Trainees Weekend 2020 Livestream

Fri 07 - Sat 08 February 2020
This live stream will provide access to the programme being delivered in Glasgow at the Trainees Weekend 2020

Who should join:

  • Any healthcare professional unable to physically attend the conference in person

Conference aims:

  • Improve attendee's skills in the urgent care of frail older people
  • Inspire attendees to achieve personal excellence in the urgent healthcare of older people
  • Share focused best practice presentations and the latest research in urgent care of older people
  • Takeaway new activities and ideas to advance attendees' workplace services

Cost to attend

  BGS Member
LiveStream (inc. VAT)
LiveStream (inc. VAT)

All livestream viewer

£25 £50



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register?

Registrations are still being accepted online until the last day of the meeting. Registration, after the meeting has started will be possible but you won't be able to see previous sessions. To register please click the button at the top right-hand side of this page.

How many hours of external CPD will I get?

We do not issue certificates for live-streamed activities but RCP guidance is that you can claim a maximum of 5 external credits per year for watching unfacilitated live-streamed events. This counts as unfacilitated by the RCP. Those attending the meeting in person will be issued a CPD certificate.

The RCP have updated their policy and guidance in regards to claiming external (category 1) credits for live-streamed events. This is where an educational event is broadcast 'real time'. The guidance also applies for archived lectures which are pre-recorded and played back at the users' discretion.

You are now able to claim up to a maximum of 5 external (category 1) credits for unfacilitated streamed events or archived lectures that you view online. Any remainder can be categorised as personal (category 3) credits.


What do I need to access the livestream?

With a good internet connection, watching an event on Livestream can take place in any of the following ways:

 Desktop Browser

 Mobile Browser

 Livestream mobile app


 Livestream Roku Channel

 Livestream tvOS App

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