Research Hub

The BGS Research Hub is curated and updated by the BGS Research and Academic Development Committee (RADC) and aims to bring together information relating to research into older people's health and care. 

Historically older people have been under-represented in medical research and clinical trials, with exclusion criteria such as upper age limits, multimorbidity and polypharmacy meaning that evidence for effectiveness of interventions in this population group can be difficult to establish. However, this is fast changing, and BGS members and their colleagues find themselves part of a thriving community of researchers into ageing and age-related conditions.

The hub is split into the following areas:

Getting involved with research
This section explains how to get involved with research, regardless of your role or level of experience.
Helpful resources
This section brings together a wealth of useful resources for your research journey.
Sharing research
This section provides tips and guidance on sharing your findings and contributing to the evidence base.