Why delegates should attend the BGS Autumn Meeting Evening Reception

20 September 2018



Scott Mather is an ST5 Registrar in Geriatric Medicine based in Manchester and sits on the BGS Trainees' Council as the Representative for Educational Events (2017-19). In addition, he is currently undertaking the role of Chief Registrar at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust this year. Tweets @DrSMather

Before I delve into the point of attending the BGS Autumn Meeting Evening Reception, I think I should start with the point of attending a BGS conference in the first place.

Clearly this blog should be focused on the vast educational benefits such as covering important curriculum areas and learning about new developments within geriatric medicine. This years’ Autumn Meeting will feature talks on important areas such as urodynamics, perioperative medicine, movement disorders, heart failure and anaemia to name a few (portfolio: tick!).

However, for me the conference means much more; as a Core Medical Trainee I attended my first BGS event when I was deciding which medical speciality I would apply for. At times I felt disillusioned with the way Geriatric Medicine was practiced on the wards and I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. My first conference changed this; it was the first time I was exposed to such a breath-taking number of inspiring Geriatricians and Allied Health Professionals. Talks on radical service changes and new clinical developments sparked my enthusiasm for the speciality. Meeting some of the geriatricians I followed on twitter was also a juicy bonus (‘the twitteratti’)

Over the years going to conferences has become an opportunity to have mini-breaks around the UK and enjoy time with my fellow registrars and consultants. I get to catch up with old friends from medical school now in far flung places. The programmes are constantly evolving to reflect our curriculum needs but also reflect the changing (and ever growing) nature of the speciality.

This year the planned Evening Reception offers an opportunity for everyone to catch up in one of the coolest venues in London. It will be held in the Crystal Exhibition space near the conference making it easy to attend. Apparently it is also a pretty fun place to visit (google it if you don’t believe me). There are even tours available! The focus will be giving us the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make the venue our own. Rather than the stuffy traditional sit down meal, it will be food bowls and drinks allowing you to talk to as many (or few) people as you fancy. Entertainment will again feature a silent disco. Apparently this was a hoot with the consultants in the past.

I know when I have been struggling for motivation, lacking inspiration, drive or ambition, the BGS conference has changed all this. So let’s get together, inspire and motivate each other to become better geriatricians and provide the incentive for trainees to choose our speciality for the reward it can provide.

See you at the BGS Autumn Meeting!


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