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One of the strategic aims at the BGS is to increase the profile of the Society in the UK, and internationally. BGS’s presence on social media plays a key role in achieving this objective.

To help measure our presence we use an online tool called Klout which quantifies and ranks our ‘social media authority’. Just as Google’s search engine attempts to rank the relevance of every web page, Klout ranks the influence of every person, and organisation, online. Its algorithms comb through publicly accessible social media data which means if you have a public account with Twitter you also have a Klout score, unless you actively opt out via Klout’s website.

Scores are calculated using a number of variables including number of followers, frequency of updates, the Klout scores of your followers, and the number of likes, retweets, and shares that your updates receive.

Other facts about Klout that may be taken into account include:

At the moment BGS has over 11,500 Followers on Twitter and a Klout Score of 62. To put this into context here are comparative scores of organisations within the medical sector:

Klout Score comparisons of general interest:

Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrumo Followers 35M Klout Score 95
Barack Obama @BarackObama Followers 92.5M Klout Score 98
Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn Followers 1.41M Klout Score 81
Teresa May @theresa_may Followers 375k Klout Score 80
Andy Murray @andy_murray Followers 3.17M Klout Score 88
Serena Williams @serenawilliams Followers 8.88M Klout Score 90
Mick Jagger @mickjagger Followers 1.89 Klout Score 89
Paul McCartney @paulmccartney Followers 3.4M Klout Score 92
Coca-Cola @cocacola Followers 3.38M Klout Score 92
Pepsi @pepsi Followers 3.09M Klout Score 88

In light of these Klout Scores, and the fact that @gerisoc is in the top 10 per cent of ranked users, it can be concluded that we have a strong Social Media Authority. We will continue to work towards improving this score. By creating a strong online presence we support our core mission of improving healthcare for older people by spreading best practice, and the latest clinical developments.

To find out more about Klout, visit If you have any questions about BGS communications, please email Marina on  

Marina Mello
Communications PR and Media Manager



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