Age and Ageing journal

Age and Ageing is the journal of the BGS, first published in 1972. It publishes peer reviewed original articles and commissioned reviews on geriatric medicine and gerontology. The journal is published in monthly online issues and all content is archived and available on the journal's main website

It is a leading international clinical geriatric medicine journal and is highly influential with an Impact Factor of 6.7 and is in the top quartile of its category for Geriatrics and Gerontology journals (ranked 10 out of 54). Content published in Age and Ageing is highly used with over 2.5 million article downloads per year. We are a truly international journal with readers, reviewers and authors from across the world and an Editorial Board representing all global regions.

Journal content includes research, commentary and expert review articles on ageing and clinical, epidemiological, and psychological aspects of later life. More information for authors can be found on the journal website.

All of our content is free to read 12 months after publication and about 30% of our new content is Open Access and therefore free to read without a subscription. We also regularly curate themed collections that are free access for a limited time. Most BGS members have a subscription included in their membership and can unlock subscriber-only content using their BGS credentials.

Age and Ageing is a hybrid journal meaning that standard publication is free of charge but authors have the option of paying an Open Access publication charge (APC) to make their paper freely available online immediately upon publication. Most UK institutions will be covered by a Read and Publish deal which will cover the APC. We can offer a 20% discount on the APCs for members of the BGS.

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Age and Ageing journal can be accessed without registration or subscription. The majority of content is free to read, but the full versions of some newer articles are behind a paywall and can be unlocked with BGS membership credentials or via your institution’s subscription. Visit the journal website and start reading today.

Readers have a number of options for exploring Age and Ageing content:

  • Editor’s View: For a digest of the key themes each month, please read the Editor's View articles for highlights, concise commentary and links to his latest pick of Age and Ageing content
  • Read the latest issue: The latest issue of the journal is always available to read as an "in progress" issue.
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  • Themed collections: Curated for you by members of the editorial team and guest authors. Two new collections are launched per year on hot topics, and two more collections are published to accompany the programmes of the BGS conferences. Browse the collections library.
  • Browse by topic: The journal arranges its content into 18 broad subject sections in line with the BGS SIG topics:

Bladder and bowel health

End of life



Ethics and law

Perioperative care and surgery

Care homes

Falls and bone health

Pharmacology and therapeutics

Community geriatrics

Frailty in urgent care settings



Gastroenterology and clinical nutrition

Sarcopenia and frailty research

Dementia and related disorders

Movement disorder



Dhole-Eddleston prize-winning research

The Dhole-Eddlestone Memorial Prize is funded by a legacy from Dr Manindra Kumar Dhole, a BGS member who died in 1977. The prize is so named to commemorate the anniversary of his marriage with Dr Elizabeth Eddlestone. One cash prize of £1,000 is made each year and announced on 14 January, the anniversary of the date of their marriage. Applications are not accepted. The prize goes to ‘the most deserving published work of medical research appertaining to the needs of aged people’. In practice, the award is made to the paper published in Age and Ageing each year which most impressed the judging panel.