Dr Carly Welch

Chair, Trainees Council

I love geriatrics. I’m passionate about advocating for older adults and I love managing the complexities we all see every day. The British Geriatrics Society (BGS) is pivotal in ensuring we have a platform to share knowledge, network, and ensure older adults receive the absolutely best care that they deserve. Trainees make up a third of the geriatric medicine workforce – this means we are an impactful body both now, and in the future throughout our consultant careers. Trainees share a unique position through rotations within different hospitals and regular direct front line work at all hours. Trainees are often best placed to provide a distinctive outlook on geriatric medicine matters.

For these reasons, I am absolutely passionate about the work of the BGS trainees’ council and the value that the BGS chair has as providing a trainee voice on the board of trustees and specialty meetings. Throughout my training so far, I’ve acted as our regional trainee representative, co-founded the Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC), and organised the Trainees Weekend in 2019. My role as the West Midlands trainee representative invigorated my interest in advocating for trainees, and provided me with insight into issues trainees are facing and how these can be overcome.

As chair, I intend to do the following:

  • Increase transparency for trainees to understand how the work of the trainees’ council fits into wider BGS infrastructure.
  • Increase efficiency of communications between representatives on the BGS council and the trainee body in general. I will ensure that myself and the Educational and Training representative communicate directly with regional representatives both before and after specialist advisory committee meetings, and that pivotal information is then relayed directly to local trainees.
  • I will also closely liaise with the Research and Development Committee representative to collaborate and communicate with the NIHR Ageing CRN representative, GeMRC representatives, and academic bodies nationally.
  • I will work closely with the BGS communications representative to create new innovative ways to disseminate key messages, and increase transparency, as supported by the BGS. This is likely to include separate blog updates by the trainees’ council, but I also want to create a more open portal of discussion amongst trainees to support peer mentoring.
  • Widen links with other specialty and professional groups (e.g. British Association of Stroke Physicians, BGS Nurses and AHPs council, RCPsych Old Age Faculty).

I’m currently out of programme completing a PhD characterising acute sarcopenia in hospitalised older adults. This is my own project which I’ve spent the last three years planning; I’ve learnt so many skills along the way, but most important to stay determined!