Vacancies: Nurses and AHPs Council National Reps (Wales/NI)

The BGS Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) Council is seeking BGS members from Northern Ireland and Wales to join the Committee, ensuring we have good representation from across the UK.

The Nurses and AHPs Council provides an important multi professional voice of older people’s healthcare in the BGS.
Currently all of the Nurses and AHPs Council Committee members work in England and while we have now recruited a representative from Scotland, we are keen to encourage members from the two other nations – both to join our Committee and to represent nurses and AHPs on other BGS committees.
This is an excellent leadership opportunity for two senior Nurse or Allied Health Professionals to influence the National BGS Councils, promote the Nurses and AHPs Council in their respective countries and to connect with, share knowledge and ideas and learn from colleagues throughout the UK with the primary purpose of collaboratively improving the health of older people.
They will also receive peer support from the Nurses and AHPs Council Committee Chair and the Committee members who are all senior nurses and AHPs working in advanced/consultant practice, research, education, leadership and improvement roles. Please join the hive mind of the wider Council community.
If you are interested in nominating yourself or would like any further information on the posts then please email Jo Gough at j [dot] gough [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk by 1 September 2020.