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The coronavirus outbreak is the greatest global health emergency in living memory. It is affecting the way we all go about our daily lives. NHS staff, care home staff and volunteers are doing amazing work right now in caring for COVID-19 patients. Many of these are British Geriatrics Society members relying on the advice and guidance provided by the BGS.

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Older people are the main users of health and social care services and their susceptibility to frailty and long-term conditions like chronic heart disease and diabetes, different patterns of disease presentation, slower response to treatment and requirements for social support, call for special medical skills during this pandemic and beyond.

Older people living with frailty and long-term conditions are particularly at risk of severe complications if they contract the Covid-19 virus.  Meanwhile those who are self-isolating will continue to experience episodes of ill-health, falls or other unforeseen events, and health professionals will need to continue to respond to provide high-quality, person-centred care.

Most of the Society’s current income is driven by membership, sponsorship and conferences/events. In the current climate, sponsorship and events income has all but disappeared and in the longer term will affect the output of the Society. Donating today in these difficult times gives us all as individuals, groups and organisations the chance to show that we care about older people’s health and that we want to make a difference.

To ensure the BGS and our members can keep delivering this vital work, we are asking you to donate to the BGS. Your donation will go towards:

  • Providing access to the most reliable up-to-date information about COVID-19 in older people
  • Improving our website to help signpost frontline staff to relevant resources and advice  
  • Producing research into the effects of Covid-19 on older people’s health and their recovery, and on UK-wide health systems
  • Developing education and training materials to support doctors, nurses and other health professionals to specialise in the healthcare of older people
  • Helping evidence-based research published in our scientific journal to become a reality of best practice in clinical care for older people
  • Enabling the BGS to collaborate with other charities, specialist societies and colleges to ensure older people get the high-quality, person-centred  healthcare they need
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