BGS Rising Star Awards 2019 - Now Open For Applications!

16 October 2018

Each year the British Geriatrics Society awards two Rising Star Awards - one for research contributions that have translated into, or are in the process of being translated into, improvements to care of older people; the second for a project in clinical quality that demonstrates that the nominee has improved the care of older people with frailty in their locality.  Each awardee receives £250.00 - made possible by a donation from the late Dr Jim George's family.

Applications are now open until 11 January 2019, 5 p.m.

Both awards are made to BGS members who have a programme of ongoing research or relevant project work. The awards are awarded within 15 years of graduation from medical school, or achievement of first relevant degree, to those who have already made a significant impact in the healthcare of older people above what would normally be expected at that stage of a career.

The Award is open to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who fulfil the criteria.

Recipients of the award will be expected to present a summary of their work in a platform presentation during the BGS Scientific Conference where they receive their award.  The winner will be presented with a certificate by the BGS President at the meeting and their award publicised in the BGS Newsletter and in the BGS website as well as the BGS Social Media outlets, Twitter, Blog and in our E-Bulletin.

How to apply

Applications will be reviewed by an independent panel that would then make recommendations to the Trustees. The panel will be representative of the main BGS areas of work (policy, quality, and academia), and will consist of:

  • The BGS Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • The BGS Vice President of Clinical Quality
  • The BGS Hon. Dep Secretary
  • The BGS Chief Executive
  • A representative from the BGS Nursing Special Interest Group

An application should consist of an A4 two page supporting statement which should indicate:

  • Achievements to date, current programme of work and plans for the next 3-5 years
  • Presentations at, or involvement in significant events, meetings or conferences
  • Strength of the individual’s academic background (academic)
  • Strength of the individual’s clinical service developments (quality)
  • Impact of academic publications (academic)
  • Wider impact of activities and/or policy involvement (quality)
  • Achievements to date, current programme of work and plans for the next 3-5 years

In addition we will require two references and a three to four page CV from the applicant.

Please send your application electronically to Joanna Gough scientificofficer [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk

The deadline for applications is on 11th January 2019 at 5pm. Receipt of your application will be sent to you by email.

Any queries please contact Joanna Gough, BGS Scientific Officer  scientificofficer [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk on 0207 608 8574.