Become a member of the BGS

The British Geriatrics Society is the association for professionals working in the healthcare of older people across the UK. We are the only society in the UK offering expertise in the health care of older people, and providing a national voice for specialists working in this field. 

Our membership is truly multidisciplinary. It includes consultant geriatricians, nurses, GPs, old age psychiatrists, allied healthcare professionals, and researchers. Everyone specialising in the healthcare of older
people is welcome to join!

Joining the BGS gives you access to a range of professional support and benefits, including:

  • Discounted fees for BGS events (saving up to £205 for a single conference in 2018, compared to non-members).
  • Accreditation for CPD (continuing professional development) at many of our events.
  • Print and online subscriptions to our scientific journal Age & Ageing (available with most membership categories).
  • The chance to network with other specialists and experts in the care of older people.
  • Membership of various Special Interest Groups within the society that focus on specific conditions, at no extra cost.
  • Access to best practice guidance on topics such as diagnosing and treating frailty or commissioning services for care homes.
  • A regular newsletter, e-bulletin and blog to keep you updated on the latest news and events.

Many of our members are hospital consultants specialising in the care of older people, but you don't have to be a doctor to join.

If you are a nurse, old age psychiatrist, advanced clinical practitioner, allied healthcare professional or GP with an interest in the healthcare of older people, you are welcome to join.

Membership is free for undergraduate medical students, student AHPs, student nurses and Foundation Year Doctors.

Frequently asked questions

How much does membership cost?

Fee for July -

December 2018

DD rate

Specialist Medical Rate

Category A

Medical Student / Foundation Year Doctor £0


CMT £51 £51
Registrar/ Specialty Doctor £60 £60
Consultant/ Senior Doctor £102.50 £102.50

Healthcare Professional Rate 

(Non Specialist Medical Rate)

Category B

Student Nurses and AHPs



Nurses, AHPs and GPs etc Without Journal Standard Benefits



Nurses, AHPs and GPs etc With Journal Enhanced Benefits



International Rate

Overseas Members


Not available

Your membership fee depends on where you are in your career, how you pay for membership and if you are overseas.

During the application process for Category A membership you will be asked if you are retired, on maternity or working less than full time.

The subscription year runs from January to December.

How do I join?

The quickest and easiest way to join is online. You can join online here. Alternatively you can call us on 020 3747 6942 or email membership [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Joining%20the%20BGS) .

Do I need to live in the UK to join?

No, we welcome members from all over the world. Overseas members pay only £95 and receive all the membership benefits, including a subscription to Age and Ageing worth up to £393/$789/€592 on the open market in 2018.

Am I eligible for free membership?

Free membership is open to all undergraduate medical students, student nurses and AHP students at a UK medical school. It is also open to Foundation Year 1 – 2 and Academic Foundation Year 1 – 2 Doctors as well as Nurses and AHPs in their Preceptorship year.

Medical student and Foundation Year Doctors - Members in this category must be undergraduate students based in the UK, at a UK medical school or a UK based foundation year doctor. Postgraduate students are not included.

Nurses and AHPs - Members in this category must be on an undergraduate courses leading to a clinical career in health and based in the UK, or in their Preceptorship Year. Postgraduate students, or those studying for advanced qualifications such as ANPs, are not included in this category.

Free members do not receive a copy of the Age and Ageing journal, or online access.

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Am I entitled to claim a reduced rate for maternity leave?

Yes. For members currently on, or about to take maternity leave, a 50% reduced rate of the annual membership subscription is applied for all paid categories of membership.  This rate is applied to one year of membership,  which will be the year in which the greatest part of the member's maternity leave falls. To apply for the maternity reduced rate, please indicate this during your application or renewal. You will need to communicate with membership [at] bgs [dot] org [dot] uk to provide confirmation of your maternity leave dates.

Are there reduced rates for Less Than Full Time?

Yes. Those members in Category A on a LTFE contract, working 60 % Full Time Equivalent or less, are extended a reduced rate. Your LTFT working arrangement will need to be approved by our membership officer annually who could request confirmation from your Trust or Deanery. This rate is only available to Category A (CMT, Registrar, SAS Grade, Consultant)

Category B and C memberships are already heavily subsidised and at this time don't have any reduction for LTFE but we are reviewing this.

Will my subscription be reduced if I do not receive the paper copy of Age and Ageing journal?

Unfortunately, we cannot further reduce the subscription costs for memberships, by not providing a hard copy of the Journal.

However, if you are a Nurse, GP or AHP in Category B, you do have the option to move to Standard Benefits which is without the journal in hard copy or online access.

We are reviewing this for the future.

Can I subscribe to Age and Ageing without becoming a member?

Subscriptions to Age and Ageing are available for Institutions, Corporate members and Individual Subscribers. Details are available online here  

Pricing for individuals is £396.

Membership of the British Geriatrics Society costs no more than £205 and includes a subscription to the Journal for most membership categories.