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BGS Meetings Books of Abstracts

This lists the books of abstracts of work presented at BGS Scientific Meetings.

The presented posters are peer-reviewed at the meeting by nominated assessors who judge whether the work is publishable in the Abstracts supplement of the Age & Ageing journal.  These supplements are published on the OUP website. The work appearing in these archived books have NOT been through the assessment process.

Autumn meeting 2015 - Brighton

Spring meeting 2015 - Nottingham

Autumn meeting 2014 - Brighton

Spring meeting 2014 - Manchester

Autumn meeting 2013 - Harrogate

Spring meeting 2013 - Belfast

Autumn meeting 2012 - Harrogate

Spring meeting 2012 - Llandudno

Autumn meeting 2011 - Brighton

Spring meeting 2011 - Liverpool

Autumn meeting 2010 - Brighton

Spring meeting 2010 - Edinburgh

Autumn meeting 2009 - Harrogate

Spring meeting 2009 - Bournemouth

Autumn meeting 2008 - Birmingham

Spring meeting 2008 - Glasgow

Autumn meeting 2007 - Harrogate

Spring meeting 2007 - Brighton

Autumn meeting 2006 - Harrogate

Spring meeting 2006 - Gateshead

Spring meeting 2005 - Birmingham

Autumn meeting 2005 - Harrogate


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