Virtual Event Participants

Participants can expect the same high-quality educational content as in a face-to-face meeting, and there will be opportunities for virtual delegates to network before, during and after each meeting. Participants joining live will be able to engage with presenters and sponsors through interactive activities during the session, as well as through 1-to-1 and group calls and chats. Recordings of the presentations will be accessible post-event.

Participants will attend via Swapcard who provides simple access via web browser, tablet or phone. Discover Swapcard's virtual event features in 90 seconds!

Remember PPE!

  • A browser other than Internet Explorer (IE) needs to be used.
  • Close other programmes on your computer or mobile device.
  • Plug in a headset with microphone.
  • Plug in an ethernet cable (if available).
  • Shut others off the WiFi if you can (including your phone).
  • Set up your station - you may be able to cast to TV/output over HDMI.
  • Enable permissions to use video calling.
  • Read and watch the pre-meeting material available on the virtual event page.
  • Interact with presenters: Ask questions using the session chat function and participate into session polls.
  • Socialise: Arrange 1-to-1 chat with other participants, join a socialising event or interact in a group discussion. See the programme for social activities and watch this video to discover all the networking features on Swapcard as a participant.
  • Make the most of your breaks: stretch and look away from the screen, grab a coffee or join a wellbeing event.
  • Connect with exhibitors: What's the best way to connect with exhibitors during the conference? How do you meet the companies and organisations that are right for you? Here's how to achieve all that in a few easy steps.

Connection and navigation FAQs

This guide gathers all the information about features that participants can use before, during, and after the event.

Frequent questions are answers below. We invite you to read the FAQs carefully before contacting us. If you are experiencing issue to connect and you cannot find the answer to your query on this page, you can email registrations [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk. Remember, a browser other than Internet Explorer (IE) needs to be used.  We make every effort to reply to your query as soon as possible but there might be delays in the run up to an event due to the large amount of email we receive.

How do I log into the platform?

When registering for an event for which the organiser has chosen Swapcard, an account is pre-created for you.

You can access the event:

  1.  By clicking the link in one of the emails sent by the organiser (from the address hello [at] swapcard [dot] com). If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder.
  2. By logging into your account using the email address given when registering for the event at
Why can't I see any events in my Swapcard account?

When you log into your account, you may not have access to the event you want to join.

There are a few reasons that this might happen:

  1. You have not yet registered for the event. Perhaps your registration is not complete; remember to check that you have received a registration confirmation, and if this is the case, forward it to registrations [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk with a short description of your issue so that we can help you.
  2. You did not log in with the email used when registering for your event. Make sure to use the same email address when connecting to the application.
  3. The event is not yet accessible to users - however it will be once the invitation emails are sent by the event organiser.
How can I connect with other participants and presenters?

Request a meeting

Once you click on someone's profile, the button 'connect' appears allowing you to send a request. As soon as the person accepts it, you'll get access to his or her details.

How to manage my meetings and my availabilities?

Your meetings

You can see your pending or confirmed meetings via the 'My Visit' button and then by clicking on the 'Meetings' tab.

You can cancel a confirmed or pending meeting by clicking 'Cancel Request' (if it was pending) or 'Cancel Meeting' (if it was confirmed).

Your availability

You will also be able to decide on your availability on the Meeting tab.

For example, if you wish to make yourself unavailable on certain meeting slots created by the organiser of your event, you simply have to click on 'Make unavailable'.

The unavailable slots will no longer be displayed on your profile and other participants will no longer be able to book meeting with you on these slots. 

Click on 'Make Available' to make available a slot that you have made unavailable.

Unavailable slots will appear grayed in this tab.

How to book a meeting with an exhibitor?

It is possible (depending on the event) to be able, in addition to sending connection requests, to send meeting requests to people or exhibitors.

1. You can book a meeting with one of the members of the exhibiting company.

  • See 'How do I book a meeting with a person?' above

2. You can book a meeting with the exhibiting company directly.

To do this, go to the page of an exhibiting company by going to the list of exhibitors, for example:

  • Click on one of the proposed meeting slots. If you want to see other slots, click on see more slots.
  • After selecting meeting a slot, choose a meeting place and write a message if you wish. Once done, click on the arrow at the top right to send your meeting request.
  • A pending meeting is blocking a meeting slot. If your meeting is not confirmed or refused after a few days, do not hesitate to cancel it in order to free up this meeting slot.
How can I export my meetings, schedule and bookmarks?

It is possible to export your confirmed meetings as well as the sessions you have bookmarked to add them to your own agenda on your computer or your phone.

To do so, go to 'My Event' (the name of the button may change depending on the organiser), and then to the 'My schedule' or 'My meetings' tab.

Then click on the icon at the top right and then on Export to download your confirmed meetings or sessions according to what you have checked.

You will then just have to add them to the tool you use to have an agenda on your phone or computer.

You can also export your meetings, schedule and bookmarks as a PDF by clicking on 'Download PDF'. 

CPD accreditation for Virtual Events

Participants watching a live virtual event must login on the day to record attendance.

If participants join live using a shared work account or viewing as a group they must contact us before the end of the live event to record attendance. This should be by email with their full name, email address and place of work to registrations [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk. Participants must register before the live event starts to claim CPD credits.

We cannot send CPD certificates to participants who haven't registered in advance or those who watch after the live broadcast.

Participants accessing the archived version of the webinar may record this in their CPD diary using the approval code provided for the live event for up to four weeks after the event date.

If watching post-broadcast within 4 weeks  you can claim live CPD using the codes available on the Event Home page of Swapcard

After 4 weeks this will be classed by the RCP as distance learning and will be assigned a distance learning code and can be added to the diary as usual distance learning activities would be.  


How can I access content after the event?


As long as you are registered for the event you can access the event live, or for up to 12 months post broadcast via the platform

Watching post broadcast – You will need to login to the Swapcard platform. You can then navigate to the sessions you wish to rewatch by using the programme to access each session and the recordings will play automatically

  • Visit
  • When prompted, write the email address you provided when registering for the event. If you don’t remember your password - on the password page, click 'Send me a magic link'.
  • You will be emailed a login link from the address hello [at] swapcard [dot] com. Check your spam folder if you don’t appear to receive the link.
  • Follow the steps to login
  • If that doesn’t work please reply back to us

The RCP will allow you to claim CPD for up to 12 months after the delivery of a meeting where the archives are accessible

If you watch you will need to record this in your CPD diary using the event code ( the live event code for 4 weeks post broadcast and the distance learning code for the following 11 months). We won’t send a certificate for watching post event content.