Dr Sangam Malani

Trainee Council Clinical Quality/Effectiveness Representative
Role on the Council

Clinical Quality Trainee Representative


Role on the Council

The council aims to promote and disseminate good clinical practice and clinical improvement projects.


  • BGS Clinical Quality Steering Group Meeting
  • North West Thames Regional Meeting
  • National Trainees Council Meeting
Reason for joining the BGS Trainee’s Council

I am deeply passionate about my career in medicine with a special interest in - Care of the Elderly. Given the projected growth of the older population, we are afforded the opportunity to adopt a proactive approach to align our policies and health care system to the evolving needs of an ageing community, and it has become my passion to contribute towards this.

Why trainees should get involved with the committee

Being a part of the BGS Trainee Committee allows you to be an active voice for patients and colleagues outside of the clinical area. It enables you to influence change on a larger scale and motivate the next generation of junior doctors. So far, I have been involved in adjudicating abstracts for the National conference and being a formative reviewer at the same. I have written a commentary on VTE prophylaxis in the elderly and I am due to represent the society on Royal College of Physicians’ Equality & Diversity consultation. You can literally take the role and make it your own!


Term of Office: 2 years

E-mail: sangam [dot] malani [at] nhs [dot] net