European Union of Medical Specialists

The European Union of Medical Specialists (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes – UEMS) is a non-governmental organisation representing national associations of medical specialists in the European Union and in associated countries.

The UEMS is composed of National Associations representing Medical Specialists in their country.

According to our Statutes (Article IV) the "UEMS is composed of at least three full Members, legitimate persons, legally constituted in keeping with the laws and customs of their country of origin". Furthermore, "UEMS reserves the right to admit observers including other organisations representing medical specialists from other countries. Observers sit on the Council in an advisory capacity". (Article IV.3) and "are represented within the Council by one or two delegates or by their duly mandated deputies" (Article VII.2).

There are three types of National Member Associations within the UEMS (Article IV): Full Member Association (Member States of the European Union & Member States of the European Economic Area), Associate Member Association (Member States of the Council of Europe) and Observer Member Association (other countries). Associate and Observer Member Associations have an advisory capacity.