BGS Spring Meeting 2021: Results of Abstract Adjudication

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Abstract ID Title Author Name Outcome
547 Quality Improvement Project in Prescribing Thickeners Post Stroke Dr S. Abubacker; Dr A. Attia; Dr C Alcock Platform Presentation
548 Frailty analysis across populations: the use of the Hospital Frailty Risk Score in Specialised Services using NHS national data Towhid Imam; Rob Konstant-Hambling; Richard Fluck;Nathan Hall; James Palmer; Simon Conroy Platform Presentation
527 Frailty and multimorbidity in type 2 diabetes: A UK Biobank analysis Peter Hanlon; Bhautesh D Jani; Elaine Butterly; Barbara Nicholl; Jim Lewsey; David A McAllister; Frances S Mair Platform Presentation
530 Interpretation of HbA1c values in geriatric patients with type 2 diabetes: large divergence between clinical practice guidelines A Christiaens 1,2,3; B Boland 2,3,4; S Henrard 2,3 Platform Presentation
534 Advanced Communication Skills: Teaching During a Pandemic A Pedersen, M Greenhalgh, M Tan, R Terry, C Royle, K Royles Platform Presentation
536 Negotiating Individually Tailored Urgent Care Plans for Older People in Ambulatory Emergency Care Sara Mckelvie Platform Presentation
484 Changing Practices of Decision Making regarding Do-Not-Attempt-Cardiopulmonary-Resuscitation Orders amid the COVID-19 Pandemic David Connellan; Kara Diffley; John McCabe; Aoife Cotter; Tara McGinty; Gerard Sheehan; Karen Ryan; Walter Cullen; John Lambert; Elizabeth Callaly; Lorraine Kyne Platform Presentation
535 ELF 2: Defining the Denominator ELF Study Group. Angeline Price, Elizabeth Mclennan, Jemma Boyle on behalf of the ELF2 study group Platform Presentation
407 Qualitative assessment of cognitive training for people living with dementia: An individualised approach is needed Authors Lucy Beishon; Victoria Haunton; Hari Subramaniam; Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska; Ronney Paneraia; Thompson Robinson; Rachel Evley Platform Presentation
434 Look Out! visual assessment tool: Utility in older person’s mental health care settings Sami Hussain; Chandran Thavachelvi; Eladia Ruiz-Mendoza Platform Presentation
462 Counselling in Care Homes Dr Jo Pybis; Natalie Chigariro; Jeremy Bacon Platform Presentation
494 Discomfort in people with dementia admitted to an acute general medical hospital: a hospital crosssectional study of prevalence Mr Richard Low; Dr Emily West; Prof Liz Sampson Platform Presentation
505 Interleukin-6, C-Reactive Protein, Fibrinogen, and Risk of Recurrence after Ischemic Stroke: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis McCabe JJ; O?Reilly E; Coveney S; Harbison J; Collins R; Healy L; McManus J; Mulcahy R; Moynihan B; Cassidy T; Hsu F; Worrall B; Murphy S; O?Donnell M; Kelly PJ. Platform Presentation
471 Let's Talk Dementia Mariha Ashraf; Asif Mahmood; Katie Honney Platform Presentation
411 Efficacy of CDSS in improving Anti-resorptive Bone Protective Therapy amongst OrthoGeriatric Inpatients: A comparison study Bhandary L; Mohd Asri NA; Taylor A; Muslim A; Hickey P; Lenihan B; Condon F; Ryan J Poster
435 The Impact of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in the Outcomes of Older Acute Neurosurgical Patients Dr. Lauren Soutter; Dr. Dhanupriya Sivapathasuntharam; Mr. Christopher Uff; Mr. Stefan Yordanov Poster
463 The Use of Ferinject to Manage Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Patients with Neck of Femur Fractures Olivia Meakin; Steve Adejumo Poster
468 Improving Advance Care Planning skills in Junior Doctors Dr Samuel Cohen; Dr Raunak Singh; Dr Naureen Khalid; Dr Jonathan Young; Dr Mohanad Aldiwani; Dr Debashree Roy; Dr Ian Edwards Poster
480 Information Overkill: if the walls across hospitals wards could talk? Pramudi Wijayasiri; Htet Phyo Than; Mohsin Munir; Opinder Sahota Poster
551 Easing the Strain of Constipation in Care Homes Fiona Kirkpatrick; Paula Crawford Poster
487 Nottingham (N-ICE) Cream-A more nutritious, palatable and preferred high protein, vitamin D fortified vanilla ice cream-A step t Arunpreet Sahota;Jack Wallman;Richard Worrall;Opinder Sahota Poster
546 Quality Improvement Project: Improving Content in Discharge Summaries for Coding Dr C Alcock; Dr P Oluwamayowa; Ms E Wallace Poster
475 Developing a Virtual Care Home Support Forum During the COVID-19 Pandemic L Ferrigan1, R Hartley1, E Hadley1, L Steward2, S Ngwenya2, J Harmer2 3, A Robinson2, S Cosmos3, I Wilkinson1, P Tucker1, A Flores1, R Baker1. Poster
460 The Impact of the Bone MDT: exploring changes in bone protection decisions between 2015 and 2018 Dr Stephanie Brooks; Dr Adam Harper; Dr Louise Pack; Dr Trevor Wheatley Poster
464 Escalation During COVID-19 M Magee1 Poster
472 A pilot Colorectal and Geriatric Medicine (CGM) clinic for older, frail patients referred via a 2 week wait pathway Michael Thomas; Katrina Cookson; Robert Clark; Lyndsay Pearce; Jenny Fox; Angeline Price Poster
520 An evaluation of virtual music therapy to patients on an acute Health Care of Older People ward during the COVID-19 pandemic Jo McAulay; Marc Block; Vicky Booth; Alison Cowley Poster
524 Quality Improvement Project: Incorporating Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment into Community Hospital Clerking Anastasia Oates Poster
525 Everyone Needs to Poop: Reducing constipation in the elderly inpatient population. JCRG Rollo-Walker Poster
532 Caring For and Caring About Older People Living with Severe Frailty During Covid-19 Dr Richard Green; Helen King; Professor Caroline Nicholson Poster
533 Readmissions to Geriatric Medicine in a District General Hospital, a thematic analysis. Dr Rebecca Whiting, Consultant Geriatrician; Renee Comerford, Nurse Consultant for Older People and Head of the Acute Frailty Service Poster
559 Identifying patients with mood disorder following admission with hip fracture with a view to starting treatment & provide advice Dr Karla Giles; Dr Philip Hall; Dr Helen Wilson; Dr Lisa Macpherson; Dr Maria del Pilar Martin-Hernandez; Keri Thompson; Sarah Bailey Poster
467 Frailty In Situ Simulation L Dunnell1, K Chu1, A Barnard 1, G Walker1 Poster
508 Improving patient safety by reducing the incidence of missed medications in elective surgical patients. Dr Anna Halstead; Dr George Williams Poster
528 Evaluating the prescription of Opiates in patients with Neck of Femur Fractures in Out of Hospital and Emergency Care setting. Sagar Kanabar; Dylan Mistry; Hira Naeem; Rhys Smith; Faiza Zahir; Aneeta Kumar; Yug Kumari Gurung; Apurba Chatterjee Poster
600 Escalation Decisions during the COVID-19 Pandemic amongst older adults Lucie Bishop, Divya Tiwari Poster
531 End of life and mortality of the elderly in France: Are existing palliative care ressources adequate? Sandrine Bretonniere; François Cousin; Thomas Gonçalves Poster
436 Postoperative systolic hypotension in fractured neck of femur patients Rebecca Jones; James Cook; Abigail Cannon Poster
450 Educational programmes for frail older people, their families, carers, and health-care professionals: A Systematic Review. Rachel J Viggars: Andrew Finney: Barnabas Panayiotou Poster
483 Improving the Provision of Regional Geriatric Medicine Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic Nicola Smith; Charlotte Owen; Tom Mankelow Poster
499 Developing a Novel Teaching Programme for Physician Associate Students Within Elderly Medicine Dr Samuel Mottaghi-Taromsari, Dr Lindsey Wileman Poster
455 Prospective evaluation of frailty in individuals with knee pain in Malaysian Elders Longitudinal Research (MELoR) study Chiaw Lee Chiew1; Sumaiyah Mat2,3; Kioh Sheng Hui3; Maw Pin Tan2,3 Poster
502 Outcomes of hospitalised patients with covid-19 six months after index admission E Tullo; C Dotchin; S Jaiswal Poster
416 Analgesia and peri-operative practice in fractured neck of femurs at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Sarah Easby; Jonathan Dilley Poster
433 Same Speciality, Different Reality? Capon-Saez A3, Gomez-Mosquera A2, Parada-DeFreitas Y3, Arechaderra-Calderon JJ4, 6, Hoyos E5, Jackson H1, Ramon-Espinoza F6, Vilches-Moraga A5. Poster
457 Nutritional, Sarcopenia and Frailty. Weihong Du Poster
466 Prevalence and impact of frailty in patients hospitalised with COVID-19. The Salford experience in waves 1 and 2. Amarah Khan(1); Fernanda Ramon Espinoza(1); Thomas Kneen(1); Angeline Price(1); Anna Dafnis(1); Hala Allafi(1); Ben Carter(2); Maria Narro-Vidal(1); Roxanna Short(2); Rebecca Upton(1); Arturo Vilches-Moraga(1) Poster
511 Do Oral Nutritional Supplements Improve Quality of Life in the Frail Elderly- a systematic review Ryan, C; Hynd, I Poster
512 A case of an idiopathic acquired hemophilia A in an elderly woman EE Phyu1; HP Than2; M Hayward1 Poster
513 The influence of frailty on outcomes for older adults admitted to hospital with benign biliary and pancreatic disease M Thomas1; M Baltatzis1; A Price2; L Pearce1; J Fox2; A Vilches-Moraga2 Poster
558 Differences in Salford between waves 1 and 2 in baseline characteristics and survival of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 Amarah Khan(1); Fernanda Ramon Espinoza(1); Thomas Kneen(1); Angeline Price(1); Anna Dafnis(1); Hala Allafi(1); Ben Carter(2); Maria Narro-Vidal(1); Roxanna Short(2); Arturo Vilches-Moraga(1) Poster
529 Assessing discomfort and distress in older inpatients with dementia E West 1; E L Sampson 2: N Davies Poster
538 A case report and literature review - Impact of fracture and stroke outcomes Ambreen Ali Sheikh, Soma Banerjee, Harri Jenkins Poster
539 Fracture and Stroke - two together , a case report and literature review Ambreen Poster
573 Delirium Screening Quality Improvement Project Dr Salam Al-Alousi; Dr Asad Ullah Khan; Dr Emily Laithwaite Poster
576 Establishing virtual multidisciplinary round in Belfast Trust Nursing Homes: Pharmacist, nursing & healthcare team collaboration Paula Crawford; Fiona Kirkpatrick; Oonagh Galway; Katherine Watson Poster
495 Conversations on living & dying: An intervention to increase cognitively-able, community-based frail elders? engagement with ACP Combes S; Gillett K.; Norton C.; Nicholson C.J. President Round
496 Non-randomised feasibility study of the Rehabilitation Potential Assessment Tool (RePAT) in frail older people in acute setting Cowley A 1; Goldberg SE 2; Gordon AL 3,4,5; Logan PA 3,5,6 President Round
509 Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use and Mortality in Patients with Cognitive Impairment Buckley E; Jonsson A; Flood Z; Lavelle M; O?Sullivan N; Nurdin N; Dowling P; Duggan E; McCreevey C; Duggan J; Kyne L; McCabe JJ President Round
451 The best marker for cognition ? relative handgrip strength, asymmetry or weakness? V Ho; C Chen; R A Merchant President Round
514 Frailty in osteoarthritis and the influence of co-morbidity Michael J Cook; Suzanne M M Verstappen; Mark Lunt; Terence W O?Neill President Round
454 Association between statins and major adverse cardiac events among older adults with frailty: A systematic review Matthew Hale (1,2); Hadar Zaman(3); David Mehdizadeh(3,4); Oliver Todd(1); Harriet Callaghan(1,2); Chris P Gale(5,6,7); Andrew Clegg(1,2) President Round
488 Grip strength from midlife as an indicator of later-life cognition and brain health: Evidence from a British birth cohort Q Dercon1; J Nicholas2; S-N James3; J Schott4; M Richards3 President Round
500 30-DAY SURVIVAL AND RECOVERY AFTER HIP FRACTURE BY MOBILISATION TIMING AND DEMENTIA: A UK DATABASE STUDY Katie J. Sheehan; Aicha Goubar; Finbarr C. Martin; Chris Potter; Gareth D. Jones; Catherine Sackley; Salma Ayis ; President Round
501 DISCHARGE AFTER HIP FRACTURE SURGERY IN RELATION TO MOBILISATION TIMING BY PATIENT CHARACTERISTICS: A NATIONAL DATABASE STUDY Katie J. Sheehan; Aicha Goubar; Finbarr C. Martin; Chris Potter; Gareth D. Jones; Catherine Sackley; Salma Ayis; President Round
426 Prevalence of, and risk factors for, dementia in adult outpatient referrals to a regional referral hospital in Arusha, Tanzania Ssenku Safic; Lawtiko Mwaipopo; Catherine Dotchin; Johanna Klaptocz; Keith Gray; Marcella Joseph; Richard Walker President Round
461 The Impact of the 2020 Pandemic Measures on COVID-Negative Dementia Inpatients Bernard R Bukala; Kilda J Carpenter; Willow Fox; Demi Reyes; Philip Vickers; Hazel Sanghvi Rejected
465 Incorporation of Clinical Frailty Scores and Outcomes in Elective Surgical Patients, Craigavon Area Hospital M Magee 1 Rejected
473 Use of the Clinical Frailty Score (CFS) in Patients Admitted to the Elderly Medicine Department of a Large Teaching Hospital J Beggs 1; S Ninan 1; V Printz 2 Rejected
498 Introducing Anticholinergic Burden scoring in the Emergency Department: An exploratory descriptive analysis of prevalence. Dr Phil Moss Consultant EM; Desislava Baramova Clinical Trial Practitioner; Diogo Campos Ceia Research Nurse; Orla Dooley Research Nurse; Tina Uthayakumar Research Nurse; Prof Heather Jarman Clinical Academic Lead Rejected
506 The role of the Hospital at Home in managing COVID-19 in the community Kate Thorburn; Priya Fernando; Lauren Evans Rejected
507 Point prevalence survey of delirium and antipsychotic/benzodiazepine prescribing in older hospital inpatients O Feely; S Kinnane; L Ward; F Hickey; M Ahmed; N McDonnell; C Galvin; C Keogh; K McDonald; S Kelly; C Byrne; E Gaynor; L Kyne Rejected
510 Effectiveness of inpatient rehabilitation on function in older adults with unplanned admission to acute care: Overview protocol Kate Lambe (1); Gonzalo Salazar de Pablo (2); Salma Ayis (1); Ian D Cameron (3); Nadine E Foster (4,5); Emma Godfrey (1,8); Celia L Gregson(6); Finbarr C Martin (1); Catherine Sackley (1); Nicola Walsh (7); Katie J Sheehan (1) Rejected
518 COVID-19 in the community hospital; a pilot study exploring patient outcomes Hesham El Hegni; Lauren Evans; Priya Fernando Rejected
523 Perioperative Medicine Prescribing in Older Adults Undergoing Emergency Laparotomy at a Large District General Hospital J Kiang1; J Jegard2; A Shamsiddinova1; R Himpson1 Rejected
545 Audit measuring deprescribing practices at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn C Alcock; S Brennan; A Mahmood; B Shinner Rejected
557 Delirium diagnosis & management in a secondary care frailty service: Survey to better understand staff knowledge and confidence Dr Harriet Callaghan; Dr Rebecca Whiting; Dr Emma Drydon; Dr Eleanor Syddall Rejected
413 Automated Data Extraction Tool for Clinical Audit Alexander Noar; Marianthi Bourlaki Rejected
516 Outcomes from the introduction of routine Geriatrician review for General Surgical patients over 65 years old undergoing Emergen A Shamsiddinova(1); J Jegard(2); J Kiang(1); R Himpson(1); A Bajracharya(1); L Bafadhel(2) Rejected
517 Audit of bed moves for older patients awaiting transfer to a specialist geriatric ward in an acute hospital K Diffley; C Gibbons; E Gaynor; R Riches; L Kyne Rejected
521 A profile of new care needs of frail older adults awaiting Irish Day Hospital Services during COVID-19 closure Edel McDaid; Ciara Gibbons; Zoe Flood; Emily Farrell; Lisa Cogan Rejected
526 Are Care Homes ready for Video Consultations? A Watt; R Holt; C Blyth Rejected
410 Are we justifying healthcare rationing during the COVID19 pandemic with accurate frailty scores? Dr Alexander Hornsby; Dr Deborah Mayne; Dr Niamh Farren Rejected
452 A closed loop audit assessing the efficacy of a Standard Operating Procedure of Triage for suspected Covid-19 patients in a Dist Saad Ahmed Rejected
490 Exploring the feasibility of the InterRAI Check-Up Assessment Form (Self-Reported Version 10.1.1) in older people living with fr Milap Rajpara; Charlotte Wilson; Adam L Gordon; Alison Cowley Rejected
497 Analgesia prescribing in fractured neck of femur patients Dr Alec Rapson1; Dr Huma Naqvi1; Joseph Taylor2 Rejected
503 Patient and GP satisfaction with a community comprehensive geriatric assessment intervention for older patients with frailty Helen Jones (1); Iain Morrison (2); Simon Hurding(2); Jamie Megaw (3); Katy Simpson (3); James MacKerrow (4); Atul Anand (5,6); Sarah Wild (1); Susan Shenkin (1,6) Rejected
504 Analysis of Covid-19 positive patient presentations to a District General Hospital from Nursing homes from March to June 2020. C. Clancy 1, A. El Gammal 2, T. McEnery 2, O. Lee 2, Z. Abbas 2, L. Sweeney 2, D. Ryan 1. Rejected
453 Anti-Psychotic medication use in the residents of south Manchester nursing homes since the 2009 Banerjee Report Helen Wardle; Debra Gosling Rejected
470 Audit of Parkinson?s Disease medication administration in an acute Edinburgh hospital Dr Claire Barclay; Dr Rebecca Frake; Dr Sarah Marrinan Rejected
515 Point Prevalence Survey of Patients with Falls in a Tertiary Hospital Inpatient Setting C Gibbons; O Feely; E Callaly; L Ward; J Blackstock; A Keena; F Hickey; M Ahmed; N McDonnell; C Galvin; C Keogh; K McDonald; S Kelly; E Gaynor Rejected
522 Twenty-four hour point prevalence of delirium in older patients presenting to the Emergency Department. Keena A; Kinane S; Brady C; Neary C; Morris J; Riches R; Gibbons C; Ramiah V; Byrne C; Daly T; Gaynor E; Kyne L Rejected
555 Cognitively impaired hip fracture patients are undergoing surgery without the knowledge of their family - quality improvement Pardis Zalmay; Justin Collis; Helen Wilson Rejected
555 Cognitively impaired hip fracture patients are undergoing surgery without the knowledge of their family - quality improvement Pardis Zalmay; Justin Collis; Helen Wilson Rejected
486 Does a WhatsApp Group Improve Junior Doctor Rota Communication? Our Experience in an Older Peoples Services Department. Megan Drennan; Kirsty Colquhoun; Kate McArthur Rejected