Blind Veterans UK - No One Alone campaign

22 April 2013

Blind Veterans UK provide their members with practical and emotional support, helping them to recover their independence and discover a life beyond sight loss.blindveteranslogo[1]

Last autumn Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s) launched the No One Alone campaign, which aims to raise awareness amongst the general public that there are more than 68,000 National Service and Armed Forces veterans in the UK who are currently battling blindness and severe sight problems.

These are people that Blind Veterans UK can help in very practical and supportive ways that will enable them to start to live a more independent life again, and relieve pressure on their friends and families as well as on overstretched health resources.  Many people are referred to Blind Veterans UK through a healthcare professional, such as doctors, nurses, carers, or opticians. So if you are currently looking after or caring for a blinded or partially-sighted older person, or if you come into contact with them in the course of your daily life, please just ask them: “Have you ever served in the Armed Forces?” or “Did you do National Service?”

If they did it can open a door for them that can quite literally change their lives, and those of their families, for the rest of their life.

As Patricia Walker, the wife of one of our recent new members and a District Nurse, said:

“I work as a full time District Nurse and spend all day looking after patients. It was so difficult spending all day at one job and coming home and thinking that I have to start a whole other job, a second job of looking after Graham and worrying about him.

“It was great to see the change in Graham after he came back from Blind Veterans UK for the first time – he was just buzzing with all the new information and skills and I think he just can’t believe his luck. He was worried he would end up as a recluse who never left the house and about being a burden.

“I have even started to refer people to Blind Veterans UK through my work as a District Nurse and now two of my patients are also members.”

If you know anyone who could potentially become a member of Blind Veterans UK, please refer them to our campaign website or ask them to telephone us on 0800 389 7979.


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