Vacancy: BGS Deputy Honorary Treasurer

Nominations are invited for the role of Deputy Honorary Treasurer, to take office from the AGM on 20 November 2020 when the current post holder becomes Honorary Treasurer.

Do you want to support the BGS and do you have a sense of what the membership wants?
This is an exciting opportunity to become part of the senior group of committed and enthusiastic officers of the BGS who help the Society meet its objectives and be sustainable. You will help to oversee the governance and financial administration of the Society, and to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented to the Society’s business model by COVID-19, particularly in the delivery of learning opportunities and events to members. As well as contributing to the Society, you can expect to acquire transferable financial skills that will be useful to you in your career.
The role will be supported by the Society’s experienced salaried staff, particularly the Director of Business Support, who is a qualified accountant. No previous financial experience is required, though it would be a bonus.
If you want to get a feel for the role - talk to us (details of how to get in touch can be found in the role specification).
How to self-nominate
First please read the complete Role Description.

Anyone considering self-nominating should discuss the role with the current   Honorary Treasurer, Dr Owen David, or the Deputy Honorary Treasurer, Dr Sarah Goldberg. This can be arranged by emailing the BGS Director of Business Support, Janet Sarll, at  J [dot] Sarll [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk   

The self-nomination and 3 statements of support must be received by the BGS Office and Business Manager, Mark Stewart, by email at M [dot] Stewart [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk, no later than 9am on 12 October 2020