Geriatric medicine research collaborative (GeMRC): update and research sandpit

29 January 2019

Dr Carly Welch and Dr Lauren McCluskey are the co-founders of the Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC). They will be speaking at the upcoming BGS Trainees’ Weekend 2019. They are both geriatric trainees in Birmingham and have completed Academic Clinical Fellowships. They are both passionate about research in geriatric medicine and have first-hand experience of the hurdles that exist along the way! Carly's own research is on the subject of acute sarcopenia in hospitalised older adults; Lauren is interested in characterising inflammatory changes in stroke disease. However, they are broadly interested in all research related to geriatric medicine and passionate about opening more doors to geriatric medicine research!

Who are we?

Performing research and good quality audits or Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) as a trainee is difficult. This is due to issues such as time constraints, rotating jobs, and a lack of consistency of practice. On a positive note, rotating posts gives trainees a unique perspective on how things work elsewhere and importantly what things don’t work. GeMRC, the national trainee-led collaborative, has been designed to bring together collective experiences into a research and audit network that can bring about important changes in day to day clinical practice.

Our aims are:

• To enable trainees without previous research experience to get involved in research.

• To complete meaningful audits/QIPs that also fulfil ARCP requirements.

• To conduct large-scale projects that will make a difference to older adults.

Why are we running this session at the upcoming BGS Trainees’ Weekend 2019?

We have been pretty amazed at what we have been able to achieve in a relatively short space of time. However, we know that we could not have done this without collaborative working! We want to use this session to keep you all informed of what we have achieved so far and what are our plans for the future, but, even more importantly, to get as many of you involved in the process of research generation! There will be opportunities to develop your own research ideas, collaborate with others, and learn some vital skills for getting you started in research.

What’s in it for you?

This session really is open to everyone. We’ve been helping with organisation of the programme for the weekend so we realise we’ve got some tough competition to beat! We hope that this session will appeal to those of you who want to broaden your experience – it’s often hard to find research training sessions in geriatrics so this should be a good place to start! You do not need to come to this session with any previous research experience or ideas, but we’re hoping that you will leave with some!

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