Welcome to the BGS blog.....and our first running saga!

14 March 2013

Dr Adam Gordon is a Consultant and Honorary Associate Professor in Medicine for Older People at Nottingham University Hospitals.  He is Digital Media Editor of Age and Ageing.

The BGS blog has been live for a month now.   We had our hard launch, with an article describing why we need a blog, in the BGS newsletter last week.

We hope that this will go on to be a core resource for those interested in the care of frail older people, both within the UK and internationally.  Already we’ve seen commentary from geriatricians of all grades on issues ranging from career choices to the Francis report. We welcome submissions both from BGS members and non-members who share our interest in helping to deliver the best health and social care for frail older people – please get in touch if you want to contribute.

Today, we have inaugural blogs from our two leading lights - Prof Paul Knight and Prof David Oliver, President and President Elect of the BGS respectively.

Paul's contribution talks about the recent Francis report, reflects upon its meaning for frail older people and pledges a concerted effort by the BGS to deliver meaningful improvements for the significant number of old people who do not receive best care within the NHS.  I look forward to keeping you updated on the BGS responses to Francis, through this blog, as they develop and start to influence policy and care delivery.

David, meanwhile, reflects on the thorny issue of admission avoidance, with the unique perspective provided by his role as both a medical doctor and, until recently, government advisor.

Both contributors have, over the years, spoken and written abundantly on the NHS and how it serves - and sometimes fail to serve - frail older patients. Both are always thought-provoking, frequently wise and occasionally controversial in their commentary. I hope you enjoy and find useful what they have to say this time around.

Which brings us to that saga, courtesy of David.....

Those of you that know about blogging will know that entries are supposed to be short.  Those of you that know about David will know that brevity is not always his strong point! Although I've let him off this time around, perhaps we have the first great soap opera of the BGS blog – will David Oliver ever say anything in less than 600 words!

Watch this space……

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