BGS Autumn Meeting 2023: Results of Abstract Adjudication

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Abstract ID Title Author Name Outcome
1977 Multimorbidity patterns and aged residential care admissions in Aotearoa New Zealand. R Teh1; N Kerse1; D Ranchhod2; L McBain3. Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Platform Presentations - 14.30
2051 How representative are UK-based trials investigating lifestyle interventions for diabetes mellitus: a systematic review. G Miles1; RA Smith1 Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Platform Presentations 14.42
1706 Introducing Geriatrics to Medical Students Through Film. Khalid Ali. Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Platform Presentations 14.54
1826 Development Of Inter-Professional Simulation-Based Education In Geriatric Medicine J Irvine1; E Nelson2; Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Platform Presentations 15.06
1978 Donanemab in Early Symptomatic Alzheimer?s Disease: Efficacy and Safety in TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2, Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trial M Mintun1; C Ritchie2; P Solomon3; JR Sims1; S Salloway4; O Hansson5; LG Apostolova6; JA Zimmer1; CD Evans1; M Lu1; P Ardayfio1; JD Sparks1; AM Wessels1; S Shcherbinin1; H Wang1; ESM Nery1; EC Collins1; EB Dennehy1; DA Brooks1; DM Skovronsky1; TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 Investigators; A Farquharson (Non-author presenter)1 Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Platform Presentations 15.18
1995 Constructing a Frailty Index using routinely collected measures to study its relationship with adverse health outcomes Kenneth Rockwood1,2; Aditya Nar1; Judith Godin1,2; Olga Theou1,2 Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Research into Ageing 11.45-12.00
2023 Oral nutritional supplement prescribing in care homes: The benefit of dietetic review. K Taylor1; S Hope2; V Goodwin3 Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Therapeutics and Safe Prescribing 09.45-10.00
2007 Willingness of older adults and their informal caregivers to deprescribe medication: UK survey study R Garnett1; R Barnes2; J Buckell2; R McManus2; J Sheppard 2 Platform Presentation: Thursday 23 November - Therapeutics and Safe Prescribing 9.30-9.45
1874 Developing a pathway direct to elderly medicine clinic for frail patients referred via colorectal fast-track: pilot and outcomes A Nixon1; T Memery 1; J Morgan 1; A Brown 1; C Scampion 1 Platform Presentation: Wednesday 22 November - Clinical Quality Session 15.30-15.45
1962 Improving end-of-life care in Acute Medicine: A retrospective review S Shah; H Hassan Platform Presentation: Wednesday 22 November - Clinical Quality Session  15.45-16.00
1895 Three year nationwide analysis of falls risk prescribing for over 65 care home and non-care home patients A Shroufi; M Garbuzov; M McPherson Platform Presentation: Wednesday 22 November Orthogeriatrics -  16.00-16.15
2022 Association between severe mental illness and risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures: analysis of UK primary care data C Avgerinou1; K Walters1; JC Bazo-Alvarez1; RM West2; D Osborn3,4; A Clegg5; I Petersen1 Platform Presentation: Wednesday 22 November - Orthogeriatrics  16.15-16.30
1955 Multimodal critical discourse analysis of current representations of hearing loss in the UK news media. Sophie Fawcett-Jones1; Eithne Heffernan2,3; Emma Putland4; Emma Broome2,3; Clare Burgon2,3; Adithiya Janani1; Tom Dening5; Jean Straus6; Helen Henshaw2,3 Platfrom Presentation Thursday 23 November - Research into Ageing 11.30-11.45am
1879 On a knife edge: role of a Clinical Nurse Specialist on balancing complex treatment decisions in acute surgery F Norridge ,K Anand, P Grundy, A Mullins, HP Patel, and E Hewertson Poster
1891 Role of telemetry in detecting atrial fibrillation in acute ischaemic stroke L GAN1; V ADHIYAMAN1 Poster
1726 Vitamin D single dose loading regimen in Neck of Femur Fracture Patients S Blackburn1; R McIntyre2; M Williams2; J Asumang2; A Gandee2; S Khinder2; A Sharma3. Poster
1733 An itemised discharge letter format improves clarity of information ? a quality improvement project. J Macaulay; H Wear Poster
1770 Assessment of lying and standing blood pressure; an audit leading to an improved clinical effectiveness and quality improvement K Singh 1; D Sethi 2 Poster
1804 Feedback Fatigue in the Foundation Year 1 Older Person's Unit Cohort: A Quality Improvement Project S Moore 1; Poster
1805 The importance of ongoing awareness and education for Lying and Standing blood pressure (LSBP) during hospital admissions D Hassan Bendahan1; C Mitchell1; S Chauduri1; J Wing1; B Bird1; S Safeer1; S Hota1 Poster
1817 Standardising fracture clinic letters to help improve communication between clinicians S Virdee1; J Humphrey 2 Poster
1846 A Bespoke Teaching Programme for Hospital at Home Improves Staff Confidence in the Clinical Management of HaH Presentations M Haf 1; O Hawkes1 Poster
1853 Improving Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections for Older Adults in the Health and Ageing Unit H Petho; S Maruthan; O Poole-Wilson Poster
1868 Eight to Hydrate: Promoting oral hydration of Elderly patients in hospital M Williams; R Anketell; E Georgiakakis; R Mizoguchi Poster
1940 Delirium in Acute Medicine Inpatients ? Are We Still Missing It?
Results from an 8-Year Audit in a District General Hospital.
C VAN'T HOFF1; A McColl1; D Johnson1; K Boncey1 Poster
1945 Developing a novel simulation induction programme for doctors working in Hospital at Home G Watson1; A Paveley1; K Chin1; A Lindsay-Perez1 and R Schiff1 Poster
1956 Audit on the prompt mobilisation of patients following hip arthroplasty B Hama1; A Illsley2 Poster
1957 Brushing Up On Oral Health: Improving Oral Health Practices in Geriatric Inpatients R Fernandes1; C Ward1; S Hope1 Poster
1958 Promoting Bone Health by ensuring in-patient Ortho-geriatrician Bone Health plan in notes following Neck of Femur Fracture. C. CARRUTHERS1; L STAPLETON2; A AKANDE3; GJACOBS4; A TIMMS5 Poster
1996 The use of electronic 4AT delirium identification tool in inpatient care Zahra Jabir Poster
2020 Improving Pain Management in Non-verbal Patients LBabar1; GHodges1; I Dudley1; MSessani1; H Currie1; P Nicolson1. Poster
2031 Lying and standing blood pressure and ECG for the falling patient C White1; L Boyd1 Poster
1756 Improvement in the number of discharges prior to 3pm using quality improvement methodology S England; K Guthrie; A Winfield Poster
1808 QIP to improve the board round process on a general geriatric medicine ward JCrofts1; CBaguneid1; AHillarious1 Poster
1899 Early Intervention By Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy In Older Inpatient Population S Kotak Poster
1959 De-prescribing within the East Kent Community Frailty Team: assessment of medication review processes and potential cost-savings AJD Jones; M Bristow-Smith Poster
1689 <p>Establishing an oncogeriatric multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and accompanying clinic at a DGH in Somerset</p> H Parker 1; S Birchenough 1; E Cattell 2; U Barthakur 2; S Woodhill 2; M Foster 2 Poster
1715 A Hospital at home service working with care care homes to triage acutely unwell patients. F Adenwalla1; A Davies2; L Thomas3; A Grimstead4; R Jenkins5; S Kelly6; L Hopkins7; A Britton8; N O'Shea9. Poster
1849 Implementing a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in older adults presenting to a district general emergency department D Niranjan1; A Findlay1; S Joomye1; C Carolan1; S De Bhaldraithe2; M Abu Rabia2. Poster
1896 Community geriatrician led memory service improving access to dementia diagnosis with focus on admission avoidance. M McCarthy; C O'Donnell Poster
1906 Identifying Older Frail Patients Suitable for Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC); The Applicability of Patient Selection Scoring Sys A.J. Burgess; K, Collins; D.J. Burberry; K.H. James; E.A. Davies Poster
1942 Developing a Frailty SDEC Team at Salford Care Organisation R Dewar; E Swinnerton; C Ingham; C Elliott, J McFarlane; T Pattison; J Fox; L Butler. Poster
1946 Reducing admission to hospital of frail people, with acute illness, from care homes: A quality improvement project J Seeley1; S Cole1; S Sage1 Poster
1949 Improving the utilisation rate of ?hot slots? in an outpatient frailty service E Shekarchi-Khanghahi; F Morelli; N Smith Poster
1953 Improving access to community palliative care by raising awareness of services, indications for referral and referral pathways B Knowles1; P Springbett1; C Hunt1; O Ingram1 Poster
2015 Identifying and Managing Visual Impairment in Older Patients with Falls on a Care of the Elderly (COTE) ward C Abbott1; E Bristow2; L Twiddy2; A Warner2; R Setchell2; A Cavanagh2 Poster
2026 Development of a novel 2 week wait oncogeriatric service: A GI Frailty Clinic Dinsdale, Emily1; Whitehead, Kay2, Gould, Danielle3, Miller, Cath4, Nair, Sherena5 Poster
2049 Evaluating the rate, timeliness and accuracy of centralised Clinical Frailty Score documentation at a major NHS A&E department E Ghaffari1; A Collier2; T.J Robb3; C Brenchley4; J Carrick5; M Osei-Banahene6; J Martin7; S Singh1; S McKelvie7 Poster
2050 Scoping an Oncogeriatric Pathway in Acute Care H Cooper 1; S Ganjam 2; A Badawi 3; A McIntosh 4; Ernie Marshall 5. Poster
1705 Geriatrician involvement with community multi-disciplinary teams to support people living with frailty and reduce readmissions S Rahman; S Shamsad; L Bafadhel Poster
1710 Using the Visual Assessment Tool (VAT) on All Patients at Risk of Falls in the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) P Gurung1; S Sathiananthamoorthy2 Poster
1720 Frailty and the impact of Electronic Advance Care Planning records on readmission rates and location of End of Life care Liam Stapleton, Lynne Marsh, Thirumagal Rajeevan Poster
1721 Enhancing the recognition of sensory impairment on the Care of the Elderly wards A Hackney1; G Ball1; J Brown1; C Wharton1 Poster
1722 A Quality Improvement Project to improve MUST score and food chart completion on Frailty Wards A Zaki; H Alexander Poster
1725 From Care Home to the Emergency Department; a Snapshot of Frailty Admissions S Blackburn1; S Abou Sherif2; M Syed2; A Hughes2; C De Rohan2. Poster
1758 Front Door Frailty Team Reviews of Care Home Residents in a North Wales District General Hospital. H Begum; S Mrittika; C Young; C Speare; J Healy; C Abbott. Poster
1763 To ascertain the theme relating to advice given to Healthcare professionals by the Urgent Community Response team. M Gosney; L Abbott; G Gash; H Matthews Poster
1840 Expanding undergraduate medical students' understanding of frailty. E Bellhouse 1,2; R Maitland 1,2; R Alexander 1,2; K Colquhoun 3,4. Poster
1869 An evaluation of a specialist palliative movement disorders service E Holdsworth; S Callin Poster
1880 Improving physical activity in hospitalised older people: The Saints Foundation &ndash; University Hospital Southampton Partnership J Batchelor 1,2; P Hedges P 2; M Gealer 2; R McCafferty 1; H Leli 1; P Draper 1; Patel HP 1,3,4 Poster
1894 Enhancing detection of possible sarcopenia and delivery of targeted physiotherapy interventions among hospitalized older patient S Y Tan1; Tan L L Shawn2; Cheng ZC Daryl3; Yong WQ Hillary4; Wong LL5; Seow CC Dennis6 Poster
1907 Completing the ?This is me? Document within the first 48 hours reduces length of stay and improves patient experience. H Payne1; H Foxley1; R Wilton1; E Clift2 Poster
1909 Evaluation of awareness and implementation of DNACPR Decisions in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery B Taylor; H Naqvi Poster
1941 Working as a Multidisciplinary Team to Reduce Weight Loss - a Quality Improvement Project to Improve Nutrition In Older Patients L Wright1; C Newman1 Poster
1969 AUDIT: Assessing the acute hospital care of patients with a diagnosis of a learning disability and hip fracture Richard Wilson; Rebecca Marlor; Suvira Madan; Victoria Knox; Danielle Wilkinson Poster
1975 Does Attendance at a Geriatrician Led, Oncogeriatric Clinic, Improve the Symptoms For Older Adults With Cancer? F Samy1; M Teo2; K Colquhoun3; P Seenan3; T Downey3; D Kelly3. Poster
1989 Improving accuracy of Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) scoring on geriatric and oncology wards in Hull University Teaching Hospitals S Martin 1&2; R Asiwe 1; J Young 1; M Amusan 1; A Lim 1; S Stapley 1 Poster
1994 Polypharmacy reviews in outpatient clinic - effectiveness of starting structured medication review in OPD setting Ðula Ali?ehaji?-Be?i? Poster
1998 Advance care planning on the Same Day Emergency Care Older People?s Unit ? a quality improvement initiative M Kondo; C Stothard; S Nair; C Handalage; D Gould; J Harris; C Mukokwayarira; T Ferris; A Bowden; L Harrison Poster
2008 Improving the documentation of Treatment Escalation Plans in patients >65yo admitted under the care of orthopaedics M Quarm1; J Turnbull1; AG Stirzaker2 Poster
2011 Review of the requirement and impact of the Medicine for the Elderly Major Trauma Service in South-East Scotland during its firs ML Quarm1 and CS Johnston1; AHM Kilgour1,2 Poster
2033 "Polyclinics" - a concept of multiple clinic attendance. A pilot quantitative and qualitative review Megan Stross; James Laraman; Aysha Begum; Mithra Punniamoorthy Poster
2035 The Feasibility to Staff of Patient Specific Music Choice on Elderly Care Wards ? A Post Intervention Survey R Allfree1; A-M Greenaway2; A Chatterjee1; A McColl1. Poster
2038 Advanced Care Planning in Severe Frailty - Quality Improvement Project Two Year Summary Sarah Robinson, Prianca Sawney, Sarah Bethel, Elise Clarke, Siobhan Woods and Ðula Ali?ehaji?-Be?i? Poster
2042 Implementing the principles of Shared Decision Making into a Hospital at Home service, as part of a wider organisation adoption L Lewis1 2; S Olden1; M Waldon1; M Loulaki1 Poster
2046 Outcomes of Exercise Practitioner-Led Physical Activity in Hospitalised Older People: Saints Foundation ? UHS Partnership P Draper1; J Batchelor 1,2; P Hedges 2; M Gealer 2; R McCafferty 1; H Leli 1; HP Patel 1,3,4; Poster
2048 Antipsychotic medication prescription in elderly patients in Royal Gwent Hospital, Wales. K Dineshkumar1 ;D Duric1; EB Peter1 Poster
1713 Assessing Antibiotic Usage on a geriatric ward Dr Melissa Truman; Dr Iyunade Ajibola; Dr Wallace Tan; Dr Rechard Rawoo Poster
1775 Delirium education and documentation?Quality Improvement Project in Geriatric Assessment Unit. H Zamir; L Shield; L Brodie Poster
1871 Encouraging Mental Capacity Act assessments in cognitively impaired or delirious patients over 65 at an orthopaedic hospital A Fattahi1; K Shah1 Poster
1882 Treatment Escalation Plans (TEP): benefits in adult in-patient facilities C Jenkins 1; HP Patel 2,3,4 Poster
1883 The Psychological Impact of Hospital Discharge on the Older Person Y Hussein 1; S Edwards 2; HP Patel 2,3,4 Poster
1908 Documentation in Clinical Frailty scores in patients aged >65 admitted to Surgical assessment unit. B Basharat; A Fayyaz; R Alkaissy Poster
1912 Reviewing the Effect of COVID Pandemic on Changing Clinical Practice of Administrating Zoledronic Acid to hip Fracture Patients Z Lin Tun; R Melrose; R Saharia; U Tazeen Poster
1954 A quality improvement project looking at improving the documentation of bowel charts in a geriatric department M Darwish1, L Jones2, C Roberts3,4, E Williams1 Poster
1971 Five years of the National Audit of Inpatient Falls J Whitney1; N Sheshi2; Poster
1987 Capillary blood glucose testing on older inpatients at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) N Navaneetharaja1; R De Silva1; K Mattishent2; Y Loke2 Poster
1990 Acute Sedation Prescribing in the Older Person S Ashcroft-Quinn 1,2; M McKenna 1; M V Roberts 1 Poster
2002 An observational study of the effectiveness of FIT test as a risk stratification tool in frail patients presenting with anaemia Mosammath Monira Khatun1; Shafali Khanom2; Reshma Rasheed3 Poster
2052 Polypharmacy reviews in outpatient clinics - beginning the structured medication review in bone health clinic Ðula Ali?ehaji?-Be?i? Poster
1837 Sarcopenia and post-hospital outcomes for older patients in an emergency department Ho TH1; Huang HH2 Poster
1878 Sarcopenia screening in older community-dwelling adults: findings from Southampton Longitudinal Study of Ageing (SaLSA) F Laskou 1, LD Westbury 1, G Bevilacqua 1, I Bloom 1, C Cooper 1, P Aggarwal 2, EM Dennison 1, HP Patel 1,3,4 Poster
2019 Association of Bradykinin receptor 2 variants with physical performance and muscle mass: findings from the LACE sarcopenia trial A Shrestha1; T Bashir1; M Witham2; the LACE study group; P Kemp1 Poster
1735 Examining the correlation between glycemic control and malnutrition ? a cross sectional study of older adults in Singapore. S Y Tan1; V Barrera1; R Tan-Pantanao1; S C Lim1 Poster
1986 Hypoglycaemia in older people with diabetes and symptoms suggestive of hypoglycaemia - continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) study N Navaneetharaja1; K Mattishent2; Y Loke2 Poster
1903 Barriers perceived by medical students when considering a career in geriatric medicine. G Fisher1; S True2 Poster
1938 Prevention of herpes zoster infection with a recombinant zoster vaccine to support healthy ageing in older adults A Ankobia 1 on behalf of; D Curran 2; TM Doherty 2; N Lecrenier 2; T Breuer 2. Poster
2000 Cause of death amongst frail and non-frail older people post-hospital admission in northern Tanzania. DT Moore1; SL Davidson1,2; A Murray1; T Randall1; J Hardy1; G Lyimo3; J Kilasara4; S Urasa3; RW Walker1,2; CL Dotchin1,2 Poster
2012 The long-term clinical outcomes of older adults with frailty following acute hospital admission in Tanzania *SL Davidson1,2; *A Murray1; J Hardy1; T Randall1; G Lyimo3; J Kilasara4; S Urasa3; RW Walker1,2; CL Dotchin1,2. *Joint first author Poster
1850 Dogs and Bones L Williams, N Nyunt, R Davies, V Adhiyaman Poster
1872 Development of an innovative digital questionnaire to screen adults for risks of Osteoporosis and Falls by a Primary Care FCP CY Birch Poster
2004 How confident are we in decision making? The quantitative analysis of Ambulance Response to Older Adult Fallers: A Pilot Survey I Gunson1,2; L Bullock1; T Kingstone1; M Bucknall1. Poster
2005 How do emergency ambulance clinicians decide what to do for older adults who have fallen? An analysis of qualitative survey data I Gunson1,2; L Bullock1; T Kingstone1; M Bucknall1. Poster
1855 The association between access to medical care and impact on resident outcomes: A retrospective cross-sectional analysis. K Bali1; A Wagg1; R Murphy2; A Gruneir3 Poster
1866 The impact of patient and public involvement on partnership in the DREAM project N Morley1; T Sanders2; VA Goodwin1 on behalf of the DREAM team Poster
1892 Non-governmental organizations` digital engagement in providing services for older people's needs: a scoping review S Bhattacharjee1; A Kebede1; M Raja2; R Sandic-Spaho2; L Uhrenfeldt3; I G Kymre2; K Galvin1. Poster
1911 Recommendations for a deprescribing approach that can be implemented in care homes: STOPPING study findings and lessons K Warmoth1,2; J Rees1,2; J Day3,4; E Cockcroft3,4; A Aylward5; L Pollock6; G Coxon7; T Craig8; B Walton2, K Stein3,4 Poster
1947 Process Evaluation Of A Home-based Intervention To Promote Independence Among Older People Living With Mild Frailty Y Barrado-Martín1, R Frost1, J Catchpole1, T Rookes1, S Gibson2, J Hopkins3, B Gardner4, R Gould1, P Chadwick1, C Jowett3, R Kumar3, V M Drennan5, R Elaswarapu3, K Kharicha6, C Avgerinou1, L Marston1, K Walters 1 Poster
1963 'Three sides to every story'- Living the patient, carer and staff experience of COVID. Sarah Ramsey1; Helen Hurst 2; Michelle Briggs3; Lauren Wentworth1 Poster
1972 A scoping review of remotely delivered cognitive assessment tools that could be used in comprehensive geriatric assessment J Whitney1; E Arjunaidi Jamaludin1; JC Bollen12; A Hall2; A Bethel 2; J Frost2; A Mahmoud2; N Morley2; S Freby2; V Goodwin2; Poster
1982 A new way of involving experts by experience in social care research J Faraday1 2; B Brown3; N Brown3; D Rowland3; F Shenton4; A Hand1 5 Poster
1985 Understanding the Perceptions of Caregivers of Older People in Residential Homes in Cairo M Rakhawy1; M Shahin1; N Sabry2; G Tadros3; R Nawwara1; K Ali4 Poster
2014 The experience of frailty in the Tanzanian hospital system: A qualitative exploration service user and provider perspectives SL Davidson1,2; J Hardy1; T Randall1; A Murray1; G Lyimo3; W Msangi3; J Kilasara4; L Mariki3; S Urasa 3; M Breckons1; CL Dotchin1,2; RW Walker1,2. Poster
2075 Systematic review of ?Ageing well? interventions to improve and maintain independent living for community housebound populations D. Thomas1; S. Voss2; R.Hoskins2 Poster
1709 Comparative performance of six multimorbidity indices to discriminate intrinsic capacity impairments among older adults C Yang1; X Cao1; Y Mo2; J Zhang1; X Wang3 Poster
1717 Interventions to Reduce Sedentary Behaviour in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Mixed Method Review R Tadrous 1; A Forster 1; A Farrin 2; P Coventry 3; A Clegg 1 Poster
1718 Co-Producing an Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behaviour in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Through Behaviour Change Theory R Tadrous 1; A Forster 1; A Farrin 2; P Coventry 3; A Clegg 1 Poster
1743 Frailty is associated with poor cardiopulmonary resuscitation outcomes in the COVID-19 pandemic J Gurney Poster
1810 Relationship between morbidity, mortality and frailty syndrome in subjects aged 65 years or older in an emergency unit. ZULFIQAR Poster
1811 Zulfiqar Frailty Scale (ZFS): Concordance Study with the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS). ZULFIQAR Poster
1838 Tumor necrosis factor-?, interlukin-6, and Visfatin levels in older patients with malnutrition HH Huang1 Poster
1943 THYROID DYSFUNCTION AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH CARDIOMETABOLIC RISK IN A SOUTH AMERICAN COHORT, CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY. 1 M Medina; 1 M Amaya; 1 L Dulcey; 1 J Gomez; 1 J Vargas; 1 A Lizcano; 1 J Teran ; 1 C Hernandez; 1 M Ciliberti ; 1 C Blanco Poster
1970 How can health care professionals understand and incorporate spirituality into Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment? Lorraine Turner. 2 Poster
1983 Exploring barriers to recruiting older people to a white-coat hypertension study. E Mensah1; K Ali1,2; M Okorie1,2; S Bremner3; C McAlister4; N Perry1,; C Rajkumar1,2. Poster
2036 ?I didn?t personally think it would change my life, but it has?: The experience following emergency laparotomy for older people Angeline Price1; Miss Lyndsay Pearce2; Professor Jonathan Smith3; Dr Peter Martin4; Dr Jane Griffiths5 Poster
1851 Increasing number of deaths related to Parkinson?s disease (PD) and Parkinsonism V Adhiyaman, P Hobson Poster
2055 Comparing sexual dysfunction in people with Parkinsonism with matched controls R Harrison; E Tenison; M Smith; Yoav Ben-Shlomo; E J Henderson Poster
1685 Efficacy and safety of AKT inhibitor and anti-androgen therapy in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer T Nahar1; I Savin2; N Chohan3; M Bantounou 4; N Kumar 5; I McEwan 4 Poster
1852 The effectiveness of structured physical activity on agitation for people living with dementia: a rapid review McCartney, A.,1 Crosswell J.,1 Hoe, J.2 & Rafnsson, S.B.2 Poster
1901 Determinants of hospital readmissions in older people with dementia: A scoping review. B Browne1; K Ali1; N Tabet1. Poster
1992 Long-term Condition Reviews in General Practice: The Experiences of People with Dementia and their Informal Carers J Cole1; HM Parretti1; S Hanson1; M Hornberger1 Poster
2028 Incidence of cavum septum pellucidum on CT brain in patients referred from memory clinic, an observational pilot study C Cardle 1; R Jampana 2 Poster
1897 Older stroke survivors and rehabilitation therapists? views on home-based resistance exercise for upper limbs. K Ali1; M Shafizadeh2; N Nasr2; T Balchin3; J Hart2; J Kelley2. Poster
1898 Feasibility Study Of a Hospital Deprescribing Intervention: CompreHensive geriAtRician-led MEdication Review (CHARMER) S Scott1; J Martin-Kerry1; M Pritchard2; DA Alldred3; AB Clark2; A Hammond2; K Murphy1; A Colles2; V Keevil4; I Kellar5; M Patel2,6; Sims E2; J Taylor7; D Turner2; M Witham8,9; D Wright1; D Bhattacharya1 Poster
1988 Novel recruitment and retention strategies for sarcopenia trials ? learning from the MET-PREVENT randomised controlled trial CMcDonald1; A P Clegg2; H Hancock3; S Hiu4; K Nicholson3; B Storey5; L Simms3; C J Steves6; T von Zglinicki7; J Wason4; N Wilson4; A A Sayer1; M D Witham1, on behalf of the MET-PREVENT study group Poster
1848 Risk of severe COVID-19 increases with the number of comorbidities in fully vaccinated individuals aged ?65: results from INFORM S Dube1; R McNulty1; S Arnetorp2; R Yokota3; L Carty1; S Taylor1; J Peters4; N Justo5,6; Y Lu7; K Evans8; M Yates7; H Nguyen7; V Olson7; J Quint9; R Evans10 President Round
2027 Protein consumption and determinants in community dwelling older adults: National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) years 9-11. K Taylor1; V Goodwin2; S Hope3 President Round
1867 Efficacy and safety of metformin as a therapy for older people with sarcopenia and frailty ? the MET-PREVENT randomised trial MD Witham1; C McDonald1; AP Clegg2; H Hancock3; S Hiu4; K Nicholson3; B Storey5; L Simms3; CJ Steves6; T von Zglinicki7; J Wason4; N Wilson4; AA Sayer1; on behalf of the MET-PREVENT study group President Round
1724 Age is just a number: Cardiac resynchronisation therapy in older patients has comparable outcomes to those that are younger NZ Safdar1; S Kamalathasan2; A Gupta1; J Wren3; R Bird1; D Papp1; R Latto1; A Ahmed1; V Palin3; J Gierula1; KK Witte4; S Straw1 President Round
1964 Wearable devices to measure gait and balance remotely that could be used in Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment: A scoping review J Bollen1, 2; N Morley2; E Arjunaidi Jamaludin1; A Hall2; A Bethel2; A Mahmoud2; T Crocker3; H Lyndon4; S Del Din5; J Frost2; V Goodwin2; J Whitney1 President Round
2006 Investigating the perceptions of Older Adults on Deprescribing: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis O Kafi1 ; O Makinde2 ; A Odekunle3 President Round
1802 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and the risk of Parkinson's Disease; a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis K Shoaib1; M Bantounou1; A Mazzoleni2; H S Modalavalasa3; N Kumar4; S Philips5 President Round
1877 Recruitment to a phase 3, RCT in Parkinson?s: strategies and association between participant characteristics and PI specialty EJ Henderson1; G Young2; D Pendry-Brazier1, M Smith1, K Lloyd1, C Metcalfe2, W Hollingworth3; Y Ben-Shlomo1 President Round
1937 The future of research: Participant perspectives on remote trial delivery W Milczanowska1; RCE Bowyer2,3; MP García2; S Wadge2; AF Baleanu2; A Nessa2; A Sheedy2; G Akdag2; D Hart2; K Whelan4; CJ Steves2; M Ni Lochlainn2 President Round
2009 Integrated physical-mental health care models for older people under specialist mental health services: a systematic review B Hickey,B Desai, T Chithiramohan, T Robinson, E Mukaetova-Ladinska, R Evley, T Dening, A Rajamani, H Subramaniam,A Tako,C Tarrant, and L Beishon President Round
1704 A systematic review of the effect of preoperative exercise on postoperative cognitive function in people undergoing surgery H S Ekici1; M C Yildirim1; A H Kafadar2; J Collins1; B E Phillips1; A L Gordon1-3 Rejected
1764 Developing a Front Door Frailty Service in a District General Hospital in North Wales C Speare; S Mrittika; H Begum; C Young; J Healy; C Abbott Rejected
1801 Geriatrician-led multidisciplinary teams identify undiagnosed cognitive issues in frail older adult vascular surgery patients S Berberic1; R Subba1; H Hall2; A Paveley2; S Gupta1 Rejected
1821 Quality Improvement Project on Assessment and Management of Rib Fractures at Weston General Hospital L Oo; A Stoate Rejected
1829 Osteoporosis and its associated factors in a cohort of rheumatologic patients from a South American hospital. Dulcey L1; Theran J2; Caltagirone R3; Gomez J1; Ciliberti M1; Blanco C1; Martinez J1; Mayorca J1; Parales R1; Cabrera V1; Cala M1; Laura Gutierrez1; Catalina Herran1. Rejected
1842 Developing a Frailty SDEC Team at Salford Royal Foundation NHS Trust R.DEWAR1; E.SWINNERTON1; C.INGHAM1; T.PATTISON1; J.FOX1; L.BUTLER1 Rejected
1844 Creation of a Frailty Two-Week Wait Colorectal Telephone Clinic Roberta Dewar 1, Adib Nimri 1 , Marc Pressler 2, Kathryn Bentley 2, Katrina Cookson 2, Jenny Fox1 Rejected
1864 Effective Community Collaboration for Attaining Geriatric Medicine Competencies: Partnerships for Optimising Training COsuafor 1; H Meghji 1; J Robinson2; S Fordham2; S Bradford3; J Myers1; O Akintade1; E Ruiz-Mendoza1,4. Rejected
1916 Poster Exploring Collateral History Aiding Earlier Dementia Diagnosis N Pagett1. A Trandafir2, Dr E Peter2. Rejected
1936 Undiagnosed Postural Hypotension in Older Patients R GILL; P O'RIORDAN Rejected
1948 Does a Frailty Virtual Ward reduce admissions to hospital? S O'Riordan1; S Sage1; B Pollington2 Rejected
1950 An evaluation of a frailty hospital at home service: Organisational processes, and lessons for sustainability, scale and spread J MacInnes1; M Godfrey1; S Sage2; J Seeley2 Rejected
1974 Early therapy in the Emergency Department improves geriatric care and reduces hospital length of stay J Swinn1; H Foxley1; C Steinbrecher1; G Hand1; R Orr1; S Halliwell1 Rejected
1979 Introducing Digital Monitoring for a Frailty Virtual Ward L Bayliss 1; S Strempel 1 ; K Ragupathy 1 ;C Martin 1 ;N King 3; E Cox 4 ; E Clift 1,2,5 Rejected
1980 Experience of using a regional network of hospitals in the care of older inpatients with COVID-19 in spring 2020 N Billy Graham Mariam1; V Dunnett-Kane1; M Trent Herdman2; T Seers2; D Aldcroft3; S Balasegaram4, R Davenport2, A Redmond5, C Ng6 and L Wentworth7 Rejected
1997 Evaluation of Bone Health Assessment on Geriatric Wards Z Rathore1; K Jalil1; J K Amoah1; H P Than1; E E Phyu1; M Kaneshamoorthy1 Rejected
2001 Clinical Audit: Are we compliant with the NICE guidelines for assessing and managing delirium in Kettering General Hospital? P Millan1; M Mustafa1; N Pandian1 Rejected
2013 Enhancing Care of Housebound Individuals with Frailty: A Pilot Community Geriatrics service in Derbyshire M Kessler1; J Youde1; A Gordon 2; Rejected
2017 Don't be a mug - use a cup! Optimising ONS intake on a hip fracture unit J Baldwin, M Buchova, A Harper, L Pack Rejected
2021 Outcome measures of the Innovative OPAL plus service - getting patients the right care at the right time and at the right place A Gupta1; L Babar1 Rejected
2039 Decision making and conservative management in the frail with aortic stenosis. Dr Jane Manning1,2; Dr Chris Pereira1,2; Dr Andrew Davies1,2; Dr Melanie Dani1,2; Prof Michael Fertleman1,2. Rejected
2041 IV Fluids post hip fracture fixation: the impact on acute kidney injury and orthostatic hypotension Paxton J; Purdie C1; Blue K1; Ryan C1 Rejected
2054 DXA Scanning ? Are We Using This Service Effectively?

A Retrospective Audit With A Fracture Liaison Service

E. Carey1; L Quadros2; R Doyle3; T Geraghty4; R Crowley5 Rejected
1703 Frailty ? Everyone?s business Jay Acharya, Amir Manzoor, Peter Enwere, Keefai Yeong, A Lingaswaran, A A Martinez, K F Yeong, K Soliman, C Chukusu, E Wilkinson, R Williams, R Lisk Rejected
1755 ?Every day counts? ? an examination of the financial burden of prolonged stay in post-operative elderly patients Riem Alkaissy; Ahmed Alhussni; Joshua Gould; Marwa Jama; Rupa Sarkar Rejected
1839 Unveiling the Hidden Burden: TIA Mimics in a clinic serving a Deprived Population A Khalid1; J Pravin2 Rejected
1952 Discharge coordinators: a solution for reducing hospital length of stay in elderly patients with neck of femur fractures? C. Eastick (1); D Tadfi (1); I. Aganin (2); N. Brown (2); Rejected
1693 Improving diabetes management for older people on steroids during cancer treatment Rose Mountcastle-Evans; Sophie Lightbody; Rosarie Atkinson; Deborah Enting; Yuk Fun Liu; Danielle Harari; Tania Kalsi Rejected
1807 The plight of patients with periprosthetic fractures of the femur V Gopalannair1; V Vasudevan Nair2; V Adhiyaman2 Rejected
1847 High Rate of Frailty And Dementia In Geriatrics Medicine Outpatients After The First Wave Of The COVID Pandemic In Brunei LV Onn1,2; N Halim1; M Kula1; SP Teo1 Rejected
1873 Poster Presentation of Collateral History Aiding Earlier Dementia Diagnosis N Pagett1; A Trandafir2; Dr E Peter2 Rejected
1893 Mind Over Matter: strength, mobility and confidence in a sheltered housing population after an 8-week planned exercise programme M Mustafa1; W Milczanowska1; B Jawahar1; N Mehta1; A Doyle1; E Blanquet1; H Karunanithy1 Rejected
1754 How does the use of frailty scoring correlate to outcomes in older patients with lung cancer? C Hornby1; C Rees1; Z Mangera1 Rejected
1761 Making clinical sense of geriatric syndromes R Mahmood1, J Acharya1, Amir Manzoor1, R Lisk1 Rejected
1806 Fast track discharges ? Are we getting it right? V VasudevanNair; J Doble; V Adhiyaman Rejected
1845 An audit of delayed discharges in Care of the Elderly and the impact on patients and the health service in Northern Ireland A McKinty; C McAdoo; L McCurdy; MD Vahidassr Rejected
1902 Developing the STEP exercise program to improve strength and functional ability for an ageing and hard to reach population. D Thomas 1., K Wykrota 2. Rejected
1951 Management of c-spine fractures in the elderly: A case review illustrating common pitfalls and treatment related morbidity C. Eastick (1); D. Tadfi (1); N. Brown (2); I. Aganin (2); I. Fawaz (3); Thongs-George (3) Rejected
1976 Proactive Enhanced advanced care (PEACE) plan for care home residents at the front door : Impact on inappropriate readmissions. T Anjum Rejected
2032 The Feasibility and Acceptability to Staff of Offering Patient Specific Music Choice on Elderly Care Wards ? A Multi-Ward Staff R Allfree1; A-M Greenaway2; A Chatterjee1; A McColl1. Rejected
2047 Effect of Delivering Exercise Classes in Acute Hospitals in Reducing Loneliness and Enhancing Mobility for Adults with Dementia R Griffith 1; J Batchelor 1,2; P Draper 1 Rejected
1881 Hospital Discharge: an under recognised stressor for Older People in the UK S Edwards 1; Y Hussein 2, HP Patel 1, 2,3,4 Rejected
1918 The South London Care Home Pioneer Programme: Service Improvement in Care Homes through Leadership Development C Chill1; I Rodrigues de Abreu1;S Gupta1; A Carter1 Rejected
1900 Cardiometabolic risk stratification in patients with thyroid disease in a Latin American cohort. Dulcey L1; Theran J2; Caltagirone R3; Gomez J1; Ciliberti M1; Blanco C1; Martinez J1; Mayorca J1; Cala M1; Gutierrez L1; Herran C1; Lizcano A1; Guerrero A1; Guarin D1; Guerra D1; Gil V1; Garcia J1. Rejected
1968 Advanced practitioners working with older people in primary care and community settings: an online survey. S Febrey1; J Frost1; A Hall1; N Morley1; J Whitney2,3; V Goodwin1 Rejected
1863 Minimal Ingredient Wipes for Geriatric Care J SOMMERVILLE1; N TAYLOR2; E GILLIGAN1; J SCHOLS3; Rejected
1694 POSTERIOR REVERSIBLE ENCEPHALOPATHY SYNDROME - one of the under diagnosed condition in patient specially old age elderly Maria Zahra Rejected
1999 Impact of Covid 19 infection on clinical frailty scale (CFS) in elderly patients admitted with fall A Timperley; Z Min; K Singh Rejected
1690 Enfortumab Vedotin and Pembrolizumab as Monotherapies and Combination Treatment in Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma M Bantounou1; J Plascevic1, L Macdonald1; M Chun Wong1; N O?Connell1; H Galley1 Rejected
1719 'The Vital Role of a Geriatrician on the Emergency Assessment Unit: Improving Quality and Increasing Discharges' S Sohail; J Fox; L Butler; R Ward Rejected