Our priorities for the NHS long term plan

In 2018, seventy years after the founding of the NHS, the challenges of meeting the needs our ageing population require increased financial investment, accelerated system reform across health and care services, and a clear plan and strong, consistent commitment to delivering it. Research confirms that prevalence of multi-morbidity among older people continues to grow. Older people may have several chronic conditions with fluctuating impacts occurring simultaneously together with mental ill health, such as depression, dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment. At a time when Government has announced increased funding for the NHS, and the publication of a long term plan for how best to use this funding, BGS has set out its priorities for the forthcoming plan.

Our priorities include a reform of the way services are delivered so that more care and treatment is available in community settings. We are calling for this to be built into the development and delivery of the NHS long term plan. We believe it is the best way to achieve better health outcomes for older people, and to realise the benefits of financial investment. We are also calling for a financially sustainable approach to social care, which is critical to the success of any plans for the future of the NHS. 

Our priorities for the long term plan:

  1. Greater investment in community-based, multidisciplinary working in primary care settings
  2. Integration and continuity of service
  3. Better identification of frailty among older people and earlier intervention
  4. Increased capacity in intermediate care
  5. Wider access to Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) and personal care plans
  6. Workforce strategy
  7. Healthy ageing
  8. Measuring success