Vacancy: BGS representative on the Joint Stroke Medicine Committee

04 September 2018

Deadline for expressions of interest: 5.00 pm on Wednesday 31 October 2018

We are inviting expressions of interest from suitably experienced BGS members to take over as our representative on the committee. Our former representative, Professor Potter has kindly agreed to brief his successor once appointed.

This is a standing committee established jointly between the RCP London, the British Association of Stroke Physicians, the BGS, the Association of British Neurologists and the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. Terms of reference appear below. 

Once appointed, the new representative will meet with BGS's Vice President for Clinical Quality to discuss the best way to both feed back to BGS officers, and to obtain support and stimulus from relevant BGS committees.

The role is unremunerated, but reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.    

Please send expressions of interest in the form of an email to Colin Nee, ceo [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk, setting out your interest and relevant experience.  

Joint Stroke Medicine Committee Terms of Reference

The Committee is established to advise its parent bodies, or other organisations on their behalf, on matters of mutual interest. These will include:

  • Monitoring and feedback of the implementation of Stroke Strategies
  • Monitoring of workforce and training issues
  • Setting national standards and agreeing joint guidelines and policy statements
  • Drawing up specifications for clinical governance in relation to the practice of Stroke Medicine across all care settings
  • Continuing professional development for the specialist, including general medicine
  • Advice to Royal College of Physicians, or other, Working Parties
  • Liaison with other relevant Colleges and College bodies
  • Developing and extending peer review of services
  • Any other specific matter of particular relevance to Stroke Medicine
  • In dealing with these issues the Committee will restrict its advice to the context of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The contribution of any Scottish observer on the committee is welcomed, but the Scottish Colleges are not involved in joint ownership or sending items of business direct to the committee.

The Committee may liaise with other organisations as appropriate to share or obtain advice. However, the Committee, or any of its members, may not make any public statement or approve any published materials in its own name or that of its parent bodies, except with their approval.



The offices of Chairman and Honorary Secretary will be appointed via the College Nominations Committee on the advice of the Stroke Medicine Committee. The recommended appointee of the Stroke Medicine Committee will be elected from within its current membership always with the proviso that as this is a joint committee there must be agreement and mutual respect. Any parent body (as defined in the Terms of Reference) will have the right to object in extremis.

The Chairman and Honorary Secretary’s term of office will be for at least two years, but not more than four.


Each parent body will nominate its own representatives. In nominating members, all parties will bear in mind that, wherever possible, their nominee should have an active interest in Stroke Medicine. The term of office of representatives will be determined by the relevant parent body.

Membership will comprise:

  • Two senior representatives of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Nominee of the British Association of Stroke Physicians
  • Nominee of the British Geriatrics Society
  • Nominee of the Association of British Neurologists
  • Nominee of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Nominee of British Association of Stroke Physicians Trainees committee
  • National Clinical Director for Stroke Medicine
  • The Chairman of the Stroke Medicine SSAC
  • The Chairman of the Inter-collegiate Stroke Guidelines group
  • Nominee of the Royal College of Physicians Acute Medicine committee
  • Nominee of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • A Scottish College observer
  • Two lay representatives nominated by the Royal College of Physicians’ Patient and Carer Network
  • Nominee of the RCP New Consultants Committee.

It is recognised that, because of the large number of professional groups who are involved in the care of stroke patients, there may be occasions when the Committee wishes to co-opt representatives from other disciplines. On these occasions the initial invitation will be to the appropriate member of the Inter-collegiate Stroke Guidelines group.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will meet at least twice per year.

Meetings set for the rest of 2018 and 2019

Tuesday 23 October 2018            2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Tuesday 12 March 2019             10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Thursday 17 October 2019         10.30 am to 12.30 pm