Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

The joint Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and BGS Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (DGM) examination is designed to provide recognition of competence in the provision of care of older people.

In offering doctors the opportunity to review and consider all aspects of care, the DGM is aimed at any medical practitioner in the UK whose clinical practice brings them into contact with older people. This may include:

  • GPs
  • Old-age psychiatrists
  • Trainees in general (internal) medicine
  • Doctors intending to pursue specialist training in geriatric medicine.


The minimum eligibility requirement for the DGM written examination is 2 years’ post-qualifying experience prior to the date of the written examination, or candidates who have had 4 months’ experience in a geriatrics post in a hospital or in another post (eg as a GP) in which they see a lot of geriatric patients.

If you are an overseas doctor who fulfils the entry requirements you are welcome to sit the examination. However, you should bear in mind that the examination will be held only in the UK and there will be questions related to health and social systems for older people in the UK, and to UK legislation relating to older people.

Candidates must pass the written examination before they sit the clinical examination. They have 2 years to pass the clinical examination and if they fail to do so they should sit the written examination again.

Dates, fees and further information

There are two diets of the clinical examination each year.

For more information including dates, fees, sample questions and FAQs, please visit the RCP website or email dgm [at] rcplondon [dot] ac [dot] uk