BGS elearning

One of the main goals of the BGS is to support continuing professional development (CPD) of those specialising and working in healthcare of older people and to influence their training and education. 

This page offers links to our elearning courses, each is accredited by RCP (London) for 10 CPD credits/hours.

Our flagship Frailty elearning course  is available free to all users who register by the 30th June 2026

Our other elearning courses are free to BGS members but cost £150 each for non-members. 

If you are not yet a member and wish to join, click here to join the BGS and enjoy free access to all of our elearning courses. 

Membership is also free for medical students, Nurse and AHP students, Foundation Year doctors and preceptorship year Nurses and AHPs.

BGS elearning FAQs

How do I register for a course?

If you are already a BGS member*: Log into the BGS website and then click elearning on the topbar of the website. Now choose the course you wish to signup for and click the register button on the right hand side.

*If you already have a website account (for example you are a BGS member, or have attended a BGS event in the past) 

If you are not a BGS member then you will need to create a free online account. You will see a button on the right hand side of the course page Create an account and Register.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Access to the courses is open ended. We do recommend that you attempt to complete the course within 30 days for best learning outcomes. You can come back to the course at any time in the future for review or revision.

How do I access the course?

To access your courses, you must first log into the BGS website

Then, in the My account area, click the My elearning button on the right hand side. This will display the courses that you are enrolled in. You can then click Go to course to launch that particular course.

Which internet browser should I use?

We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a preferred browser. We recommend you enable cookies permission as well to support your progress being recorded in the module. You can also use “Exit Activity” to formally end your session each time, ensuring that your progress is recorded.

What is the pass mark for the module quizzes?

You need to achieve at least 80% on each of the quizzes to pass the course. You have multiple opportunities to attempt each quiz.

What should I do if I have any technical problems?

To get in contact with us please email registrations [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk stating which course you are having problems with and as much information to help us support you as possible. 
Please try these steps first:

  • Have you cleared your browser history and logged out and back in?
  • Have you tried in incognito browsing mode?
  • Have you tried a different browser or computer?


If the issue persists please provide us with as much information you can relating to the issue:

  • How did the error/issue first occur?
  • What were you using to access: Personal computer/ NHS supplied? What browser? What type of computer- Mac or PC
  • Where in the course were you?
  • Did you receive an error message? What did it say?
  • Can you provide a URL to the page you were on?
  • Can you include a screenshot of the issue?
  • How to take a screenshot
What do I do about CPD?

Once you have completed and passed all of the modules, with 80% or higher success rate on the assessment questions a feedback quiz will be unlocked. You need to complete the feedback survey to trigger your CPD certificate to be generated. This will be emailed to you automatically. You can also view and download your CPD certificate via the My events and certificates button in the My Account area on the BGS website

What should I do if the details on my CPD certificate are incorrect?

To get in contact with us please email registrations [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk stating the course and what details need updating.

Where will I find my receipt for any payment?

A receipt will be emailed to you once you complete your registration. You can also access invoices via the My events and certificates tab in the My Account area of the BGS website