Virtual Event Presenters

Thanks again for your commitment to present at one of BGS virtual conferences. If you have any queries that are not answered below, you can contact Julie Gaudreau j [dot] gaudreau [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk - 0203 747 6940


We will pre-record your presentation to ensure optimal sound and picture quality via Zoom. The recording will also serves as a back-up should there be techincal issue on the day. You will have been emailed a link to book a time with our AV support company. If you have not receive this email 4 weeks prior to your presentation date, contact j [dot] gaudreau [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk (. )

Participants will attend via Swapcard who provides simple access via web browser, tablet or phone. Discover Swapcard's virtual event features in 90 seconds!

  • Minimise your background noise. Go to a separate room, use a noise canceling headset, get away from barking dogs and cappuccino machines.
  • Be well lit. Have great lighting. Good lighting helps us see each other better, and thus, stay more engaged.
  • Pay attention to what's behind you. A busy background of clutter or people walking back and forth can be distracting for others on the call.
  • What are you wearing? Patterns like stripes or checkers can have a strange effect on video online. Solid colors are usually safe. Also consider noisy jewelry: long earrings or necklaces can be distracting noises.
  • Put the webcame at eye level. This helps us make eye contact with others on the video call.
  • Turn your notifications off. All those pings and dings when people come on and offline, or post what they’re eating on Facebook can be distracting for others on the call. Close any Apps and Programmes not being used.
  • Minimise your movement. Moving around a lot can be distracting for others on the call.
  • Rehearse your talk so you cover the key areas in time.
  • Test everything. Arrive a few minutes before the meeting starts to test your equipment. Video conferences are notorious for tech problems. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. It’s easier to miss what someone has said over video than in person. Consider investing in a USB microphone for added audio quality.
  • Favour visual rather than text. Strong visuals and images keep audience eyes focused on your screen and you, not flipping through their social streams. Images are not just visually appealing, they can be more effective in conveying emotion because of the way in which our brains process visual stimuli.
  • Be Engaging. Engage with participant through pictures, videos, illustrations, examples and questions. Give your audience a reason to be tuned in.
  • Have fun and be energetic. Project and speak louder than usual.

Presenter Guide - Virtual Event

Connection and navigation FAQs

This guide gathers all the information about features that participants and presenters can use before, during, and after the event.

How to log into the Swapcard platform?

You can access the event:

1) By clicking in one of the emails sent by the organizer (from the address hello [at] swapcard [dot] com). If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder.

2) By logging into your account using the email address given when registering for the event at

How to connect with other participant and presenter?

Request a meeting:

Once you click on someone's profile, the button 'connect' appears allowing you to spend a request. As soon as the person accepts it, you'll get access to his details.