Nominations sought for BGS Deputy Honorary Meetings Secretary

Self-nominations are invited for the post of Honorary Deputy Meetings Secretary of the British Geriatrics Society, to take office from November 2019.

As the Deputy Honorary Meetings Secretary automatically succeeds the Honorary Meetings Secretary, the attributes for the Honorary Meetings Secretary apply to the Deputy. The Deputy may need to act for the Honorary Meetings Secretary in their absence.

Self Nominations Procedure

Self- nominations should consist of a brief CV, together with a statement from the nominee supporting their application, not to exceed one A4 page in length. In addition, there must be a supporting citation from the relevant region or national council. Nominations should be sent to the incumbent Meetings Secretary (via email to the Director of Learning and Professional Development at conferences [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk) by 2 September 2019.

Job Description

Each year, the BGS holds two national scientific conferences, one in April/May (the Spring meeting) and one in October/November, (the Autumn meeting).

There has been a considerable change to the planning of the conferences since bringing the conference function inhouse. Responsibility for generation of the programme and social programme lies with the Meetings Committee, chaired by the Honorary Meetings Secretary and supported by the Deputy Honorary Meetings Secretary, the 3 VPs Education, Workforce and Clinical Quality as well as dedicated BGS officers from the Academic and Research Development Committee and Clinical Quality committee, Trainees Council, Nurses and AHP council and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The Honorary Meetings Secretary and Deputy Honorary Meetings Secretary work together to produce the Meetings and plan the Society’s strategy for conference provision for the future. The successful applicant will take up the role of Deputy Honorary Meetings Secretary for 2 years followed automatically by the role of Honorary Meetings Secretary for a further 2 years.

The successful applicant will be required to attend 4 committee meetings per year (videoconferencing/ teleconferencing facilities available in addition to physical attendance at Marjory Warren House in London) as well as attend both the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

Planning and organisation of the programme is undertaken in the candidate’s own time and should take up no more than 1-2 hours per week on average.


  • With the Honorary Meetings Secretary, construct the clinical and scientific content for the Spring and Autumn meetings, in conjunction with the Academic & Research Committee and the VP of Education and Clinical Quality Committee. The programmes are focused on producing a highly relevant and engaging meeting for healthcare professionals treating older people.
  • Liaise with the Honorary Meetings Secretary to ensure continuity on the Society’s rolling Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.
  • Liaise with the Director of Learning and Professional Development and Scientific Officer to co-ordinate the involvement of SIGs and Sections at the meeting and help to ensure a balanced programme of events throughout the year.
  • Liaise with the Director of Learning and Professional Development to identify and secure sponsorship opportunities for various facets of the meeting, in particular satellite symposia arranged by pharma/nutrition and medical device organisations.
  • Produce the final programme (including parallel session events)
  • Be available throughout the event to provide guidance and help where necessary.


The Honorary Meetings Secretary is Chair of the Meetings Committee.  The Deputy will act as chair in the absence of the Honorary Meetings Secretary. Secretariat duties are provided by the Director of Learning and Professional Development currently.

Committee Duties

The Meetings Committee, typically via the Director of Learning and Professional development, provides up-to-date information on the progress of forthcoming meetings to the Trustee Board and other committees. The committee also may be asked to provide general advice on CPD and conferences, particularly when approached by other organisations for joint events.

Whilst this is a demanding role within the Society, it is also tremendously rewarding, as it entails working with enthusiastic clinicians and representatives from related organisations.

The task is recommended to anyone who feels strongly about the meetings from the viewpoints of education and finance in particular, as well as the social side. Qualities required include good organisational skills and a calm approach when coping with multiple demands on time.

This role is strongly supported and assisted by the Director of Learning and Professional Development, the Conferences and Events Manager plus other BGS staff and past office holders.