Vacancy: BGS South East Thames Regional Secretary

The South East Thames region of the British Geriatrics Society is seeking to appoint a new Secretary and expressions of interest are now invited for this position.

The term of office is three years. Those interested in applying for the post are asked to contact Mark Stewart, BGS Office and Business Manager, on 0207 608 8575, committees [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk.

The closing date for the receipt of applications in the form of a short expression of interest and covering CV is midnight on the 1 July 2019. Applications should only be submitted by those who are fully paid up members of the BGS and who are also members of the South East Thames region.

Duties of a BGS Regional Secretary

1. Organising Regional Meetings

(N.B. Please also refer to BGS Regional Meeting Guidelines for full details including Schedule of planning)


  1. Fix venue
  2. Fix date
  3. Arrange speakers for Keynote Lectures
  4. Liaise with BGS Central Office re above so that “Save the Date” can be posted on BGS website initially
  5. Obtain sponsorship (with BGS assistance)


  1. Finalise Programme – confirm timings with speakers
  2. Email final Programme to BGS Central Office to arrange Registration Page with Programme on BGS website
  3. Request speakers send “Bios” and/or forward these to BGS for CPD application
  4. Liaise with BGS and venue re Catering requirements (eg lunch, tea coffee)


  1. Fix deadline for Abstract submission
  2. Fix email address for Abstract submission
  3. Arrange Adjudicators for Abstracts
  4. Collate Abstracts submitted and send to adjudicators
  5. Select Abstracts for platform presentations and posters and inform authors

Venue arrangements

  1. Liaise with BGS and venue re Catering requirements (eg lunch, tea coffee), numbers and room layout.


  1. Print out Register for Attendees to sign on arrival to obtain CPD points
  2. Ensure Session Chairs
  3. Write/print Business Meeting agenda including the Secretary’s report
  4. Print Minutes of previous meeting
  5. Obtain Evaluation forms from BGS (or may be done electronically)


  1. Set-up
  2. Arrange Session Chairs
  3. Arrange Adjudication of Abstracts
  4. Run Business Meeting with Chair
  5. Take Minutes


  1. Send Register of Attendees to Central Office to send CPD certificates
  2. Send Feedback forms to BGS
  3. Liaise with BGS for Certificates and prizes to be sent to Prize-winners
  4. File Minutes
  5. Keep records safe

2. Other Tasks

  1. Maintain lists of current email addresses; this includes consultants, retired members and trainees (via the Trainee rep)
  2. Circulate notices for regional Consultants and/or trainees as requested. These may be regarding relevant events, upcoming jobs, voting –related for regional elections, news or notifications from the Regional Training Committee via it’s Chair
  3. Liaise with the other Committee members


During my time as Secretary I was assisted by BGS Central Office greatly in many of the above tasks. Therefore, I would say an important aspect of the Secretary’s work is to liaise with BGS Central Office on the aspects of Regional Meeting organisation they are able to help with. For example, the circulation/advertisement of Regional Meeting on BGS website as well as:-

  • circulating to BGS Regional members date and venue of event, Programme, deadlines and address for Abstract submission
  • requesting Biographies of speakers, applying for CPD points and obtaining CPD number
  • obtaining Registration list and collating feedback electronically

Furthermore, BGS Central Office is helpfully able to liaise with Pharmaceutical companies to secure sponsorship and arrange payment of invoices for room hire and catering.

Re Prizes, we have recently been assisted by BGS Central office in arranging prizes and Certificates to be electronically sent. Of note prizes may be awarded in different categories e.g. for Junior and Senior Trainees and Multidisciplinary presentations as appropriate.

A final point is do not have any hesitation in asking the Chair or any past officer for help or advice or if there is anything you are unsure about. I found the Regional Chair was available to consult and advise at every step and enabled me to do the role, when I first started and actually throughout.