Dr Owen David

Honorary Treasurer
Dr Owen David

Older people have been a key part of my life. Infected by the excitement of managing those with complex psychosocial and physical comorbidities by my seniors it was logical to attend British Geriatrics Society committee meetings as a junior to absorb the wise steer emanating from our leads. Then being given the opportunity to act as meetings secretary gave a sense of agency even if shaping the program was a learning experience. Now as Treasurer I am honoured to follow in the footsteps of sound council and will be working closely with our BGS home team and our soon to be appointed business manager. With the BGS ‘biting’ to reach out and do more, our finances remain under tight control as the decade of austerity is on us all. Having qualified in Cardiff in 1996 and working as a consultant since 2005, I work with a beautiful team in Shropshire with interests across Stroke, Geriatrics and beyond.  

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