5, Katherine Warren6, David Shipway5 Poster  
816 Coordinate My Care: increasing staff access and number of patient records created in a busy acute hospital ? a QI Project C King1; J Arumugam1; J Bichard2 Poster  
699 Embedding a Frailty Team and Unit into Wythenshawe Hospital?s Emergency Department. S Schuster Bruce; D Saunders; E Mallouppa Poster  
713 Collaboration with Care Homes to provide appropriate medical care in the pandemic Sarah Kelly; Beth Griffiths; Annette Davies; Dr Firdaus Adenwalla Poster  
754 Developing a Frailty Service in Royal Bolton Hospital Connolly A, Kallat A, Cairns M, Oates R Poster  
763 Quality Improvement Project (QIP) on improving the use of the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) during the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Purnima Wijayaratne; Dr. Anupama Vijay; Dr. Aashni Shah; Dr. Mihaela Ene Poster  
793 Collateral History in patients with confusion K. Georgiou;J. Mock; E.Peter Poster  
662 Improving Discharge Summary Communication from Older Aged Adult Wards, A Quality Improvement Project Catriona Davidson, Minn Kyi Zaw, Ryan Loh, Dr. Claire Grout Poster  
675 Improving Recognition of Delirium in Critical Care Patients Olivia Meakin; Naomi Young; Siobhan Woods; Timothy Sherwin Poster  
680 Improving Communication in the Time of Covid-19 - Using a Dedicated Communication Sheet O Misquitta; G Angeles; D Overin; L Green Poster  
685 Hospital @Home: Treating severe Covid-19 in the community Matthew Quinn; Sharmila Walters; Paul McEnhill; Maria Oyston; Rebekah Schiff Poster  
691 ?Are You Concerned About Me Today? - an MDT Approach to Improving Delirium Recognition L Bennett; A Boswell; H Huet; M Whitsey Poster  
694 Improving opiate prescribing in older adults with hip fractures to combat the iatrogenic fallout Murray A J Hudson; Jayne Atkin, Guy Lumley, Sarneet Singh, Surabhi Varma, Dharma Shenoy, Cerys Morgan, George Peck, Michael Fertleman, Louis Koizia Poster  
702 Communication Challenges between Doctors & Relatives during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Simple Interventions with Meaningful Impact B Patani; M Hudson; M Khan; N Head; S Long Poster  
721 ON TIME EVERY TIME: Improving timing of Parkinson?s medication administration in the Emergency Department Dr. Rob Skelly; Lisa Brown; Dr.David Hodgson; Dr. Sarah Midgley; Dr. Barry Evans; Dr. Azaad Jameel Poster  
722 Implementation of Treatment Escalation Plans in a community psychiatric hospital Anne Yan Ting Chua; Sangeeta K Makh; Adnaan Ghanchi; Jessica Grayston; Nida Yasmeen; Sean M Insigne; Stephen Woolford; Sahan Wijayaweera; Harnish P Patel; Jay Amin Poster  
729 Incorporating Patients? Views in the Design of an Educational Leaflet for Frail, Older Patients with Kidney Disease. L Ryan 1; J McNicholas 1; H Beckwith 2; Kidney Care UK 3; EA Brown 1, 2 Poster  
744 3 year follow-up of sedative prescribing for responsive behaviours in nursing home residents, an Irish study Emily Killeen, Sinead Horan, Ailis Pollock, Aoife Lee, Alan Martin Poster  
747 The diagnosis and management of hyperkalaemia in medical and elderly care inpatients at a district general hospital Charlotte Broadhurst & Katherine Thompson, Wallace Tan Poster  
779 Improving Use of Coordinate My Care Using a Quality Improvement Approach for Medical Patients Admitted to Barnet Hospital K Goffe; J Wilson; T Gluck; J Brady; A Burns; C Bergbaum; H Petra; M Stewart; E Wilson Poster  
781 Improving the Quality of Do Not Attempt Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) Form completion M RASQUINHA1; K NG1; A HILLARIOUS1; L PUGH1; H GHOBRIAL1; D EMUSS1; K SHIEL1; M VETTASSERI1 Poster  
787 The Prune Project: Using prunes as a constipation aid in older surgical inpatients F Coath1: C Morgan1 Poster  
817 Avoiding that sinking feeling: a QIP to improve the identification of postural hypotension on a Medicine for the Elderly Ward CGS Gilmartin1, M Peacock1, J Coultas1, N Alavi1, S Long1 Poster  
668 Improving Access to Call Bells: Lessons from the Pandemic Abbie Morrow; Alexander Knighton Poster  
706 Improving prescription of Parkinson?s disease medications for patients on Elderly care wards at Royal Stoke University Hospital Oluwafemi Thomas Alonge1, Nasira Sultana2, Yu Thandar Aung3 Poster  
708 Barriers to the accurate diagnosis of delirium on an older persons inpatient unit; lessons from a quality improvement project. P Vourou; V Alam; T Rehman; T Ernst; J Fleet Poster  
710 IPC Stockings for VTE Prevention in Stroke: Benefits of Introducing Electronic Prescriptions and Ward round Prompts K Ross, F Kattakayam, E Hall, JR Barker. Poster  
715 Reducing overtreatment of type 2 diabetes in older people living in care homes N Samarasekara, E Dinsdale, S Taylor, M Sulaiman, A Gittens, E Ahmed, A Jain, M Tang, S Ninan Poster  
717 FLUSHI- An intervention to improve Catheter care and reduce unnecessary Catheterisation days Katie Hyde; Jane Powell Poster  
727 Boosting bone health: improving junior doctors? confidence in assessing and managing fragility fractures Y Ge; LM Dennis Poster  
769 Improving the diagnosis and management of patients with community and hospital acquired pneumonia within elderly care. C van't Hoff1; T Chopra1; A Chatterjee1 Poster  
795 A positive 4AT delirium assessment tool score on hospital admission is linked to mortality, length of stay and 'home time'. Vardy E.R.L.C (1); Anand, A.(2); Cheng, M.(1); Ibitoye, T.(3); MacLullich, A.M.J.(3) Poster  
738 Determinants of Muscle Density in Older People: Findings from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study (HCS) F Laskou1,3; L D Westbury1; N Fuggle1,2; NC Harvey1;H P Patel1,3,4; C Cooper1; K Ward1; E M Dennison1,5 Poster  
762 For older patients with frailty, six weeks of enforced immobility has no detrimental impact on muscle strength or thickness. Eleanor Lunt; Adam L Gordon; Paul Greenhaff; John R Gladman Poster  
778 The impact of musculoskeletal conditions and frailty on the ability to self-care or be in receipt of care: a study of community- G Bevilacqua 1, F Laskou 1, K Jameson 1, N Fuggle 1, C Cooper1 , EM Dennison 1, HP Patel 1,2,3,4 Poster  
677 Utility Of 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) In Patients With Orthostatic Hypotension (OH) At Syncope Clinic Andrew Arnott; George Reid; Jon Godwin; Lesley Anderton; Lara Mitchell Poster  
771 Let's talk about resus. Do we do it? Who does it? What are the outcomes? Shannon Gilmore, Sam Murray, Sian Taylor, Sean Ninan, Poster  
609 Older Adult Prescribing Simulation: A Teaching Evaluation Michaela Watt, Paul McMillan Poster  
660 Physiotherapists perceptions of mechanisms for observed variation in practice during early postoperative phase after hip fractur Brittannia Volkmer,1 Euan Sadler,2 Kate Lambe,1 Finbarr C Martin,1 Salma Ayis,1 Lauren Beaupre,3 Ian D Cameron,4 Celia L Gregson,5 Antony Johansen,6 Morten Tange Kristensen,7 Jay Magaziner,8 Catherine Sackley,1 Toby O Smith,9 Boris Sobolev,10 Poster  
719 The Effect of Lockdown on the Incidence of VTE in Hip Fracture Patients During the Covid-19 Pandemic Sumaya Huque; Aisling Robinson; Nivi Singh Poster  
803 Quality of life in older trauma patients after injury: findings from the frailty in major trauma study (FRAIL-T) H Jarman1; R Crouch2; M Baxter2; Chao Wang3; E Cole4 Poster  
814 General internal medicine and the geriatric medicine workforce: results of the RCP census and wellbeing survey C Welch1,2, C Copeland3 Poster  
664 Exploring the feasibility of the InterRAI Check-Up Form (Self-Reported) in older people living with frailty in the community Milap K Rajpara; Charlotte Wilson; Adam L Gordon; Alison Cowley Poster  
670 Factors associated with mortality in multi-ethnic hospitalised COVID patients Imisioluwa Omotade, Max Bennett, Sarah Chitson, Fiona Asiedu, Bertram Harrington, Mehool Patel Poster  
671 Demographic variability in mortality from COVID during the two surges Mehool Patel, Udayaraj Umasankar, Elizabeth Aitken Poster  
696 Understanding Independence - Older People's Perspectives E Taylor1; V Goodwin1, A Clegg2, S Ball1, J Frost1 Poster  
746 Validity of The Carer Directed Needs Assessment in Dementia (CANDID) for use in Advanced Stage Dementia Care. O'Connor, Maeve; Arendts, Glenn; Campbell, Elissa Poster  
759 Relationship between G8 and CFS in a cohort of lung cancer patients referred to a specialised onco-geriatric clinic Victoria Dunnett-Kane; Laura Ayrton; Cassandra Ng Poster  
764 Rockwood clinical frailty scale to predict length of stay,inpatient mortality & readmission rate in a community hospital setting D. Daly 1; A McSorley 1 Poster  
801 Effectiveness of Hearing Rehabilitation for Care Home Residents with Dementia: A Systematic Review H Cross1; P Dawes1, 2; E Hooper1, 3; C J Armitage1, 4; I Leroi5; R E Millman1, 4 Poster  
815 Frailty And Multimorbidity Are Associated with Longer Length of Stay in Older Urology Patients Ibitoye S1; Parry F2; Rideway A3; Nitharsan R4; Grange R2; Braude P5; Warren K6; Shipway D5. Poster  
697 Patients with Parkinsonism and their Caregivers: a Protocol for the PRIME-UK Cross-sectional Study E Tenison1; F E Lithander 1; D Brazier 1; M Smith 1; Y Ben-Shlomo 1; E J Henderson 1,2 Poster  
802 Concurrent pathologies observed in older adults with COVID-19 infection C Murphy; K Hartop; K Aggrey; J Bilan; J Lumsden; K Colquhoun; T Quinn Poster  
811 Delirium in Covid-19: common and clinically significant: Experiences from the Nightingale Hospital Exeter. W REED1; C FEARNLEY1; A TREGARTHEN2; J HUBBARD1; J GRIFFITHS2; T WHITEHEAD2; J HACON1; L ANNING1 Poster  
748 Hearing aids and glasses: bedside signs prompt assessment of sensory needs, an audit Dr Elinor Laws (1); Dr Hannah Currie (1); Ms Ruchika Batra (2) Poster  
716 A Multidisciplinary Simulated Teaching Programme on Treatment Escalation Planning in the Context of Frailty Claire Corson; Katy Fair Poster  
679 Chest trauma in the elderly Jonathan Bates-Powell, David Basterfield Rejected  
681 30-Day Readmission Prevention Pathway - audit of outcomes Helen Jackson; Vee Han Lim; Maggie Cairns; Gillian Eccles; Emma Davies Rejected  
688 Fluid management of patients in acute elderly care ward: an audit comprising ward base fluid monitoring and documentation T Farhana 1, J Noble 1 Rejected  
692 An assessment of the identification and management of anaemia in elderly patients presenting to a rural DGH Rohina Mufti (Clinical Fellow in Geriatric Medicine), Kat Mckenna (Physician Associate In Geriatric Medicine), Rodric Jenkin (Consultant) Rejected  
703 Hospital at Home: A multidisciplinary approach to managing frail older patients in the community with COVID-19 infection Ruth Porther; Kate Thorburn; Lauren Evans; Priya Fernando Rejected  
730 The Dementia & Delirium Team: A novel multidisciplinary service to improve outcomes for inpatients with cognitive frailty. Dr Oliver Fox; Dr Richard Robson; Professor Elizabeth L Sampson Rejected  
742 What's the Score? Can clinical frailty scores be used to predict outcomes in patients with fractures neck of femur? Nicola Waddell; Heather McCluskey Rejected  
751 Analgesia prescription in falls patients with significant injuries under an acute frailty team: a quality improvement project Rhys Morris; Cameron Abbott Rejected  
758 Fragility Fracture Risk Assessment in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Outpatients Clinic Re-Audit D Seyoum; N Rahman; S Sarwar Rejected  
761 Stroke and Continence, both Geriatric Giants, but how well do we manage them together? Burn E; Baguneid C; Satharasinghe L; Dawson S.L Rejected  
772 Stroke Mimic Audit A Hale1; A Burgess1; S Kumar1; C Parker1 Rejected  
693 Use of a digital application to enhance communication and triage between care homes and community NHS services: a qualitative ev Siân Russell; Rachel Stocker; Zoë Cockshott; Barbara Hanratty; Nancy Preston; on behalf of the HDRUK Learning Care Homes project Rejected  
686 ?I can have a clinic appointment in the shower!? Older Patient & Clinician Perspectives of Virtual Clinics during Covid-19 Matthew Quinn; Paul McEnhill; Sharmila Walters; Rebekah Schiff Rejected  
700 Frailty and Access to CGA in the High Risk Anaesthetic clinic Ryan C; Clark N; McKinley S; Colquhoun K Rejected  
714 A Survey To Determine Urological Surgeons? Ability And Attitudes In Frailty Assessment at NBT. Frances Parry1; Emma Mitchell2; Ben Carter3; David Shipway2; Philip Braude2 Rejected  
735 How the Southern Trust Acute Care at Home Team Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic to Improve Access to Our Service. A McCann; O McHugh; D Toal; P McPolin; C Fegan; C Conway; E Nelson Rejected  
749 Frailty and Geriatrician Input during a Pandemic in the Surgical wards of Glasgow Royal Infirmary Ryan C, Colquhoun K, McElroy M Rejected  
753 ?Foreseeing Well-being?: Developing a Geriatrician Led Physical Health Strategic Vision Across a Large Mental Health Trust Dr Kyra Neubauer; Dr Nwaorima Kamalu; Dr Bethany Cole Rejected  
777 ?The Bereavement Welfare Hub?; support for the bereaved following inpatient deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic S Lightbody; J Whitney; D Glover; L Catt; A Ahmad; S Hasan Rejected  
673 Informal Care and the Oldest Old: How Are Nonagenarians Supported In Day-to-Day Life and How Have Their Needs Changed Over Time? R Stocker1;S Russell1;H Anderson2;Lucy Robinson1;B Hanratty1;C Jagger1;Louise Robinson1;J Adamson2 Rejected  
704 ReSPECT: What Matters to Me? Improving Patient Experience and Involvement in decisions about emergency care O Ajoje; C Lee; J Hodgson Rejected  
720 Increasing Coordinate My Care usage using QI methodology in the Emergency Department Dr Katherine Buxton; Frits Klinkhamer Rejected  
724 COVID OUTCOMES AND PALLIATIVE MEASURES IN ACUTE CARE AT HOME SOUTHERN TRUST Megan Cooper :Deborah Toal: Caroline Rice: Gail Nicholson Rejected  
726 Analysis of the Use of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment on Specialty Wards Olivia Meakin; Geraldine Donnelly Rejected  
728 Have you cleaned your teeth today? Attitudes towards and experiences of oral care on an elderly medicine ward Lucy Meadows; Elizabeth Lloyd Rejected  
733 ?I don?t want to go (back) to Hospital?: Advance care record access and sharing can make this possible Dr Eva Kalmus; Mitali Bajaj Rejected  
752 Community Rapid Intervention Service( CRIS) Team & Urgent Care co ordination Centre(UCCC)- a new model of care for older adults Dr Georgy Jacob(1); Leslie Roberts(2); Dr Zia Din(3); Terry Bates(4); Paul Devlin(5) Rejected  
755 Key Information Summaries and Anticipatory Care Plans in surgical wards: the role of the POPS team Rebecca K Grant; John M Bayram; Callum Cruickshank; Irene Smith; Deepa K Rangar Rejected  
770 Leg Amputation and Advance Care Planning R. Grange1; C. Chamberlain2; R. Nitharsan3; M. Brooks4; P. Braude1 Rejected  
782 Covid Virtual Monitoring of Nursing Home Residents in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust from May 2020 to March 2021 H Breen; M McFadden; B Khan; E Barrington; L Murphy; M Cooper; A Parke; J Woods; J Quinn Rejected  
784 Outcomes of Patients Over 65 Years Old Identifiable During Hospital Admission as Likely to be in the Last Twelve Months of Life. S Woods; Olivia Meakin; Timothy Sherwin. Rejected  
785 Frailty in surgery BR Low1; S McKenna1; N Bradley1 Rejected  
790 Incidence, Chronic Conditions, and Mortality Rates of COVID-19 in Elderly Patients in Mexico City. P Salcido1 Rejected  
800 Improving the recognition and management of dry skin and pruritus in older people J Davies1; C Solomon1; J Allanson2; C Rundell2; C Flanaghan2 Rejected  
807 Heart Failure patients and the reasons for their readmission; highlighting the need to screen for frailty J Giddings 1; L Clayton 2; I Loke 2 Rejected  
810 COVID SYMPTOMATOLOGY AT PRESENTATION IN ACUTE CARE AT HOME PATIENTS E Barrington 1; L Murphy1; U Mavuri1; G Nicholson1; Rejected  
657 The Role of the Expert Witness in upholding good practice in Older Peoples care Lynne Phair; Emma Jones; Nick Casey Rejected  
718 Domestic Violence and Abuse among Older Trauma Patients at a Major Trauma Centre H Garbett1; B Carter2; A Gregory3; H Cramer3, N Lewis3, K Morgan3, J Thompson4, G Feder3, P Braude5. Rejected  
788 Relationship of Mood Disorders in Functional Decline Due to Confinement in the Elderly During COVID-19 Pandemic P Salcido1 Rejected  
789 Incidence of Oral Candidiasis and its Relationship to Nutritional Disorders in the Elderly P Salcido1 Rejected  
792 Healthcare Workers? Perceptions and Attitudes towards Physical Restraints Free Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly W K Kan; T Y Cheung; Y Y Cheung; K H Fung; W Y Luk; H C Tam; C C Wei; M W Yip; C K R Pang; C Y A Chong Rejected  
808 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults ? a survey to establish understanding amongst hospital staff and training needs E Killeen1; C Curran2 Rejected  
791 Use of NT pro BNP in the diagnosis and follow up of Heart Failure: A retrospective review in a District General Hospital A Dosu; M Gupta Rejected  
674 Inspired By #geribookclub: A Collaborative Medical Humanities Book Club To Discuss Medical Ethics Dr R Talbot; R Cooke; L Filippi Rejected  
Gwendolyn Coney Rejected  
786 Using a standardised approach to frailty assessment in the Emergency Department Fortune B 1, Oates R 1 Rejected  
813 Can Biomarkers Be Used to Predict Outcomes for Patients Aged 65 and over, Admitted to Critical Care with COVID-19? F Hunt; S Woods; M Duffy Rejected