GeriGPs Group

We started GeriGPs Group because we feel sure that the many GPs who enjoy caring for older people would value and benefit from a group of like-minded colleagues. GeriGPs showcases our ability to combine specialist knowledge with community based practice. We are uniquely placed to contribute to the long-term management of older people living with frailty, emphasising the importance of continuity of care. Download the GPs in the BGS flyer.

The group for GP members of the BGS

Membership is free to GP members of the BGS.  While the group is rooted within the BGS, it is outward-facing and aims to engage fully with GPs outside the society who have a strong interest in older people’s healthcare.

Aim of GeriGPs group

Enhancing the holistic care of Older People by promoting the role of the General Practitioner with an interest in Geriatric Medicine.

Objectives of GeriGPs group:
  1. To promote the role of the General Practitioner with an interest in Geriatric Medicine as a valuable asset in the Care of Older People
  • within the BGS
  • within the wider GP community
  • at NHS England, STP, CCG, Health Trust and Practice level
  1. To encourage the development of new models of care in community and interface settings which enable comprehensive assessment, proactive care and multidisciplinary working
  • By considering different models of employment 
  • By reviewing challenges and changes related to revalidation and appraisal
  • By developing or sourcing and sharing educational and training resources
  • By considering appropriate accreditation/qualifications
  1. To contribute our unique expertise and experience to the BGS’s input to national policy formulation
  1. To offer peer support to GP colleagues
  • To share ideas, experiences and examples of good practice
  • To support those implementing change projects relating to  Older Peoples Medicine
  • To encourage them to consider the various opportunities for a GP interested in Older Peoples Medicine to support recruitment to and retention of General Practitioners in the workforce